Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Maybe this is where the Sons of Confederate Veterans is going to get the money to finish their musuem

From what I can tell the Sons of Confederate Veterans have progressed slowly on their museum.

This is a website for  the museum. http://www.theconfederatemuseum.com/

Originally there was talk about it being open this summer. This Facebook posting shows where it is now. (Almost a day ago. Sept. 10, 2018)


They are making some progress, but it looks like to me they are just beginning.

I am guessing that they don't have the money. I think though they found a way to get the money.

There is a settlement with the Sons of Confederate Veterans and they are getting a little over $30 million dollars in the settlement with the city of Memphis.


That should cover the costs of the museum unless a lot of money is spent on investigating heritage violations some place with really expensive meals for meetings. Not that I know that they would do that.

What about the $acred memory of Forre$t, Their great $outhern hero. Well $30 million is a lot of money and if you are short of money it can be sort of handy.

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Chemtrail history at the Abbeville Institute

When you are just delusional and mentally just flailing.


The neo-Confederates have always tried to ignore or rationalize away Confederate Vice-President Alexander H. Stephens' speech.

Another rationalization is that he misspoke himself. Stephen's did regret one part of his speech in which people felt he denigrated the American Founders. However, in a series of his speeches he repeats very similar or the same assertions supporting his white supremacist views of the enslavement of Africans.

However, as the Lost Cause infrastructure crumbles they are getting wild and desperate. This essay is really off the wall.

So I am calling it Chemtrail history. In case you are not on Facebook probably have been offline for a few years, Chemtrails is a idea in a conspiracy theory that the vapor trails that jets leave behind at great elevations are not merely the condensation of water vapor from the combustion of fuel, but some sinister plot to dispense chemicals over the United States.

It does not use with these people to point out that it is very cold up at the heights jets operate and that the combustion of gasoline or other hydrocarbon is water and carbon dioxide and that the water would precipitate at the very low temperatures of the upper troposphere. The internet has enabled the paranoid, the delusional, the mentally defective, the disturbed. Flat earthers are organized and there are endless health quackeries facilitated by the Internet.

So for the exceptionally delusional neo-Confederates I am going to deem them Chemtrail history.
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