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The Sanctuary movement, secession and nullification under another label. / Is a civil war coming. Status update.

In the United States there have been a series of sanctuary movements. First there were cities and counties and states having sanctuary for undocumented immigrants where one way or the other they defy the enforcement of immigration laws.

However, seeing a good strategy there is now a sanctuary movement for the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which affirms the right to bear arms.

There is even a sanctuary city against abortion.

Let me list some links for background and then resume the discussion.

For sanctuary cities regarding immigration.


For guns.


For abortion


I am not saying that the articles provided above are unbiased or broadly representative. They are there to show you that there are such movements and to give you some background.

These sanctuary movements are nullification pure and simple.  The spirit of John C. Calhoun lives in all of them.

It is profoundly anti-democratic.  Democracy isn't just supporting the government and the laws when you win, it is accepting defeat in an election and the consequences.

These movements are nothing more than the modern day version of "massive resistance." "Massive resistance" was the resistance to the civil rights movement in the mid-20th century.

Nullification is logically incoherent. If you can decide to ignore one law, why not ignore others. Also,  if laws by a national body are to be accepted upon a localities choosing then there really is no point for a national body.

Now nations do have internally autonomous regions and special acccomodations for localities. They are usually spelled out very clearly that the adjustments are for some areas of legislation and governace and not other areas. They exist because of a variety of historical factors.

Nullification is suggested whenever some law or another gets some locality upset and the local politicians seek to gain popularity by supporting it.

Nullification is secession by another way. Instead of formally seperating, you pick and choose what you want and don't want, and avoid any of the military issues. However, you are seceding from national government by parts.

There is a lot of speculation thrown out about a civil war in the United States. I am torn between seeing it as alarmism and between being alarmed myself.

I do seek the sanctuary movement is being a sort of practice for secession. It is defiance of the national law which could be a percursor for defiance of the national governement and identity.

It also gets people consciously involved with defying the national government. It is a practice session for defying the national government generally.

So is civil war coming? I don't know.  I have been seeing one element or another fall in place since Obama was re-elected president in 2012 when there were those secession petitions. Each one element in itself isn't all that significant, but accumulated one by one I think they work together to evolve in the public mind a new attitude towards national identity or more specifically the rejection of it.

If Donald Trump was impeached I think all the interstate highways in the United States would be blockaded by Trump supporters in less than 24 hours. American interstate highways go through long distances of very rural areas which are very pro-Trump. Trump supporters would regard it as the election results of 2016 being overturned. However, I think that the process of impeachment is now stalled at least until the 2020 national elections. Even then, even if the U.S. Senate is controlled by the Democrats, a 2/3rd majority is needed for impeachment. So impeachment is not happening.

If Trump is not re-elected I think secession movements will be revived from their current moribund existence, but if he is re-elected they will remain largely stagnant. I am tending at this moment of writing to think that Trump has a fairly good chance of re-election. I remember that the Democrats were very sure in 2018 there was going to be some massive "blue wave", and in the end it resulted in only getting control of the U.S. House by a slim majority.

However, there are other paths leading to secession movements taking off or a civil war like situation. This where Trump is re-elected, but the Republicans lose control of the U.S. Senate and don't regain the U.S. House. In this case the Democrats still won't be able to impeach Trump, but they will be able to subject him to all sorts of tactics to make his life miserable. There are likely to be endless congressional panels making inquiries about everyone and everything in the Trump administration. It will be ugly. Trump supporters might decide that their election victory in 2016 is being overturned and I can see that leading into real conflict.

This 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement by counties and cities versus state governments is a potential flash point for violent resistance. After this is a movement for guns and the laws are to regulate them which means there is the potential of their denial or being taken away. The possibility of violent conflict or a stand-off involving guns and threats of violence is fairly obvious.

It would be a training ground for armed resistance to a larger governmental movement and if the Democrats win the 2020 presidential election they would likely pass gun laws and I think that a movement of resistance armed with guns will be ongoing.

However, the issue of secession mostly rests on the results of the 2020 elections. There will be developments over time which I think will erode national identity or support for the nation state, but there will merely make it easier for civil war or secession when the historical window opens, but in and of themselves will not drive secession or civil war.

We just have to wait for the election results of 2020.



There a lot of interesting things in earlier posts and I recommend searching topics for interesting items.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) called "KKK-Linked" by "Breitbart"

The title of the Breitbart Dec. 19, 2019 article is, "Nolte: Watch Joe Biden Defend KKK-Linked Confederate Group as 'Fine People,'".


Wonders never cease.

Joe Biden depends heavily on the support of African American Democrats and I think is the centrist Democratic candidate the Republicans fear.

Also, Breitbart is pushing a BLEXIT movement, a movement of African Americans out of the Democratic Party. They don't need a majority of African Americans to vote Republican to achieve their objectives electorally, but if they can get a 10 or 15% it would help  a lot.

What is interesting about this is that Breitbart is bringing to the public's attention the UDC's history of praising the Reconstruction Ku Klux Klan.

For decades I couldn't get the liberal or neoliberal press interested in this. For decades the UDC was given a free pass. Suddenly, the reactionary right is publishing stuff like this about the UDC.

What it shows is that among conservatives and reactionaries the UDC is seen as something of little consequence and there are opportunities in reporting its racist agenda.

I have noticed that Breitbart isn't defending the Confederacy anymore, perhaps a little and I have missed it.  An insurrection that would have destoryed America doesn't really fit into an agenda where you have the slogan, "Make America Great Again."

I think we will find some UDC members dropping out, but the big impact to the UDC is that younger people aren't going to join when when even the radical right is dumping the Confederacy and getting African American votes is seen as critical to advancing their agenda.

Also, a lot of the population that was really bought into the Confederacy is passing away. A conservative movement needs to look into the future, and they can see there is no future hanging on to the Confederacy.

I think the Breitbart direction maybe in response to this article in the 11/25/2018 article, Washington Post, titled, "The GOP is now the party of neo-Confederates."


