Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another Abraham Lincoln film is being released.

Another Abraham Lincoln film is being released.

You can watch a trailer at Hulu

The film title is "The Better Angels."

It was shown at the Sundance Film Festival

Click on the following to make it full screen to see the entire picture.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Episcopalians not hosting the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Richmond, VA

It turns out that the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) is having its memorial service at Monumental Church which is run by the Historic Richmond Foundation.

Evidently they found nothing wrong with enabling a neo-Confederate group.

It does show that the Episcopalians, though not responding to my letters, have decided not to host the UDC this year.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church had hosted the UDC six times since 2000 and every year the UDC had their convention in Richmond 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012.

So it is somewhat odd that they didn't host this year. I think my letter writing campaign has had an effect.

One scenario I had for the campaign was that the denominations wouldn't reject the Confederacy outright, and would avoid responding to me as much as possible, but instead quietly not accept reservations.

In Charleston, SC the denomination that hosted the SCV was a church with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).  There hasn't been a SBC church hosting the SCV since 1990, and only once for the UDC in 2001. I hadn't even written them thinking they wouldn't do it.

All four of the denominations I did right, including both factions of the Episcopalians, did not host the SCV.

What is interesting is that the neo-Confederates have been castigating the SBC for their apology over slavery since 1993. The SBC aided their own enemies.

So it seems that I will need to write other denominations even if they have only hosted once since 1990.

It maybe that with no public declaration from any denominations I will achieve my goal in terms of getting mainstream denominations not to host neo-Confederate groups.

Ebola Crisis winding down, Neo-Confederate hopes dashed

The Ebola crisis is winding down. Recently 43 people were taken off observation. These were the people who had initial contact with the Liberian patient Duncan.

The person on the Carnival cruise ship tested negative.

In my opinion it seems that Texas Presbyterian Hospital was incompetent despite all the "blah, blah, blah" that their corporate officials are now putting out. Hospitals across the country probably now know that sending a potential Ebola patient home isn't really an effective cost saving measure.

I am hoping the will do a story which will expose what really happened at Texas Presbyterian Hospital and show once again how the Dallas Morning News is complicit in not giving the full picture of what happened and is basically a shill for the establishment.

It seems that the CDC is probably going get straighten out. A lot of questions will be asked.

It really doesn't matter if we have advanced medical infrastructure and advanced medicine if we just stupidly bungle it up.

Likely the next visiting Ebola patient will be better handled.

However, it seems that Ebola will not be bringing down the United States of America as Gary North was obviously hoping in this blog posting:

One would be tempted so say that Ebola overthrew Gary North's sanity, but that would presuppose that he had any sanity.

Other neo-Confederates I think obviously had hopes that Ebola would somehow realize their political objectives.

Already the League of the South has moved on.

It is really obvious a lot of people were planning to exploit this health problem for their own benefit. Now that no apocalypse is likely to be forthcoming the articles of hysteria will prove embarrassing to their authors.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling." Neo-Confederates and Ebola

 Yesterday the website Lew Rockwell had this story.

There was a red headline in large capitol letters, "BREAKING NEWS."

With the text and link:
"2nd Person Rushed to Hospital With Ebola SymptomsHe was in contact with Liberian immigrant who has now died."
The article opens up with the statement:
"A second patient with Ebola symptoms walked into a Texas clinic today and told medics he had been in contact with first victim Thomas Duncan."
A link was provided with to a local CBS channel. 

However, if you read the CBS story and other news stories the patient hadn't ever been in contact with the Ebola patient Duncan. He had merely been in the late Duncan's apartment for 30 minutes.

His symptoms were feeling sore and "stomach issues."  He was tested for Ebola and the results have come back today. He tested negative. 

Also, for those who read the CBS article, they would have read that the chances that the sheriff had Ebola was very low. 

From the article:

"Monnig’s children told CBS 11’s Andrea Lucia that their dad woke up this morning feeling sore and a little nauseated. 
“We were told by federal officials, county officials that you would have to come in direct contact with Duncan or direct contact with bodily fluids, and he did not,” said Monnig’s son, Logan, about the possibility of his dad contracting Ebola. Logan said it’s a very scary time for his family, but they do not expect that his dad will test positive for the virus. 
Monning was not one of the 48 people being monitored by federal, state and local health officials because he never had direct contact with the patient. Monnig did enter the apartment where Duncan had stayed before being admitted to the hospital."
As it turned out the sheriff had something else.

However, I am sure that will find some other imaginary terror. 

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Neo-Confederates exploit ebola concerns Update. Update 2

In our globally interconnected world with its rapid transit it was likely that an ebola patient would sooner or later show up in the United States as with Thomas Eric Duncan who is currently getting better in a Dallas hospital.

Update: New report is that Duncan is struggling for his life.

Update 2: Thomas Eric Duncan has died.

After some initial bungling, such as Texas Presbyterian Hospital sending Duncan home when he came in for treatment Duncan did receive treatment.  The City of Dallas having difficulties finding a crew to do clean up of vomit at the apartment complex has gotten a crew and they have cleaned up the mess. The state of Texas and the Federal government need to make sure their regulations regarding the transport of this waste are compatible. That is being worked out.

Thomas Eric Duncan got ebola when he forsook his own safety to rush a pregnant women to the hospital and then bring her back because the hospital was over flowing. The stories coming out of West Africa are heart breaking of people following their heart to take care of others and paying the ultimate price.

There are heroic stories of burial workers staying at their jobs even though they are forsaken by their own communities and have to sleep outside and often are paid late and have to run the risks. In the hospitals nurses have died while caring for others.

However, there are some who only see this as an opportunity to exploit for their own agenda. These are the neo-Confederates.

This League of the South blog posting decides that it is a big laugh and useful to advance their agenda on immigration.

Who could fear anything so colorful? 
"No matter what happens we must resist ebolaphobia. These viruses are simply coming here for a better life, to do jobs that American viruses refuse to do." - Southron, in response to this post. is claiming to know something about medical matters are and is hyping up hysteria over ebola.

The credibility of can be evaluated by considering their other medical articles.

The Council of Conservative Citizens wants to exploit ebola also.

Hysteria and misinformation is always a real danger in a health crisis. The neo-Confederate actions fanning hysteria are not of help, but since they are largely without influence they are not able to do much damage.

In their actions these neo-Confederates hope to advance their agenda. One of the neo-Confederate hopes is that there will be a crisis which discredits the establishment and they will have an opportunity to get public support.

The neo-Confederate might not admit it, but I think they will feel let down when ebola doesn't turn out to be a pandemic in the United States.

For some useful information about preventing ebola you can go to this website of the Center for Disease Control.

Note the first item is wash your hands with soap and water. Which is the first line of defense against any pathogen. You should be doing this anyways.

I did have some concerns about the initial response. Primarily the bungling and delays, but I think that this first case has helped get the USA ready for ebola. Hospitals will probably be much less likely to send ebola patients home. Cities are probably making sure that they have hazardous waste crews ready to clean up after ebola and not have crews that refuse to show up. In general institutions are making sure they are prepared.

The public is more educated as to what precautions to take.

One benefit might be that affluent nations will realize that working on tropical diseases needs to be a higher priority and there needs to an effort to develop vaccines for these diseases. If all the hospital workers and other health workers in West Africa had been vaccinated last year it would have made a huge difference in stopping Ebola.

If you see the images of the outbreak in Liberia you see the misery and horror. It isn't a matter for snarky jokes and exploitation.

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