Monday, October 31, 2016

Apples and oranges, and the Texas Nationalist Movement

The Texas Nationalist Movement is announcing a report by an "independent researcher" which they claim shows that they are:
In comparison with all of these “acceptable” organizations, the Texas Nationalist Movement has the declared support of 2.11% of Texas voters. 
This report, the TNM asserts, shows that they are  a major organization and claimed to be one of the "major political advocacy organizations" in Texas. Who this "independent researcher" is is not mentioned. The Texas Nationalist movement explains:
The report compares the TNM to 10 other major political advocacy organizations by measuring their membership or declared support numbers as a percentage of registered voters in the geographic areas they serve.
They list percentages of the population or perhaps adults or perhaps voters or perhaps something which make up the "membership figures" for various organizations and the percentages are frequently less than 1%. That is what percent of the population or something which are members of various groups. They then compare their "2.11%" which is a much larger figure than many groups.

The key phrase to focus on in this announcement is "declared support." What that is isn't specified. Are they just taking the Facebook likes they have for their page, assume that they are all people in Texas, and divide by the Texas population. Are these dues paying members?

I would be interested in the "membership figures" for the Texas Nationalist Movement. Maybe they have a lot of members, maybe their claim is true. However, this article does not convince me.

Having 300,000 Facebook likes isn't insignificant, but it isn't the same as dues paying members.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Homophobic students in Indiana school decide to wear Confederate flags for anti-gay statement.

These are the articles.

This link has a video with a student wearing a Confederate flag.
"They were using the 'F' slur and they were saying that if the gays get to wear the rainbow flag, then they should get to wear the Confederate flag, because it represents their heritage," one student said.
"It also has become something that symbolizes anti-gay at our school," said student Gaia Hendrix-Petry as she and other students walked in to district offices to get a meeting with the superintendent.

This article is a good summary and has links to the other articles.

The argument that this is a misuse of the Confederate flag is nonsense. The Sons of Confederate Veterans has made it clear that they see Confederate heritage as homophobia.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hardcover of "Pernicious: The Neo-Confederate Campaign against Social Justice" now available. UPDATE

The hard copy is now available from

It will be available at Amazon in 3 to 5 days. I am currently working on the book about Texas secessionism.

I also plan to publish a collection of my articles at "Black Commentator" and later a collection of my articles that were published in the "Touchstone." 

Longer term I am not sure what my publishing will include. Perhaps it will be a series of monographs. I have been thinking on writing something about the revival of pro-slavery literature.

The more important thing will be to get the Texas Secessionism book done soon. 

After that I will be on periscope, doing podcasts, and promoting my books.

As I say in my epilog I am going to use social media to organize against neo-Confederacy.

I have some people that are waiting for the hard copy, but I think they will be purchasing it when it is available on Open the back cover image in a new tab or window to read.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Neo-Confederate fantasies go into the dumpster

The neo-Confederate heads are full of "Braveheart" and nonsense. They have their Confederate Celtic fantasies.

This video is the real Scotland. 

This person, calling himself Shogun, is evidently a sensation. A shogun was the ruler of Japan before the Meiji Era in Japan. 

From the article. 

Over the summer, Shogun uploaded a freestyle video called "Vulcan"​ onto YouTube, in which he flip-flops between infuriated and languorous​; rapping about drug addiction, self-hate, depression and, importantly, hope. In the months that followed, it swiftly racked up over half a million views. Newer freestyles have similarly impressed, and this month he'll support legendary UK rapper Akala on tour.

I think that with the way the economy is changing, Rap, the music of the dispossessed, is finding a world wide audience. As the article points out it is a global phenomenon.

This is the video for direct viewing.  Where are the bagpipes? Click on the image to see the whole thing. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Kindle copy updated, Update 2:

The Kindle copy of "Pernicious: The neo-Confederate Campaign against Social Justice in America," has been updated after I finished the proofing of the hard copy.

For those who purchased the Kindle version you can just update it

Hard copy is now available at CreateSpace and will be available at Amazon in 3 to 5 days.

It will be available at Amazon in 3 to 5 days. I am currently working on the book about Texas secessionism.

I am going to also publish a collection of articles that I originally had published at "Black Commentator" and later a collection of the "Touchstone" articles.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Quoted in article "In the Age of Trump White Millennials Shatter Idea That Young People Are Progressive," in the "Atlanta Black Star."

I learned a lot from the article. Things which I didn't know.

Also, there is a video about Matthew Heimbach and his White Student Union at Towson College in Maryland.

I am quoted extensively and able to introduce the concept of banal white nationalism.

Trump and Southern Nationalism

This is an article at "Vox" an online publication which focuses on current affairs.

What the article points out is that Donald Trump supporters aren't the economically "wretched of the earth," and journalists don't really listen to what Trump supporters are saying because they have stereotypes of who white nationalists are. They expect to find white people who are poor, often wretchedly so, who are racists or white nationalists. However, white Trump supporters make more money than white Hillary Clinton supporters.

The article points out that Trump is the leader of white nationalism.

Also, the article dismisses various liberal/left ideas that the rise of white nationalism is due to the failing of the modern state to care for people. The article points out that nationalism is thriving in places with quite supportive welfare systems such as Belgian, France, Sweden, etc.

The article points out that it needs to be recognized that what is propelling Trump is white nationalism.

I am glad to see that people are beginning to recognize that not all white nationalists fit the popular stereotype and that various simplistic ideas about white nationalism and its causes are being rejected.

These developments might mean the end of Southern nationalism though. Trump support is national and an arising white nationalist movement is likely to be national. It is likely to be a movement with a lot more resources, influence and opportunities and be chosen by white nationalists, including white nationalists in the South, over nationalism that seeks as its objectives an independent Wyoming or Arkansas.