Of course I couldn't get the Washington Post interested in neo-Confederates for decades, but now they are suddenly interested. The Washington Post provided a defense for Obama when he sent a wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument. 

It is 2019, soon to be 2020, and it seems not one wants the Confederacy and it is a liability the two major political parties want to pin on each other as a means to lible them.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Landscape Reparations. Deracializing the landscape

One of the problems I think with getting rid of Confederate monuments, Confederate named streets is that they are looked at in isolation, instead of considering the entire landscape and realizing it is a white landscape and realizing that there needs to be Landscape Reparations. By the way there is this Facebook page to join if you want to deracialize the landscape.


This is my first postcast on the topic.It is the first Version. I am just starting to think through the issue of Landscape Reparations and I am putting out some ideas, but I also ask the listener to share their ideas. (This doesn't mean I am interested in the rantings of white nationalists.) I think the biggest barrier is people thinking that nothing can be done.

This is the companion piece. I will have more podcasts on what can be done regarding the white landscape.

Friday, November 08, 2019

Texas establishment scared of Texas secessionists scaring away investors.

This is the Texas Monthly article in response to The Altantic article about secession.


This is The Atlantic article to which the Texas Monthly was responding. .


Now I have blogged on how the Texas Nationalist Movement has over represented itself and the support isn't as extensive as they claim in terms of activists. However, the Texas Monthly article is wrong and misleading by trying to say the support for Texas secession is miniscule or a trivial few.

They refer to the 2016 Texas State Republican Convention and that the issue was raised, what they don't mention, and don't mention in the article about the state convention for which they provide the link, is that the vote against secession was 16 to 14 with one abstention in the platform committee. This is not a marginal group of people and a reasonable sample group of representative Texas Republican Party leaders.

What is also not mentioned is that Texas Boys State voted for secession.


But more importantly opinion polls have showed a fair degree for support for secession. One of them showed that 60% of Trump supporters in Texas wanted to secede if Hillary Clinton was elected in 2016.

The Texas Monthly article tries to assert that the support for secession is trivial.
It’s not impossible to imagine things like the 2016 floor debate going differently at a future GOP convention—we do live in unpredictable times!—but for now, you can fill a few stadiums with people who like to fantasize about the idea of secession, but that still leaves a whopping 98.7 percent of the state full of people who are happy where they are.
I am not saying that there is a serious mass movement for secession in Texas at this point and if Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020 there won't be for at least four more years.

I am not saying even with Donald Trump not re-elected that it is a sure thing that there will be a mass secession movement.

I am saying two things.

1. This Texas Monthly article is very selective in what it chooses to evaluate the potential for a Texas secession movement in Texas and the extent of support and possible support.

2. Secession movements have a habit of going from obscurity to being significant. As scholars have pointed out nations are imagined. Imaginations are not cast in concrete but are full of flux. Secession is also a topic that is discussed much more now days.  We see nations will real secession movements and real possibilities of secession.

If there is wide spread alienation in Texas from the national government the Texas nationalist movement could suddenly be a mass movement.

What Texas Monthly is scared of is that some fund manager may start thinking things about what their funds exposure is to Texas mortgages. The moment there is even rumor that some fund managers are thinking of limiting exposure Texas real estate mortgages will have to pay a point or have maybe higher down payments or something.

Even worse will be trying to get corporations to locate to Texas when other potential sites will point out that they don't have a secession movement or the potential of armed right wing militias.

Then there is the issue of recruiting talent to Texas. They probably don't want to face even the remote possibility that there children will have to apply to immigrate into the United States. No one wants to move to loony land.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Lengthy article in "The Atlantic" about the Texas secession movement.

The Atlantic has this lengthy article about the Texas secession movement.


The article misses entirely that in 2016 they nearly got on the Republican Texas State Party platform a secession resolution. It seems the author didn't do any real indepth research and just wanted to do a colorful type story on an oddity.

I have set up this Facebook group to collect individuals opposed to Texas secession.


The biggest problem is that people don't think this effort has a remote chance of success, but they have come close to reaching an objective of getting a secession measure on the Texas primary ballot.

If Trump is defeated in 2020 they will be springing back to life. If Trump is elected they will be moribund.

I have blogged on this prior where I discuss this movement at length.

Monday, November 04, 2019

UPDATE Pro-Slavery theology and the idea of the Civil War being a Holy War in the Confederate Veteran, publication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

The article detailing how pro-slavery theology and the idea that the Civil War was a holy war, a theological war, is promoted in articles in the Confederate Veteran, the official publication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and by officers of the SCV is now online at this link.


This is also going to be read and released as a podcast. A link to the podcast and a player for the podcast will be added into this blog. So look for the word "UPDATE" in the title.

I think churches in the St. Augustine area will be interested this. The one article which denounces denominations in the South as being betrayers should make every church think twice.

Friday, November 01, 2019

How to get rid of all the Confederate streets

I did a podcast on how to get rid of all the Confederate streets. I am going to be producing some other papers and videos on the topic also.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

UPDATE. Podcast is done. The Sons of Confederate Veterans offering the book, "The Negro, The Southerner's Problem," for sale.

This is the link to the page.


This book is recommended in the Sons of Confederate Veterans merchandise catalogs as "thoughtful."

It is one of America's most notorious racist books.

The section I have put online is about Page's thoughts on rape and African Americans being rapists.

I have read sections of the book and made this podcast.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Thursday, October 17, 2019

What is neo-Confederacy? Podcast

This is the link to the podcast.


I am building up a set of podcasts to get the word out to the public. I am seeing downloads already. I think initially it will start slow and then build up.

Refuting African American defenders of Confederate memorialization

New podcast is done and is online. In this case I used the letter to the editor of Maryland Lt. Gov. Rutherford defense of keeping which makes the Confederacy equal to the United States of America in the Maryland statehouse. A lot of the argumentation might apply to any defender of Confederate junk, but there are some specific items regarding African American defenders of Confederate memorialization.


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

What we need to do to bring down Confederate monuments pod cast.

