Saturday, June 19, 2010

Updated: James Loewen will be key note speaker for “Secessions" Conference in Louisville at Filson Institute

I just got word from James Loewen of the following:

"Also, I have an additional topic I'll be speaking on frequently in the future: Confederate secession and how we (mis)remember it and the Civil War in general. I'll keynote the "Secessions Conference" in Louisville, held just before the 150th anniversary of secession itself, and on August 1, my new book (with Ed Sebesta) debuts: The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader."

“The ‘Secessions Conference’ In Louisville will be 10/21-21, details forthcoming. The Filson Historical Society website announcement of the forthcoming conference is at:

Of course, James Loewen is always happy to autograph a copy of The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader at any conference or event he is attending.

The publishers page for the book is at

I think this is a great way to start the Sesquincentennial.
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