Sunday, November 22, 2020

Moving on and finishing up. Neo-Confederacy continues to collapse and I am wrapping it up and moving on to new things.

The neo-Confederacy continues to crumble day by day, and the neo-Confederate's deciding to support Donald Trump and Donald Trump deciding to support the Confederacy will only accelerate the popular dislike of the Confederacy.

This city removes a monument, that city changes a name of a street, a university changes the name of a building, etc. etc. etc. Even the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) and Washington & Lee University are giving up the Confederacy. 

With Biden being elected the U.S. Military will likely give up any connections with neo-Confederate groups. 

There really isn't much that I need to do anymore, de-Confederating the nation is moving forward on its own. There are few things here and there I am helping with, but it is going full forward like a freight train without me. 

If there are any violent disturbances over Biden's election, it will just show that celebrating violent insurrections, that is Confederates, is really not a good practice. 

In the rural towns of America there has been slow progress getting rid of Confederate monuments and that might give the neo-Confederates some hope, but if they do, they are foolish in their hopes. 

As time goes on Confederate monuments in rural areas will be markers of backwardness. At the present time people are used to having Confederate monuments in their presence in big cities. As the years go by they will forget these monuments and when they are in rural town they will think that having a Confederate monument is something out of the past and a throwback.

Neo-Confederacy is starting to implode. Also, as the Confederate monuments vanish it will free up people to go focus on the rest of the landscape. 

So I am moving on to dealing with the racialized landscape in general. There may be secession movements in the next four years, but I think the government will handle them and my work will not be necessary. A secession movement will just intensify public dislike of the Confederacy. 

So I am moving on to the issues dealing with the whole landscape and landscape reparations.

My website is going to be redone to align with this new direction. 

I will be using Dallas as my field of research to develop my concepts and to provide an example to other cities and places. I think to get this page completed with links to sub pages.

I really need to get everything organized at this page and more of my material online. 

After nearly 30 years I realize that I have won in regards to defeating neo-Confederacy. There is some mop up to be done, but largely it is over. 

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