Though Confederate monuments are coming down, it is largely outside the former Confederate states where there are the most Confederate monuments. Many former Confederate states have passed laws to prevent Confederate monuments from being removed. This podcast discusses what we need to do to remove Confederate monuments. We need to organize, we need to develop tactics, we need to self-educate and educate others. We have the Facebook page Deracialize the Landscape to connect activists together.

Again sharring podcasts or VLOGS and Facebook postings to others gets the word out. Liking is okay, but it doesn't inform others.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

First podcast done and uploaded.

I have completed my first podcast. It is just a short podcast of a little over 10 minutes and details my publishing on the topic of neo-Confederates.


It is on Spotify and I think several other distributors of podcasts. I think I can add other distributors also, but at this time, I think this is a good start.

If I am going to be speaking on neo-Confederates, I need to be a credible source and my  publishing record does make me a credible source.

I have this video which also gives my curriculum vitae.


Also, I have a YouTube channel.


I have been putting together scripts for podcasts and getting things together. I haven't done more than this single one since I have had construction in front of the house and in the house. Also, I had a great many ideas and wanted to prioritize them. Should I do somthing on the SCV and the JROTC next, or read some selections from Southern Mercury, or the anti-Semitism in Frank Conners book and show the adds for it offering it for sale. Then there is the commentary of Stephen D. Lee on African American men and rape in a volume of Confederate Military History and in a book that was offered for sale by the SCV. So I have created a priority list. But before I did any blogs I needed to establish my academic record and I have done so.

Monday, October 14, 2019

My curriculum vitae in a video

It is at YouTube. Expand to full size to be able to read text.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Impeachment and secession

I have commented on impeachment and secession before.


To summarize it, as long as Trump is in office and his agenda seems to be going forward the secession movements in the United States are going to be deflated.

The potential base of support for secession is also largely the base of support for Trump. A secession movement would be anti-Trump and so the secessionists aren't going to be making progress.

However, if Trump is not re-elected in 2020, whether it is because he is impeached and removed from office, or just loses the 2020 election the secession movement will be revived and maybe stronger than ever as the base for Trump loses all hope to advance their agenda in the US political system.

Of course if the U.S. House does impeach Trump, it has to go to the U.S. Senate for trial. The U.S. Senate with a Republican majority could just dismiss the whole thing.

At this point it might be that the impact on secession movements is that it gives the diehard supporters hope that there will be a change in their fortunes and keep going in their efforts, and perhaps a few people will start looking at secession movements as an alternative.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

First video on Kennedy Twin's proposed reparations for the South for the slaves freed by Emancipation.

The link to the video is:


It took some time. It is about an hour long. I learned a lot of what to do and not do in making a video. The next video will be better. I also learned the software. I got more comfortable speaking infront of a cameria.

To explain the whole story takes a lot of time.

The next video will be about the promotion of the idea that the Civil War was a theological war.

Sunday, September 08, 2019

First short video, "Why Vlog about the Sons of Confederate Veterans," Also announcement of first series on the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

When you visit the antineoconfederate channel, please like, subscribe and SHARE.

This video is why do vlogging on the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


I am getting a little more relaxed about doing the video.

This is the first series topics, it is about the Sons of Confederate Veterans, slavery, reparations for slavery, pro-slavery theology, abolitionism, and the idea that the Civil War was a theological war. The Sons of Confederate Veterans don't take formal positions on these topics, but you can refer what ideology is pushed in their magazine, online and in their merchandise catalogs. Further what the ideology is of their leaders, especially those who are in charge of heritage defense.


Podcast account, but no podcasts yet/ Workflow for media. UPDATE: Podcasts are being released.

This is the link to my podcasts. Don't have one done yet. Somthing I hope to do soon. UPDATE: Podcasts are being released.

Topics will focus largely on the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

I have a good Rode microphone and set up with my computer so I just need to have material to deliver and make a Podcast.

This is the link to my podcasts. http://newtknight.libsyn.com/ I don't have anything there yet.

Just getting elements together to start getting the message about the neo-Confederates and the Sons of Confederate Veterans to the public.

I think I will have for my first podcast a short podcast about who I am and my curriculum vitae. Then a podcast which will be a general description of what is neo-Confederacy? Then I am going to do a podcast on the Sons of Confederate Veterans about their views on slavery, abolitionists, and theology. This will be the basis of my first podcast on the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


No one is doing podcasts about the neo-Confederates. It is an audience and even with a small percentage of listeners I think I will reach a large market.

I think the workflow is going to be.

1. Paper.
2. Podcast
3. Video.
4. Announcement of the above on Facebook, Twitter, and blog.

I don't think the work flow will necessarily be the same for each item.

Introduction to the AntiNeoConfederate Channel. /Learning video software

This is the link. I am getting together the tools that will be used to bring down the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

https://youtu.be/Zcr9LDxjBVc  It this link doesn't work, just go to the channel itself. As I learn to do video better I am likely to replace this video. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_TBuNDUeTcx0e2SlYfCYqw

I am currently using MovieMaker and a new software Video Pad by NCH Software. I had purchased Corel but that has turned out to be a big mistake.  It locks up.  It isn't easy to match up sound levels for two clips.

This is the introduction to the AntiNeoConfederate channel followed by the general resource video. This will general resource video will always be at the end so that you can skip it if you want. Also, it will be an indicator the video for the specific topic of the video is over.

I decided not to use a teleprompter nor to have written notes that I can glance at. Instead I will be using bullet points. It is taking a while to learn to relax when being videoed. I am also purchasing small items for the video. I have an android directional microphone which plugs into my smartphone.

I have several libraries and I am using the downstairs library which has a lot of natural lighting. I still have to do an introduction video of who I am and my qualifications. OF COURSE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE.

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Kevin M. Levin resigns from the Editorial Board of the Civil War History journal

NOTE: Allen Guelzo didn't make the quote that savaged Kevin M. Levin in the article. . I need to do follow up. However, my posting about him and the Vol. 2 of "Christian Resistance" is valid.

Kevin M. Levin resigned from the Editorial Board of Civil War History.

