Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Confederacy becoming identified with idiots

The era of so-proclaimed leftists or liberals who come up with complicated excuses for the Confederacy is coming to an end.

One of the significant sources of support for Confederate monuments and memorializations of various sorts comes from liberals and leftists in the South who still haven't mentally left the plantation. They have their Confederate ancestors and have involved complicated arguments for the Confederate thing they have hanging on the wall or on their mantel.

You read these articles where they have Confederate memoriabilia in a room and their book club  or something is coing over and now they are worried people will get the wrong idea. Of course the real issue is that they will see them who they really are, but the editors of these publications tend to be sympathetic to the Confederate sympathizeer.

That garbage is finally going to be completely extinct.

We are entering yet another stage in which support for the Confederacy becomes identified with fringe characters, delusional characters, and generally fools and idiots, and reactionaries.

This story is all over on Facebook.


Stumpf is from Comfort, Texas, but I don't know if he is associated with the camp out there that hosts the Sam Davis Youth Camp, formerly of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


By the way, South Korean and Taiwan have universal military training. They are trained to fight other soldiers as Shane Stumpf found out. They aren't habituated to subservience to white people either.

This maybe by another Shane Stumpf.


The newspaper article made a point of decribing Stumpf's racist garbage he had on the wall and also that he had on his wall a Confederate flag.

In another venue the governor of Mississippi decided to not support stay at home orders to suppress the coronavirus epidemic but declare an April Confederate History month. Nothing like this makes it clear that Confederate heritage had deep links to stupid.



Whereas in the past the complicated story of the self-identified liberal or leftists with Confederate sympathies might actually get someone to listen, this I think is over now. The very last bit.

As for the general public support for the Confederacy will be further identified with people like Governor Reeves or Shane Stumpf.

Thursday, April 02, 2020

COVID-19 and Secession Post two

I don't need to know until early July to start work on my Texas secession book if it appears that Donald Trump is not getting re-elected. On the other hand, secession movements will likely start gaining strength if it becomes really obvious that Trump isn't going to be re-elected. So the earlier I can figure out whether Trump is going to be re-elected or not the better.

I am still struggling with this. I have a couple other projects that are absorbing much of my time so I don't need to be working on Texas secession until I know it is going to happen. I think that there are two things to consider.

The following is an issue only if some treatment doesn't show up. There are anti-virals being tested and there might be one or two that works. Even if one is found, it remains to be seen if it is that effective and can be made available in large quantities and supplied quickly enough. If they can only supply enough for 5 or 10 percent of the cases it will have limited usefulness to stop a pandemic. It will help, but it might just slow the progression of the pandemic.

Vaccines will become available, but I think they won't be available for sometime, long after things have gotten fairly bad.


I am beginning to believe Trump is not going to be re-elected. There is evidence that indicates that Trump is doing well in the polls and his approval ratings are jumped up significantly.

However, things are still early in this pandemic outbreak. The pandemic is starting to reach the rural areas and smaller towns. Take for instance this city.


Dougherty County has 85,000 people and have close to the number of Fulton County with one million people.  Rural areas don't have really good health facilities or don't have any.

The governor of Georgia who has resisted stay at home measures is now claiming that he didn't know asymptomatic COVID-19 individuals could spread coronavirus until just recently, which I don't think is going to be believed except by the most credulous.


There is Arizona which isn't taking coronavirus seriously.

I think when these other states get really impacted there will be two phenomenon. Trumps credibility will drop. Also, when these states get impacted the credibility of these governors will drop and with it the Republican Party which will also drag down Trump.

If the rural areas have people dying in their houses because there is no medical facilities and bodies stored without refrigeration I think it will have a big impact on support for Trump by Trump supporters. Though they might decide it is all fake news or someone it is a 5G thing or some other lunacy.

When people know someone who has died, a relative, a friend, co-worker, fellow member of a church or organization dies, I think there will be a change of opinion.

But we will have to see.


Fatality rate is likely to be highest with Donald Trump supporters. The fatality rate is highest with older people. The severity of the impact seems like it is going to be in places where social distancing is being resisted in conservative states and the rural areas.

There are anecdotal reports of older individuals mocking social distancing or defying it to make some type of political point. So you have higher risk individuals engaging in higher risk behavior.

You have Evangelical churches having services with large numbers of people there. They do risk the general public's health, but they more immediately risk the health of their members and their members friends and relatives. By example they also send a message to their members that these health issues are not to be taken seriously.

I don't think fatalities will constitute a number representing a large percentage of voters, but it will have some impact. Winning and losing an election can depend on really small numbers. It might be a state that goes for one presidential candidate rather than another. There could be impacts to other elections.


We will just have to wait and see. None of the above factors may be the deciding issue. It might be that once things are over, upon reflection, the public may decide that it is a bad idea to have a clown in charge because things can happen. It may be realized that the White House isn't a TV show and needs to be run by someone who is able and has able people on his or her staff.

I am going to start getting ready to write the book. I want to have all the materialss at hand if it is a go.


I am safely isolated and avoiding all risks. I will be looking forward to pulling down the Confederacy when this crisis is over.

COVID-19 safety and the Confederacy.

If you go down the article you  will come across a striking map of when the average distance traveled dropped below two miles.  You can see a Confederacy of red with little urban islands of COVID-19 sanity.

A certain type of mentality and historical memory is manifesting itself here.


DIRECT LINK TO MAP IS https://www.motherjones.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/blog_nyt_coronavirus_stop_traveling.jpg

What is striking here is that many rural areas dropped below two miles way earlier. If you have lived in the country you know that often you just drive further to do ordinary things. The supermarket is in the next town or county over. The post office is a ways away also.

So when I see so many rural areas having dropped below two miles way earlier than the red areas I think that they have really gotten the message. Though it could be some statistical artifact I don't know about.  So understand this is just a speculation.

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