A national white nationalist movement will likely incorporate Confederate symbols and venerate the Confederacy. They won't, however, work to break up the United States of America, they will work to transform it into the Confederate States of America but not necessarily recognizing that their objectives are essentially in pursuit of neo-Confederate values.

So neo-Confederacy will continue, it might be a big part of a national white nationalist movement.

My paper on banal white nationalism.

I am working on the proofing copy of "Pernicious: The Neo-Confederate Campaign Against Social Justice in America," and hopefully this weekend I will have it corrected and available in hard copy. I will also update the Kindle copy.

Then back to working on the Texas secessionists movement for my next book.

Video of how the Republican Party went from LIncoln to Trump

Trent Lott one time told the national convention of the Sons of Confederate Veterans that the Republican Party was the party of the admirers of Jefferson Davis.

"Vox" has an interesting video of how the Republican Party going from Lincoln to Trump.

One thing people should think about is what is the geography of their politics.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Crybabies in Oklahoma, Poll shows one in four Oklahoma voters would vote for secession if Hillary Clinton is elected.

It seems that pollsters have found a way to get the public interested in their polls and their firm's name in the press.  Simply ask voters about whether their state should secede. However, ask the question conditional on whether Hillary Clinton is elected president.

The polling firm SoonerPoll did a poll Sept. 13-15 of 515 likely Oklahoma voters the question if they would vote to leave the Union if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

The article reports that "two in five supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump" would support secession if Hillary Clinton was elected.

These published results have negative consequences. I think it is mostly people venting and they aren't really serious about secession, but it gets Trump supporters and others to think about whether they support secession if Hillary Clinton is elected, which it appears likely that she will. A thought that might be made in jest or just venting, is a thought that is less radical to consider later. This poll also lets people that might seriously consider secession realize that they aren't alone and for some individuals to conclude there are enough people for a movement, hence an organization, and activities.

This also will likely to get people in other states to consider secession.

However, this would be a movement of crybabies, people who wail and flail at the idea of Hillary Clinton being elected president.  It very well might just be a movement which has a web page and maybe some meetings where they can complain and whine and grip. It is not likely to be a movement that will really do much or have a thoughtful program that will inspire people.

It will be another thing that will tear down the Republican Party in Oklahoma since undoubtedly these secessionists will want to try to get the Republican Party in Oklahoma to support secession. Republicans will be trapped between not wanting to appear to be crazy, yet not wanting to have their base go after them.

Video of the "Houston Chronicle" lampooning the Texas secessionists./ The Texas secessionist go abroad and meet with right wing groups. These groups should be considered enemies of the United States.

Go to the link and you can view the video and read the article.

This is the announcement at the The Texas Nationalist Movement webpage.

I am writing the book on Texas Secessionists. I think I will have a chapter on counter measures.

One counter measure I think I should mention here is that you should make sure your house is secure. I am not saying go crazy and buy a bunch of guns, but make sure your locks are good and you have solid doors. I think that if there is a civil disturbance you need to be secure in your home.

If you are living in Dallas, Texas it also helps keep you safe from burglars.

Also, also if you have spoken out against secession it would be good to have your home be a secure place.

This is a Facebook group where news  about Texas secessionists will be posted. Also, it if it ever comes to it, it will be a page to organize opposition to secession.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Book covers for "Pernicious: The Neo-Confederate Campaign against Social Justice in America"

You are going to have to open the back cover in another window and click on it to read it.
I am currently working on the book about Texas secessionism.

Now available from

Starting to write the book on Texas Secessionism

I am starting writing the book on Texas Secessionism.

The current working title is "Prelude to Texas Secessionism and Fighting for an American Texas."

It will start out by discussing the recent efforts of Texas secessionists, then go into the origin of Texas secessionism detailing Texas Republican Party and Texas conservatives' involvement in neo-Confederate ideas and accommodation of the Confederacy and also the right wing interpretations of Texas secession from Mexico.

I will review "Texas Republic" magazine, detail Texas conservative involvement in "Southern Partisan" magazine.

I am going to include some short essays against Texas secession, how to oppose Texas secession, and counter measures against Texas secession. If in the eventually the state of Texas does decide to secede, your town or county can also secede right back to the United States.

This will be somewhat straight forward to write, but I regret I won't be able to have it in time for the day of the election but will likely have it by the end of Thanksgiving week.

In a recent poll 3 out of 5 Trump supporters said they would support secession of Texas if Hillary Clinton was elected president. I think at this time it is very likely that Hillary Clinton will get elected President. So I think the Texas secession movement will really start gaining more traction then.

You can purchase the current version of the Kindle version of the book.  The hard copy version is coming in the mail and this week I am doing proofing.

I will be updating the Kindle version, but with this Kindle version you can learn about the neo-Confederate campaign against social justice in American.

Had maps professionally made for the book.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Block quote from our book in "Hillbilly Elitism" at Jacobin

This is the article:

Bob Hutton reviews "Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis," by J.D. Vance. Hutton's argument is that "The American hillbilly isn't suffering from a deficient culture, He's just poor," and he rejects the book.

There is a block quote from our book "Neo-Confederacy: A Critical" introduction.

The term "Jacobin" is one  of which that neo-Confederates and their forerunners have a special horror. It is amusing to to think what they will think of this magazine title.

It is gratifying to know that "Neo-Confederacy: A Critical Introduction" is being read.

I might contact Bob Hutton and send him my latest book, "Pernicious: The Neo-Confederate Campaign against Social Justice in America."

I am finishing up getting the final details done on Pernicious. The print is in submission and review. The Kindle is available, but won't show up in my author page for about a day.

Tonight I am going to start writing the book on Texas secession.

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