I don't think this is a wise move on his part. It is a position of influence. As I have said, they may have hoped he would resign. Even if they hadn't hoped he would resign, Levin's resigning has some advantages for Civil War History.  He won't be at meetings seething with anger or working on something driven by this article. The editors and person who decided to publish this article don't have to see him.

I think he lost his sense and just seething with anger and desiring retribution resigned. This is primarily an injury to himself.

Oddly Levin gives the author of the article which trashes him a free pass.

This is the tweet.

A couple things before I let this go. I don't blame Earl Hess for any ill will re: bloggers/historians who use social media. His own lack of experience and reliance on two surveys sent out to historians reflects this essay's analytical limitations.

Levin is resigning the Civil War History journal editorial board, but doesn't blame Hess. Hess surely knew what his article said and what the paragraph referring to Civil War Memory in it was saying. I think that Levin, even when the establishment kicks him, is still their faithful servant.

Levin didn't let it go, he has had more tweets.

This is his blog on it.


He had done a tweet on resigning before the blog posting.


I was told there was a Facebook post, but both I and the person who originally posted it to me could not find it. I think it might have been posted and delted.

He is very angry about it also.


I am sure Levin will not reflect on how he has done this to so many others.

There are good developments from this. I think the Civil War history profession has very visibly revealed themselves to be out of touch, a fossil left over from an earlier era in history. It shows how they haven't moved into the era of the Internet, and are a little cloistered club. This will undermine their credibility and lessen their hold on Civil War history.

Levin I expect will learn nothing from this. However, he scope of influence will be lessened. He isn't on the editorial board of Civil War History. He now has a group of Civil War historians who will be his antagonists. Some places will not be inviting him.

I can only speculate on motives for this attack, but Kevin Levin has after Charlottesville, become a big supporter of Confederate Monuments coming down. I think there are those in the Civil War history profession who really rage at monuments being taken down.  But it could just be reactionary rejection of the Internet or some combination of both.

My prior posts on this.



Friday, September 06, 2019

Civil War History is entirely in the wrong for its treatment of Kevin Levin

Yes, I thought it was hilarious irony in what was done to Kevin Levin in the publication Civil War History. I don't think anyone is a more severe critic of Levin than me. He has also treated me atrociously over the years.

However, what was done to him was just wrong. It also very much represents very much what is wrong about the Civil War historical profession.

First the anonymous criticism. Let whoever makes this criticism be named. Let Levin know who his acccuser is.

Second, what exactly is wrong with Levin's blog isn't really made clear except some vague "self-promotion" criticism. What exactly does this refer to. Also, if Levin is self-promoting himself, so what?  As an independent scholar he needs to make sure  his readers know that he is considered credible by others in his field. Even if he wasn't an independent scholar why shouldn't he let us know his acccomplishments?

I have read his blog, it isn't that self-promoting. I mean he does let you know that he published a book, or he is speaking somewhere.

He does inform a lot of people about the Civil War.

The Civil War history profession has largely failed. They sit in their cloistered venues and fail to educate the public.

The Civil War is one of the central events in American history. It defines in many ways who we are. How it exists in the popular imagination has been an important factor in shaping racial politics in the USA. In contributing to public life the Civil War history profession is a failure looking inward to metallurgy of buttons of soldier uniforms or the equivalent thereof.

Though the Civil War has had a tremendous impact on the history of race the interest in the African American community in the Civil War is extremely low. That is because the Civil War history profession has catered to or pandered to people with a Lost Cause mentality, or have been careful not to offend it or criticize neo-Confederates. It has given people with obvious problems with race a free pass.

We now face a future where the Civil War will attract about as much interest as the War of 1812.

The editors of Civil War History need to apologize to Kevin Levin.

Jefferson Davis highway is falling apart./ Breitbart is as stupid as ever.

I have realized that if I published a book on the Jefferson Davis highway at this point, it would not work to bring down the Jefferson Davis highway, but keep it alive. So it will never be published. I am not sure what I am going to do with the five or six file boxes of notes I have, but I will have to do something to make sure it isn't used to reincarnate the Jefferson Davis highway metaphysically.

This article is somewhat assuring in that Breitbart hasn't come up with a better idea to keep Confederate monuments than the erasing history idea. I am not going suggest alternatives since I literally don't want to give them any ideas.


This is important since it makes the rest of the Jefferson Davis highway system less tenable. No chamber of commerce will want their city to be the first city where the highway starts. With the ends of the highway untied, the higway will unravel.

The futility of efforts to keep the built landscape named after some Confederate figure becomes more and more apparent.

I think that psychologically the change of the name of this highway works to undermind the Confederate mouments in Richmond.

Also, everytime anything Confederate gets removed successfully from the environment, it will occur to others that the Confederate named item of the built environment in their city can go.

Finally, as there are fewer and fewer Confederate items, the remaining ones seem more and more anomalous.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

About Allen Guelzo

Christian Reconstructionist Gary North published a series of volumes with the series title, Christianity and Civilization. Vol. 2 was "The Theology of Christian Resistance."

Allen Guelzo was a contributor.

Sometimes when I write a paper, I write up a big mess of a paper, which is not intended to be published, but instead is a source paper which is essentially all my notes written up.

This is the section mentioning Guelzo. All sorts of things slither around in Civil War history.

Surely Guelzo was aware who Gary North was or what this publication was about.

