Friday, July 22, 2016

Texas Nationalist Movement and Voter Suppression.

I think this posting by the Texas Nationalist Movement gives a fairly good indication how civil rights would do under their administration.

Here they are defending voter suppression.

Texas Nationalists I think are afraid that Donald Trump might win

This is a post at the Texas Nationalist Movement page.

Doesn't make much sense at all. It is common knowledge that it was establishment figures which were try to deny the Republican Party nomination to Donald Trump even though he won the primaries.

Also, the majority of delegates were clearly Trump supporters and unbinding delegates was a scheme to steal the nomination from him.

The Republican establishment did work to make sure that another faction didn't deny Trump his nomination. This is because if Trump was denied all hell would have probably broke loose and it would have been a riot. Also, Trump would have run as an independent. And the Republicans would have lost both houses of Congress, the presidency, and probably many other offices.

At conventions there is parliamentary maneuvering and given that there was a majority supporting Trump at the convention it seems reasonable there wasn't support for a measure that would have denied Trump his nomination.

The issue here is that if Donald Trump is elected the wind goes out of the Texas Nationalist Movement. The League of the South has no potential either if Trump is elected. The secessionists are upset and pouting about the whole thing.

Will Trump get elected? I don't know. If Trump is defeated in the November election then I think secessionists will thrive. I don't think that Trump will get elected, but I am afraid he might. The secessionists are afraid that he might get elected also.

Council of Conservative Citizens recognizes Donald Trump as one of their own

This is the link to the Council of Conservative Citizens' enthusiastic praise for, as they call it, "Trump's Nationalist Acceptance Speech."

Of course with the Republican Party the way it is, is there a need for the Council of Conservative Citizens? (

Neo-Confederates and Ludwig von Mises supporters endorse Donald Trump in letter

The letter of support for Donald Trump is online here:

These are the neo-Confederates.

Paul Gottfried, contributor to Chronicles, contributor to the Abbeville Institute, contributor to Southern Partisan, and contributor to American Renaissance.

Boyd Cathey, contributor to Confederate Veteran and contributor to the Abbeville Insitute. Also, contributor to Southern Partisan.

Marshall DeRosa, contributor to Abbeville Institute.

Clyde Wilson, contributor to Southern Partisan magazine, contributor to Chronicles magazine, founding board member of the League of the South, member of the Abbeville Institute.

Walter E. Block is big in the Ludwig von Mises Institute. 

These are just the affiliations that immediately come to mind.

I think the neo-Confederates think that their is a good chance that the civil rights movement might be undone. I think they are right in this respect.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Houston Chronicle" article against Texas Secession

This is a good start to get people to realize that this is a bad idea and is something that needs to be taken seriously.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Texas Nationalist Movement Daniel Miller's posting on the Dallas shootings. This should give us a fairly good idea what life would be like under these secessionists.

This is the posting by Daniel Miller shared on the Texas Nationalist Movemdnt Facebook page.

I think that it gives a fairly good idea what civil rights and minority rights would be under a government run by these guys.

Miller is somewhat cryptic in this posting. What exactly is the media standards that he thinks are double? How exactly does the media coverage "disrespect the memory of the officers who lost their lives"?

I think he is just tapping into feelings of a very upset public. Maybe it is ambiguous so he can tap into anger but have plausible deniability.

I think this post alone shows that Texit which they now call it, is a bad idea.

However, given the gravity of the situation I think that it shows that he has no sense.

I am still learning what happened and observing what happened. I think Dominque Alexander and the Dallas mayor and Dallas police chief have been exemplary in handling this situation.

Our Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has been a total moron. Governance isn't talk radio which Mr. Patrick doesn't seem to comprehend.

I have been thinking about recent events a lot even though I am working on my book on the neo-Confederates.

I may have something to say. Perhaps I am just upset, but I think the nation is on a precipice and could fall into the abyss.

Friday, July 08, 2016

League of the South denounces the Kennedy brothers' "The South Was Right!"

Hell has frozen over!  Beelzebub is putting on ice skates. Lucifer is throwing snowballs. Satan is putting on an overcoat, mittens, and a stocking cap,

Michael Hill, president of the League of the South has written a lengthy essay condemning the book, "The South Was Right!" by the Kennedy twin brothers, Walter Donald and James Ronald.

This was one of the founding books of the modern neo-Confederate movement.  Hill's criticism is to a large extent, as much as anything Hill would say could be, is correct.

The book "The South is Right!" is a defense of the Confederacy against charges of it being a racist enterprise.

The importance of this public condemnation isn't clear. The League of the South is a remnant organization and Hill and company, however many that might be, are desperate to get some notice for their organization. However, it might be a wedge strategy taking advantaged of a much more racially polarized environment, and the Sons of Confederate Veteran has been radicalizing and they read Frank Conner now, a really scary book which sees the civil rights movement as a Jewish conspiracy against American society.

Also, with Confederate flags, statues coming down, Confederate names being removed it might be that the neo-Confederate movement doesn't see much value in trying the old "Heritage not Hatred" song and dance.

Hill is somewhat hypocritical. The League of the South for years used to deny having any racial agenda. What is the cliche, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

There were two important books starting the neo-Confederate movement: "The South Was Right!" by the Kennedy twins and "Southern By The Grace of God" by Michael Andrew Grissom. Grissom has been more openly racist with his books, but has been in obscurity. The Kennedy twins books sell. However, I think there is a phase change going on in the neo-Confederate movement and Hill might have picked up on it. When I mean a phase change I mean a discreet break between one mode of things to another, like ice to water or water to steam.

Neo-Confederates may laugh, but Michael Hill might be a future Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Okay, you can laugh now, but we live in the time of Trump. In a time of racial polarization the SCV may get pulled in a racist direction.

Regardless this is a good development. It is infighting of a serious nature among neo-Confederates. The League of the South will be a racist force pushing on the Sons of Confederate Veterans to be crazy like themselves. It could really discredit the neo-Confederate movement.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Confederate identified state has so-called religious freedom law struck down. Homophobia and Confederacy linked by website. ALSO Confederate-identified governemnt

When a state, municipality or county adopts a Confederate symbol as its symbol it is a Confederate-identified entity. They are an entity that has chosen to identify with the Confederacy.

They should  be referred to as Confederate identified to surface the reality of what type of entities they are. Also, this identification isn't necessarily restricted to Confederate flag symbols. It could be any Confederate symbol such as the seal of the Confederacy, or a visual representation of Confederate soldiers, or a monument.

You don't owe anything to a Confederate identified entity and they should be considered occupiers. You are American and expect nothing less than an American polity.

Being Confederate identified consequences that those seeking to identify with the Confederacy have not foreseen.

Note in the article that they use an image of the Mississippi geography with the state flag making it a major theme of the article that this is a Confederate identified state.

Without discussion homophobia and Confederate identity are linked.

This is a major LGBT news site. They also have a fair amount of coverage of astronomy and pop culture and new technology.

This iconography linking the Confederacy and homophobia will upset some white LGBT in the South. But with web sites making this link they will be isolated in the LGBT community in the South as racist excuse makers if they are not already are so isolated. The LGBT flag is a rainbow and is about an inclusion of diversity and is globally used.  The Confederacy is inherently  anti-LGBT symbol of losers.

Also, 30 years in the future some defenders of the Confederacy will be arguing that the Confederacy is okay, but the state of Mississippi misused the flag.

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