Saturday, April 27, 2019

BREITBART reports that Robert E. Lee was a poor military leader and cruel to slaves. /HOLY MOLY GERALD HORNE IS QUOTED! NEO-CONFEDERACY IS GOING DOWN!

I about fell out of my chair reading this article this morning. (4/27/2019). The neo-Confederacy is going down!

This is the article.

I check Breitbart every morning to see how they process historical memory in their politics. I have about 3 to 4 linear feet of printouts of their articles.

So with the title, "AP Explains: Trump Revives Debate About Robert E. Lee," I expected a long article about how great Robert E. Lee was and how the left hates America, etc. etc.

I was quite surprised to see that instead the article was highly critical of Robert E. Lee.

On slavery the article explains:
"Documents show Lee was cruel to his slaves and encouraged his overseers to severely beat slaves captured after trying to escape. Historian Elizabeth Brown Pryor said in a 2008 American Heritage article that Lee was angry about the slaves’ demands for freedom and 'resorted to increasingly harsh measures to maintain control,' breaking up most slave families. One slave at Arlington, Pryor noted, called Lee, 'the worst man I ever see.'"
Again, this isn't The Guardian, or The Root, or The Grio, or some liberal/left publication, it is Breitbart.

As for his performance as a soldier the article states:
"Lee eventually commanded troops in the field, winning battles largely because of an incompetent Union Gen. George McClellan, according to historians."
There is more than this quote explaining how Lee was a poor military commander.

The Lost Cause mythology is torn apart. Confederate monuments are associated with the rise of racism and the Ku Klux Klan.


By the early 20th century, Northern state politicians — fearing deadly violence over black civil rights in the South — caved to pressure from Southern leaders to cast Lee in a more conciliatory light, said Gerald Horne, a professor of history and African-American studies at the University of Houston. “The South showed it would shed blood,” Horne said.
These are the books by Gerald Horne sold on Amazon.

Interestingly neo-Confederate Marshall DeRosa is quoted to take apart Lee's military record. I don't think the Abbeville Institute is going to be happy over that. Maybe DeRosa is bailing out of the neo-Confederate movement or is working on an exit strategy. DeRosa I will come up with a web page for you so your Confederate service isn't forgotten.

Of course this article might be a fluke. Or Breitbart might retreat is their support base is upset. Even if they do retreat, they might have the strategy of just not covering the issue and avoiding the issue.

As for African American conservatives who have supported the Confederacy or neo-Confederacy or Lost Cause rememberance as part of their careers, what is their situation after this shift by Breitbart? In the new strategy to get African Americans to support conservative causes, these pro-Confederate African American conservatives are not useful because they have this Confederate baggage. They will be dumped.


In 2015 and 2016 and afterwards there were many many articles in Breitbart in defense of Confederate monuments, suddenly there is this reversal.

I think the conservative movement has decided that the neo-Confederacy is a lost cause in terms of 21st century politics. If they are going to have a conservative African American movement like Breitbart's Blexit, the Confederacy needs to be left behind.  If they are going to have some politics supporting racial hierarchy having the Confederacy attached to it makes it obvious which would defeat that politics.

I think it has been observed that campaigning on supporting the Confederacy doesn't win elections. There have been some candidates which have run on defending the Confederacy and they have lost elections and cost the Republicans important offices.

Also, Christianity is more and more centered outside the Western world and the Confederacy is not going to be a selling point there when Christianity is in competition with other religions.

In America Christianity finds its strongest support in minority communities.

These changes are manifested in the Southern Baptist Convention apology over slavery some years back and in 2017 (or 2018?) rejection of the Confederate flag.  Evangelical Christians are leaving the Confederacy behind and are finding it an obstacle in the way of their aspirations for the future.

Friday, April 05, 2019

Robert E. Lee is totally gone from Turtle Creek Park, Oak Lawn name gone also. Dallas Southern Memorial Association EAT DIRT

Years ago after testifying to have the Dallas Southern Memorial Association (DSMA) a reporter wanted to interiew me. So we sat at a table to talk, The members of the Dallas Southern Memorial Association sat at the table next to us. So we moved to another table and they followed to a table next to us with triumphant grins on their faces.

My message to the DSMA today is EAT SHIT!

This was the inscription on one of the benches for the Robert E. Lee monument. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO SEE THE COMPLETE IMAGE FULL SIZE.


Continuing. HAS LIGHTEN UP

These are scenes of the location today.

This is a view from the opposite direction.

It seems that racist garbage isn't going to be celebrated forever.

Of course there is more to be done. I have recently typed up an inventory of what remains to be done in Dallas.

See this other blog focused on Dallas itself.

And the Facebook page.

Monday, April 01, 2019


We will be having an organizational meeting Thursday, April 18th at 7:30 pm. WILL UPDATE WITH LOCATION SOON.

The agenda is about deracializing the landscape and will include additional items.

It will be somewhere along Highway 75 (Central) near a DART light rail station. I will be updating this posting when I fix the location.

Meetings will be 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.

We will be discussing possible projects and an agenda.

To find background information on Dallas there are these online resouces.



The following agenda is by no means complete but I think it is a good start.


1. The replica Arlington House in Oak Lawn built to glorify Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy.

2. Many schools named after Confederates and other white supremacists.

3. Two minor Confederate monuments in Oak Lawn Park.

4. The whole Fair Park is an assemblage of white supremacist art and architecture.

5. Hatton W. Sumners honored at the Red Museum.

6. Many streets named after Confederates, white supremacists, and one after Nathan Bedford Forrest.

7. Exclude Lost Cause jurors from Jury duty.

We need to have regular meetings and plan strategies. The easy victories are done. Now we enter the hard fight against the racialized landscape.
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