Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why the Voting Rights Act is still needed

The following news article will make it clear why the Voting Rights Act is still needed.

Neo-Confederates constantly complain about the Voting Rights Act and come up with rationalizations and clever arguments as to why it isn't needed.

HP Note book screen black outs./Some recovery procedures.

I have a Hewlett-Packard notebook computer. The screen unpredictably blacks out.

Evidently there is a class-action lawsuit regarding this at this link.

Some may ask why I bought an HP notebook computer at all, given HP's other products. The reason was that I needed a computer and at that time Dell had problems with delivery. That is you paid your money and the computer didn't show up. It seems they couldn't get the computer out the door in their factories. I think that when you purchase a computer they should actually deliver the computer.

To get out of this don't just turn off the computer. Evidently there is some dim screen lighting in some situations and you should turn off the lights in the room so you can see the screen and then reboot. Some say they can see the screen with a flashlight. So with a flashlight you could read the screen and reboot. Next time I have the HP screen black out I will try both methods and report back.

When rebooting with Vista you can do chores like wash the dishes, clean up around the room, pay bills, make coffee, fold laundry or vacuum a room.

Would I wish HP computers on my worst enemy? Well yes I would. Neo-Confederates please purchase HP computers. While you are at it purchase Vista also. Well maybe I should not recommend getting either one, I am feeling guilty already. So maybe I wouldn't wish either HP or Vista on my worst enemy.

One time I did try to call HP help. The phone call didn't get far since the person on the other end of the line really didn't seem to understand spoken English and after three or four attempts at reciting my phone number and getting it understood I gave up. I have standard American pronunciation. I am sure some spokesperson from HP will say "blah blah blah" and have some Powerpoint presentation on how their service is so great.

I work with engineers and technicians from around the world, sometimes in web conferences and I hear heavily accented speech and can get by. So I know the difference between a heavy accent and novel pronunciations and just not being able to speak English.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sarah Palin Secessionist?

This is a rush posting of an important development.

Google Blog alert tipped me off to one blog which tipped me off to another blog which had documentation of Sarah Palin being involved with the Alaska Independence Party. They claim she was a member. I haven't had time to check all this out. However, there is a You Tube video with her talking about the Alaska Independence Party.

This is the link.

This is another link with the videos:

This is the website for the Alaska Independence Party:

The conservative Telegraph in Britain reports on it here:

I will be watching what this group's response will be.

and this group's

John McCain's idiotic choice will encourage all these types of groups, especially if he doesn't drop her from his ticket.
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