From my paper:

Gary North, is a leading Reconstructionist, known for his support for stoning as biblically sanctioned and inexpensive means of capital punishment. In particular, he is known for the advocacy of the stoning of young adults who are disobedient to their parents. [i] He has not contributed to the Southern Partisan. He has however contributed an article to Texas Republic magazine, a sort of neo-Alamonian variation of the Southern Partisan, complaining about government regulation of day care. [ii] Bill Murchison, League of the South member and contributor, explained the magazine’s purpose and the Confederate identity of Texas in the Southern Partisan. [iii]

He edited “The Theology of Christian Resistance: A Symposium, Vol. 2” by Geneva Divinity School Press, 1983. It was reviewed in the Summer 1983 issue of Southern Partisan. Thomas Landess overall favorably reviews, with some “reservations,” “The Theology of Christian Resistance,” with editor Gary North. As Landess states, “Still, with these reservations, on can learn a great deal from this book and its various authors.” Landess particularly likes M.E. Bradford’s contribution. [iv] In the League of the South publication, Southern Patriot, some of the neo-Confederate aspects are described. . In an article titled, “Lincoln & Interposition,” there is a section taken from the book, in an article “On Reconstruction,” by Tom Rose, to assert that Lincoln was acting unconstitutionally in his efforts to prevent the secession of the slave states. This article was originally published in the Journal of Christian Reconstruction Summer 1978. [v] The article in the “Theology of Resistance” advances the idea of the compact theory of the American union and supports the legitimacy of the idea of nullification and interposition.  It includes the South Carolina Ordinance of Secession as well as other documents from the time of secession. Rose advances the idea of interposition as a tool to resist what he feels is “idolatrous” government.

In “Theology of Christian Resistance, Vol. 2” Gary North in Part III of the book, “The History of Christian Resistance,” has a states rights article titled, “The Debate Over Federal Sovereignty” in which is discusses the Alien and Sedition Laws of 1798 as being opposed by the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798-199.  He merely writes the preface, and the rest of the article is lengthy quotations from the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions, and the text of the Alien and Sedition act. The intent of the article is discussed in Gary North’s “Editor’s Introduction” to the volume. Quoting:

These were statements of a philosophy which later became known as “state’s rights,” but which are simply an extension of the principle of balanced power, Federal versus local, of the U.S. Constitution. …The defeat of the Southern Confederacy in 1865 was equally the defeat of the original convenantalism of the Constitution.

North’s thoughts on the Confederacy are further revealed in the footnote for this section.

26 Perhaps the most brilliant defense of the state’s rights position is Alexander H. Stephens. A Constitutional defense of the Late War Between the States: Its Causes, Character, Conduct and Results (2 vols., 1868, 1870).  Stephens served as the Vice President of the Confederacy. See R.J. Rushdoony, The Nature of the American System (Fairfax, Virginia: Thobrun Press, [1965], 1978), ch. 3: “Alexander H. Stephens.”

Besides the two articles recommended by the Southern Partisan and Southern Patriot, and Gary North’s articles, other neo-Confederates make contributions, though on non-neo-Confederate topics to Vol. 2. Joseph C. Morecraft III has an article.  Tommy W. Rogers, who contributes a book review, has also contributed five book reviews to Southern Partisan. [vi] In one of these book reviews he is upset with an author of a biography of David Duke for not sharing Rogers sympathies with Duke’s politics. [vii] On the other hand there are two non-neo-Confederates who are contributors, Allen C. Guelzo, who has been criticized for his biography of Lincoln in the Southern Partisan, [viii] and Jim West who had an essay arguing that secession wasn’t constitutional in a 1996 issue of Chalcedon Reports.  This essay also had a great deal of agreement with neo-Confederate opinion on Unitarians and Reconstruction. [ix]  In Vol. 3 leading neo-Confederates make contributions. Francis Nigel Lee, leading neo-Confederate, contributes “The Christian Manifesto of 1984.”  Francis Nigel Lee spoke at the 7th Annual Southern Heritage Conference, in Monroe, Louisiana in 1997. [x] His topics were “Calvinism and Southern Culture,” “The Roots of the Confederacy,” and “The Holy Trinity & the Confederacy.” Douglas F. Kelly of Agenda Credenda has a contribution. Otto J. Scott also contributes an essay. Lawrence D. Pratt, member of the League of the South [xi] also has spoken at the Southern Heritage Conferences. [xii]

[i] Clarkson, Frederick, Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy, page 81-82, Common Courage Press, Monroe, Maine, 1997.

[ii] North, Gary, “Day Careless,” Vol. 1 No. 5, July-August 1994, page 8-9, Texas Republic.

[iii]  Goolsby, Charles R., “Partisan Conversation: Bill Murchison,” Vol. 14 No. 1 1st Quarter, 1994, page 36, Southern Partisan

[iv] Landess, Tom,  book review of “The Theology of Resistance: A Symposium,” Vol. 3 No. 3, Summer 1983,   page 43 , Southern Partisan

[v] Rose, Tom, Vol. 7 No. 1, January – February 2000, page 11, Southern Patriot. Originally published in the Journal of Christian Reconstruction Summer 1979.

[vi] Rogers, Tommy, Vol. 9 3rd Quarter 1989, page 48; Vol. 10 4th Quarter 1990, page 46; Vol. 13 1st Quarter 1993, page 38; Vol. 15 4th Quarter, 1995, page 27; Vol. 16 3rd Quarter 1996, page 51, Southern Partisan.

[vii] Rogers, Tommy W., “Portrait of a Populist,” book review of “David Duke: Evolution of a Klansman” by Michael Zatarain, Vol. 10 4th Quarter 1990, page 46, Southern Partisan.

[viii] Smith, Sam,  “False Messiah,” review of “Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President,” by Allen C. Guelzo, Vol. 20 1st Quarter 2000, page 37 – 39,  Southern Partisan.
[ix] West, Jim,  “The Constitutional War of the North,” No. 369, April 1996, page 18-23  Chalcedon Reports.

[x] “Seventh Annual Southern Heritage Conference …,” Vol. 4 No. 2, March – April 1997, page 23 , Southern Patriot. [Online record has the wrong No.]

[xi] “Noteworthy publications,” Vol. 2 No. 3, May-June 1995, page 24,  Southern Patriot

[xii]  “Conferences …”, Vol. 3 No. 2 page 16, for the 6th Conference; “Confederate Fanfare …”, Vol. 5 No. 3, May – June 1998, page 6,  for the 8th Conference, Southern Patriot.

Kevin Levin finds himself very publicly rejected by the establishment

See Link to Kevin Levin paper at the end of this posting.

Kevin Levin has striven to be part of the establishment. He has castigated those who he thought were antagonistic to the establishment. He has denounced those who he thought were making the discussion of the Civil War too raucus.

And now he finds himself very publicly rejected by an establishment Civil War historian.


