Friday, February 27, 2009

An interesting analysis of the election results. The Confederacy lives.

This is a very interesting article on the white vote for McCain by state.

The former Confederate states stand out from the rest of the United States of America.

Confederacy of rejection of unemployment benefits. Plantation economics in action.

This is an interesting article in the "New York Times" on governors talking about rejecting unemployment benefits.

In your mind map out the states considering rejecting the unemployment benefits and see what you see.

Monday, February 23, 2009

So-called State Rebellions; Neo-Confederate hype in action

There is a lot of talk about the states in rebellion.

Such as at this link:

Or this link:

But examining the case of New Hampshire is instructive, it isn't a state in rebellion, it is just four lawmakers. In an article ridiculing the four Republican lawmakers the Nashua Telegraph editorial says "Memo to Lawmakers: The Civil War is Over."

As explained in this website the size of the New Hampshire House is limited between 375 to 400.

So four Republican house representatives are about 1% of the New Hampshire House.

So New Hampshire isn't in rebellion no matter how much Fox News might want their viewers to think so as shown in this video excerpt.

I suspect that for the other 19 states supposedly in rebellion it really is just one or two stray state legislators here and there getting a little too wound up by talk radio, but it is not states in rebellion.

The weasel words here is "states legislatures are considering" or some other variant of this phrase. If just one legislator proposes a bill, a body of the legislature, such as a committee is considering it, if only to reject it immediately.

So there is not some state's rights rebellion out there.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

J. Michael Hill on egalitarianism

J. Michael Hill, president of the League of the South has put online his essay against egalitarianism.

He is being a bit obscure on one part. When he talks about equality under the law. What he means that each person has a right to seek justice under the law. However, this doesn't mean equality in any other sense, it just means that they have an equality to seek under the law what rights they may or may not have in their station in the law. The law could be that some people are serfs and some people are lords and that they both have an equal right to seek the protection of the law for what the law might provide to them as a serf or a lord.

When reading neo-Confederate writing, words and expressions can have meanings that a modern reader might not comprehend. Neo-Confederate thinking often has a pre-modern viewpoint that is difficult to understand in a modern world.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The story of Confederate House in Levittown

Jonathan Yardley has the story of Confederate House in Levittown.

"What followed was a protracted period of tension punctuated by frequent small riots and near-riots. Led by a "hulking flattopped man" named James E. Newell Jr., "a thirty-year-old electrician from Durham, North Carolina, who lived around the corner on Daffodil Lane," and his "sidekick, an unemployed forty-eight-year-old named Eldred Williams," a small but noisy and openly racist group of Levittowners made life so miserable for the Myerses that they took their children out of town. Police protection was half-hearted at best; "the local police . . . sat by and watched the harassment . . . for weeks." The Ku Klux Klan arrived on the scene and found eager supporters. Crosses were burned, epithets were painted on the Wechslers' house, and an empty house at nearby 30 Darkleaf Lane was rented to new neighbors, who turned the place into a kind of clubhouse:

"The Myerses and Wechslers recognized in horror the familiar faces of their tormenters, including Newell, and even the mailman who had started the riot after he'd delivered the first letter to Daisy Myers on that August day. Outside, the caretaker of the house, Eldred Williams, walked his black dog up and down the yard. He had renamed the pet in honor of this day. 'Here, Nigger,' he called to the dog, 'come here you, Nigger.' The neighbors had arrived."

They called the place 'the Confederate House,' and 'called themselves the Dogwood Hollow Social Club.' "

Confederate Culture in Action, harrassment of African American workers restoring power to electrical cooperative

The story is here:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hispanics for the Union in San Francisco during the Civil War

I found this very interesting article about Hispanics rallying for the Union during the Civil War in San Francisco.

A quote from the article:

Finally on the night of October 16, 1864, the pro-Lincoln parade was to begin. Excitedly, members of the Club Unionista crowded into the rooms of the Terpsichore Hall. At the command of Captain Guillen, the Artilleros marched forward. Behind them, four abreast, the Club Unionista members marched out into the street, holding their flaming torches aloft. The mounted officers came behind, astride their spirited horses.The banners and signs carried by Club Unionista members bore evidence of their bi-lingual and bi-cultural heritage. One bilingual sign that tied together the American Civil War and the French Intervention in Mexico read:

“Honest Abe is our man—Muera Maximiliano” (Death to Maximilian)

Another banner listed the civil and military heroes of the war on both fronts, Mexico and the Atlantic coast: “Lincoln—Juarez, Grant—Negrete

Yet another gave a decidedly negative opinion of the leaders of the Confederacy and the French in Mexico: “Maximiliano el usurpador — Davis el traidor” (Maximilian the usurper, [Jefferson] Davis the traitor).

And still another banner made reference to Lincoln’s emancipation of the slaves: “Dios hizo al hombre y Lincoln lo declaró libre.” (God created man, and Lincoln declared him free)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ann Coulter defends the Council of Conservative Citizens

The SPLC has a report on Ann Coulter defending the Council of Conservative Citizens. The following is the link.

The link to the Council of Conservative Citizens is

Friday, February 13, 2009

Interesting news about Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson is former Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and used to write for the "Citizen Informer" a publication of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

This morning I read a blog about some interesting financial arrangements he had for Anderson county in South Carolina. The following is an article in the The Journal in Williamston, SC.

This blogger, in a blog titles "Confederate Cronyism, Nepotism" reviews the article.
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