In an article in Civil War History, the journal for Civil War historians, in an article about the perniciousness of social media.

This is the quote about Civil War Memory, Levin's blog, in the Sept. 2019, Vol. 65 No. 3, issue in an article, "The Internet and Civil War Studies," in the "State of the Field Series." Page 228.
"I used to read [a blog called] Civil War Memory occasionally, before it became all about self-promotion," commented a respondant who preferred to remain anonymous. "I found it odd how that blog became something of a what to read and in the know site. Social media has morpheed from talking to your friends to shouting at the abyss." 
It goes on to condemning social media and its effects on historical scholarship.

I don't want to be understood as defending Guelzo either. The Civil War historical profession is notorious in the larger history profession for its throwback aspects, for its archaic ideas about history. The Civil War history profession has managed to make interest in the Civil War a gerontological interest.

However, Levin has striven to be part of the establishment and in this paragraph he is held up to be the example of the bad social media outsider.

He is on the editorial board of Civil War History.  He thought he was in the pantheon, but realizes that he is one of the great unwashed. THE AGONY.

Paper about Kevin Levin.

Monday, September 02, 2019

Video on resources at the antineoconfederate page at youtube.

This is the link to the video.


You can just click on the video below. OF COURSE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE.

As I get the campaign ramped up and getting ready for Vlogging, I realized that I have a lot of resources here an there of different types and I need to have a video on my AntiNeoConfederate video channel to tell people about these resources.

I am going to have this segment added to the end of all the videos I post to my channel. Those who have seen it before can just skip it and go to the end. Those who have seen it for the first time can view the entire thing.

I need to do a "Who is Ed Sebesta" video. My academic qualifications,writings, etc.

I haven't decided where I am going to put my podcasts, but I expect to make a decision soon.

Again, the neo-Confederate movement isn't going to stop itself. Share links to this video on your social media and by one means or another let others know.

Monday, August 26, 2019

BUY THIS BOOK! "Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War's Most Persistent Myth," by Kevin Levin is released.

My copy of "Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War's Most Persistent Myth," arrived this morning by UPS. I consider it an important addition to my library. I think this book is an important book to demolish neo-Confederate mythologies, specifically the stuff and nonsense about Black Confederate soldiers.


So when I give this book a critical review about it, I don't want people think I am saying you shouldn't buy this book. Even good books get analyzed and some gaps seen, some paths not pursued are commented on.

I don't know how Kevin M. Levin will take my blogging on his book. I heard him speak a while back and commented I thought it was a good speech with a good delivery. I suggested an item that I thought would have made it better and supported the speeches conclusions, and Levin saw it as an attack and was somewhat bent out of shape about it. This was in his days when he had one reason or another to keep a Confederate monument.

In this case he will find legitimate cause for being irate.

For example, he refers to the book, "Black Confederates," by Charles Kelly Barrow, J.H. Segards and R.B. Rosenburg.

What I am not finding in the book was that this was originally "Forgotten Confederates," Vol. XIV of the Journal of Confederate History Series, published by Southern Heritage Press. It says it is in the frontpage of "Black Confederates" published by Pelican Publishing Co.

The development of the Black Confederate idea originates in the volumes of the Journal of Confederate History Series.  Earlier there was "Black Southerners in Gray," edited by Rollins which was Vol. XI.  Rollins published a book titled "Black Southerners in Gray" by Rank an File Publishing. The covers of both books are copies of the copies when they were volumes in the Journal of Confederate History Series. 

The Journal of Confederate History isn't mentioned in the book, at least as far as I can find. One reason maybe that if you look at Vol. X1V of the Journal you will find a lot of prominent Civil War historians listed as being members the Editorial Advisory Board. There is Dr. Gary  Gallagher, Dr. James I. Robertson, Dr. Frank Vandiver, and other prominent individuals. Dr. Anne Bailey  is there.

The credibility of the whole Black Confederate idea was given a boost and launched by the Journal of Confederate History Series which could claim prominent Civil War historians on its masthead. The complicity of the Civil War historical profession in getting this Black Confederate mythology going is avoided. Again, perhaps I will find something in some paragraph which isn't in the bibliography  or index or I missed it.

We see now interest in the Civil War falling off a cliff.  Some of this is that a significant part of the Civil War history profession is complicit promoting basically a Civil War history with a white nationalist base. Ever the establishmentarian, Levin avoids road and paths that lead to these challenging questions.

BUT DO BUY THE BOOK. It will be very useful to thwart neo-Confederates. (I don't find the word neo-Confederate in the index.)

Saturday, August 24, 2019

The plan to bring down the Sons of Confederate Veterrans. The how to.

I have been asked how the Sons of Confederate Veterans as an organization can be brought down. Also, some clarification as to what I mean by that.


1. I don't mean violence or vandalism or lawlessness. Such type of actions are counter productive and unnecessary. They are also wrong. Issues and view points should be a matter of public debate and discussion. I don't mean harrassment like anonymous phone calls or flashing lights in people's eyes and stuff like that.

2. I do mean educating the public as to what they stand for such that they will have no credibility and no assistance from other groups, and individuals will be embarrased to be known as members.


The Sons of Confederate Veterans before the public represents itself as a sentimental organization with a nostalgic fondness for the past

1. I am going to research and make it publically available. It will focus on what the SCV states in its publications and what merchandise it sells and what its actions are.

2. I will be asking individuals to help me get the work out. On Twitter, Facebook, in your blog, on your website, or whatever social media you use, to get my research out to the public.

3. There will be notifications of new materials at AntiNeoConfederate Action on Facebook. I always post links at my Facebook page. I will be tweeting about these materials on Twitter. There will be materials at my website. My Youtube channel AntiNeoConfederate will have videos.


This blog will post items. http://newtknight.blogspot.com/



Video Channel: (Search term is "antineoconfederate", one word, all lower case.)


This channel willl have Dallas related material also, just look for the neo-Confederate stuff.


Look for Fight NeoConfederacy or look for Edward H. Sebesta.


My website now has a page for the Sons of Confederate Veterans where materials will be available online.


4. Counter protesting at the 2020 SCV reunion in St. Augustine, Florida. Local activists there are already planning protests. If possible drive down. The following are some Facebook groups that include fighting neo-Confederacy in their agenda. You don't have to agree with all their views, but you can see what local activists are doing.

 https://www.facebook.com/ronrawls   Rev. Rawls has made fighting neo-Confederacy a priority item.



If there is a group I have overlooked I will update this posting.

5. There are these resources that you can share right now.

http://templeofdemocracy.com/sons-of-confederate-veterans.html  Has a paper about their theological war ideas.


The  head and the deputy head of the Heritage Committee of the SCV have this website.



As the real face of the SCV emerges, I  think their influence will decline. It will also educate the public what honoring the Confederacy is really about.

Again, I don't support violence or something like violence.

The SCV along with the UDC constitute the two major influential groups working to keep Confederate monuments and defend the Confederacy. We can shred their credibility by letting the public know what they really believe by quoting their own words.

Already, I am noticing that things are being pulled off line.

Updated Paper on the Sons of Confederate Veterans promoting the idea of a theological Civil War, and that opposition to Donald Trump is driven by the devil.

The paper is at this link.


The author, Chaplain-in-Chief White of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), sees opposition to President Donald Trump as being driven by the devil.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Confederate Thin Blue Line Flag, the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Black Lives Matter movement

I was able to obtain the Confederate thin blue line flag.

When the Black Lives Matter movement started up in 2015 the Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) started to have part of his reports discussing what was to me obviously the Black Lives Matter movement and in opposition to it.

I am going to use this flag as a starting point to discuss the Sons of Confederate Veterans and their writings which I think applies to the Black Lives Matter movement.

I think that this will make it very clear what the SCV and Confederate Heritage is about.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Confederacy really isn't popular anymore

The headline is "Chocolate shop sells out of sweets after offering deal to anyone who burns Confederate flag."


Perhaps the shop only really sold 80%  of their chocolate, perhaps it is a little hyped more than it was.

However, if it was only a sales surge, and they actually have half their chocolate, it is still very important. A shop thought that being known as anti-Confederate was a good business strategy and perceived that their potential market would receive this proposal very favorably.

A chocolate shop potential customer base is likely affluent and educated and not representative of the public in general.

However, for that audience the shop owners decided that the opinion would be overwhelmingly against the Confederacy and events seem to have confirmed that assessment.

Also, it won't be long before other shops realize that being against the Confederacy is good for sales and undertake some similar action to let the public know.

The Confederacy is unpopular and it is going to publically knocked by businesses wanting the public to know that they don't like the Confederacy.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

When your concept of patriotism is really a form of white nationalism.

The American Legion indexes Confederate monuments. Click on the link.


Does the American Legion understand that if the Confederate effort was successful there would be a fractured America. When your idea of patriotism is really white nationalism this type of idea of including Confederate memorials would make sense. 

This is 2019 and it isn't as if the issue of Confederate monuments hasn't been in the news. 

Monday, August 12, 2019

Paper with pictures about the Triumphalist White Supremacy of Fair Park Completed. / On to bringing down the SCV


There are formally listed 84 Figures, but some of those figures are sets of pictures. There is a total 102 pages.


It is a big pdf so it might take some time. It is over 50 megabytes.

I am now going to ask scholars and cultural leaders to co-sign our letter. We have a total of 40 signatures so far.


The following blog will be tracking the Dallas white landscape closely, as opposed to this more general blog which deals with neo-Confederacy.


On to bringing down the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Getting a Powerpoint Made, a video made, and then this 102 page paper, has taken time. I have had to concentrate on it intensly since it is a current issue with events underway. However, with this done, it is now going to be more time to pursue other topics, which specifically be about leting the general public know about the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

I have set up my video studio and gone through and prepared materials and hope to do the first video soon.

I expect to bring down the Sons of Confederate Veterans by informing the public what their agenda is. I want to make it very clear I don't support violent actions.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Time to bring down the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The other major neo-Confederate groups have gone under or just live on as remnants.

The League of the South is just perhaps a dozen or maybe two dozen.

The Rockford Institute is acquired by the Charlemagne Institute.

The Council of Conservative Citizens is just a remnant.

Southern Partisan has long since ceased publishing.

The Abbeville Institute is still operating. Though I don't know as if too many members have positions in any university.

What remains is the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It is time to bring both organizations down by the means of exposing them.

I am going to have time to do this, since the immediate agenda, of taking down the Confederate statues in Dallas, seems to be over. The court case will wind up, the statues will come down. I will have to be photo documenting everyting and gathering all the news articles, and other things of the historical record, and then I am done.

I was in a situation of having to do research on the Confederate War Memorial to be prepared to support bringing it down if the city council didn't vote to do so, and also to gather all the records of what was happening, news articles, video,print, webpages, etc. and archiving it, as well as doing photo documentation. Events would move fast and then slow and I was constantly racing to catch up.

The contextualization committee for Fair Park seems to have come to a halt. I am also finishing up the research  on Fair Park and writing it up so that isn't going to be a big burden.

I have also finished reseaching the entire racialized landscape. Work will be more oriented to writing it up, then Powerpoints for presentations, then video.

So in terms of working on the Dallas racialized landscape, it is now going to be done at my pace. The city of Dallas has largely stopped doing anything. I can set my time devoted to it to a set amount each week and balance it with my work on the neo-Confederate movement in general.

Now the focus will be on the neo-Confederate movement.

I have set up my video logging work area. I purchased tripods, got carrying cases for their storage. I found my handycam and re-read how it works, got some accessories, a table to do the video cast, etc. I am going to do my first video starting next Monday or earlier.

I think I am going to outline the podcast and readit from a PowerPoint, but I am not going to write a script.

I have to make up a short introduction video for AntiNeoConfederate with my resume. There is a lot of stuff to do to set up an operation. Also, I am going to make podcasts. I want to add working URLs into the video, and I probably want to drop in some text boxes. So there is some software things to learn also.

I think the SCV provides an abundance of topics to talk about.

I will provide links to new material as it gets completed on this blog. Please share on Facebook and Twitter.



1. A recent paper on the Sons of Confederate Veterans.




This blog will post items. http://newtknight.blogspot.com/



Video Channel: (Search term is "antineoconfederate", one word, all lower case.)


This channel willl have Dallas related material also, just look for the neo-Confederate stuff.


Look for Fight NeoConfederacy or look for Edward H. Sebesta.


My website now has a page for the Sons of Confederate Veterans where materials will be available online.


4. Counter protesting at the 2020 SCV reunion in St. Augustine, Florida. Local activists there are already planning protests. If possible drive down. The following are some Facebook groups that include fighting neo-Confederacy in their agenda. You don't have to agree with all their views, but you can see what local activists are doing.

 https://www.facebook.com/ronrawls   Rev. Rawls has made fighting neo-Confederacy a priority item.



If there is a group I have overlooked I will update this posting.

5. There are these resources that you can share right now.

http://templeofdemocracy.com/sons-of-confederate-veterans.html  Has a paper about their theological war ideas.


The  head and the deputy head of the Heritage Committee of the SCV have this website.


Saturday, August 03, 2019

Chronicles Magazine leaves the Confederacy behind. Charlemagne does publish it, but they haven't left the Confederacy behind.


My correctiong blog. https://newtknight.blogspot.com/2020/02/completely-wrong-about-chronicles.html#.XlqxuSieGiM

There has been a merger between the Rockford Institute which publishes Chronicles Magazine and the Charlemagne Institute.

Relevant links.




It seems that the Rockford Institute has been acquired by the Charlemagne Institute because they wanted to have a print magazine with some established readership.

The Charlemagne Institute purpose is that they are "Defending and Advancing Western Civilization."  Charlemagne was the person who founded a local European empire in the late 8th and early 9th century and for many the founder of modern Europe. Likely this is so. Charlemagne was constantly at war, this was the Early Middle Ages, and so this name selection indicates a military spirit of those who think Westeren Civilization is under attack.

The Charlemagne Institute had this online publication for which they claim a large following in terms of million of page views or something like that. I have no reason to doubt their claims.



John Howard founded the Rockford Institute in 1976 which undertook to published Chronicles Magazine. He apparantly had the financial resources to fund the effort. He brough Thomas Fleming in the mid-1980s.  Fleming made it into a paleoconservative and neo-Confederate publication. Fleming launched the League of the South in the Chronicles Magazine pages. Howard died in August  2015. Chronicles Magazine circulation had been in servere decline. Fleming retired from Chronicles Magazine in June 2015.  From reading accounts it seems that Howard was very much in decline and I speculate that the board of the Rockford Institute saw a change to dump Fleming.

This is the link to the Fleming Foundation.


He hasn't given up on the Confederacy. At this website there are links to the Abbeville Institute and Shotwell Publishing.

The Merger and Chronicles Magazine

This has meant some changes for Chronicles Magazine.

Aaron Wolfe who was going to be one of the key players running the magazine suddenly and unexpectedly died. Chilton Wlliamson reportedly decided to leave the magazine.

Williamson has this web presence.


On this page he announces that "Articles will now be posted more frequently." https://www.chiltonwilliamson.com/articles/index.html

So I don't think Williamson is going to retire, he just isn't going to be running Chronicles Magazine. I speculate with Aaron Wolfe gone, Chilton Williamson decided he would be there alone and the magazine was going to go in a new direction and he would be kept on but isolated.

On the masthead is Bill Murchison, a person seen in neo-Confederate publications here and there, and Donald Livingston who headed the league of the South Institute and now heads the Abbeville Institute. https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/

The current subscription base has been concerned about the new direction of Chroniclces Magazine so I think Murchison and Livingston will be kept on. However, I think the old Chronicles Magazine, excepting some token articles, is gone. Murchison and Livingston will likely pass on to retirement or just pass on so there isn't any urgent need to have them resign.

I don't think the topic of the Confederacy will be avoided, but it will be only engaged as part of a general rightwing antipathy  to losing a white landscape as opposed to being part of any neo-Confederate agenda. There base, the readers of Intellectual Takeout, (don't worry, no heavy meals here, and we are hip I tell you we are hip.), I don't think are that interested in the Confederacy. I think  the Confederacy will come up as part of a general antipathy to demands for racial justice and as part of fear of losing a white landscape in general, but not as a specific neo-Confederate agenda. Perhaps there might be a token article or two so they hang onto current subscribers while getting their Intellectual Takeout readers to subscribe.

But as the Intellectual Takeout readers becomes the magazine's base of readers, the prior subscribers of the matgazine will not be needed. After all it there are millions of readers of Intellectual Takeout, with a few percent of them subscribing, they will have several times more readers than Chronicles Magazine ever had before.

They can depend on some Chronicles Magazine subscribers continuing out of habit anyways with an occasional bone thrown them.

As a force for the neo-Confederate agenda, that phase of the Chronicles Magazine existence appears to be over.

Some of the things that happened since the 1990s when Chronicles Magazine was in its heyday is that people now know what neo-Confederacy is and can recognize it. Also, I had for years an online index of the issues, title of the article, one sentence summary, and author. I know people were not happy being known to be in the index. Like with the Southern Partisan, a point came where I suspect people did not want to have Chronicles Magazine on their resume and the association with neo-Confederacy. John Shelton Reed dropped out in the mid-1990s.

So I am happy to consider that I contributed some to their demise.

Am I going to track Chronicles Magazine in the future? Probably at some point in the future I expect to stop tracking them.

What Next?

I think it is time to inform the public about the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  They are still a major force to keep Confederate monuments. The SCV appears to be one of the two significant forces for neo-Confederate ideology. The other one is the Abbeville Institute which they work with.

I think I can be effective in ending their influence in a few years.

I will be expanding my efforts to the racialized landscape in general. For example this page on Fair Park.


And this page on the Hatton W. Sumner Court Room in Dallas.


This is my blog for my efforts to deracialize the Dallas landscape.


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