Friday, July 26, 2019

Confederate Railroad performed at neo-Confederate event held by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and reported in the Southern Partisan

Confederate Veteran has lost two bookings over their name. This is their website.

This is their Facebook

They have been dropped from two fairs as of 7/26/2019.

There is an attitude that they are being picked on.

Charlie Daniels is really upset as reported in this article.

In this Brietbart article Danny Shirley is all innocence saying, "I've done nothing wrong" and attributes the name to being derived from regional pride. He is quoted saying, "I love the part of the country I'm from and I will never apologize for that."

He does other whining.

However, it turns out that when the band started they were quite the defenders of the Confederacy.

The 2nd Quarter 1993, Vol. 13 Southern Partisan (pp. 42-43) had an article by neo-Confederate Devereaux D. Cannon Jr. about "The Southern Heritage Jam," put on by the Sons of Confederate Veterans at their new national headquarters on May 22, 1993.

The article has a picture  of  Danny Shirley with the caption, "Danny Shirley, lead singer of Confederate Railroad, the "Best New Country Band of 1993," rallies the troops." These would be neo-Confederate 'troops.'

The article makes special mention of Confederate Railroad and thanks to Confederate Railroad as defenders of  the Confederacy. I quote:
"The first started by Alderman exploded as he introduced the final act of the evvening, the award-winning, and politically incorrect, "Best New Country Band of 1993," Confederate Railroad. The young men who make up that band are more than proud of their country and heritage, as the name implies. They are often asked in interviews whether they are criticized for having "Confederate" in their name. Each question offers them an opportunity to "witness" for Dixie, and opportunity which they never pass up."

"Southern Heritage Jame I was put together on a shoe string, with no advertising budget. Despite that, it provided to be a grand success and will grow into an annual event. (Rumor has it that Waylon Jennings has agreed to headline Southern Heritage Jam II.) ... The Jam was a success because  so many  artists were willing to donate their time and energy to benefit Southern Heritage. Confederate Railroad is to be especially commended in thsi regard. They played a concert earlier in the day at Jackson, Tennessee. From that concert they drove some 150 miles to donate their time and talent to the cause of the South, and then immediately set off, at 1:30 a.m. Sunday, to invade Ohio."
The article then urges other artists to support the Confederacy like the Confederate Railroad.

Danny Shirley sought to get the support of neo-Confederates by supporting a neo-Confederate event. According to the article are proud of the Confederacy. Devereaux Cannon mentioned as the "Chairman" of the Confederate Heritage Committee of the SCV.

Confederate Railrord continues to derail.

The cancelling of Confederate Railroad appearances is now getting attention in the political press.

This is my previous posting.

This is the next post on the Confederate Railroad at a neo-Confederate event supporting "Southern Heritage."

Breitbart has covered the second lost booking.

It has made Fox News.

It turns out that the members of the band Confederate Railroad don't see anything that  they have done wrong. It doesn't occur to them that naming themselves after an insurrection to preserve slavery and white supremacy is wrong.

The significance of this type of coverage such as The Hill is that the political class is now aware. Every politician will realize that the appearance of Confederate Railroad in their area is going to be a political issue.

The coverage in the right wing press is going to mean that a lot of sensationalistic right wing groups will want to get involved to support Confederate Railroad in ways which in the end will not be helpful to the band Confederate Railroad, but will infact damage their image.

I think as cancellations occur over time, the occurance of a Confederate Railroad concert at your  event is going to give your event and your locality an unfavorable identity. A put down of a place might be that the place is the type of place that would have a Confederate Railroad concert.

Local chamber of commerces will not want Confederate Railroad at a fair event where their appearance could give the locality an unfavorable image.

At some point, maybe soon, Confederate Railroad is going to be forced to either shut down, change their name, which will greatly annoy their fans, or embrace right wing support. None of these choices are appealing.

These are Facebook postings that I am sure Confederate Railroad doesn't want. The old saying "With friends like these you don't need enemies."

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Confederate Railroad becoming a train wreck. They need to book Lil Nas X instead. UPDATE links added at end of blog post.

It was just a matter of time that other state and local fairs would start considering whether having the band Confederate Railroad as a performing group is such a good idea.

For those who are unaware of what is happening, the band Confederate Railroad was dropped from the Illinois State Fair.

Now it turns out that Confederate Railroad has gotten kicked out of another summer fair.

Suddenly people are thinking, hey being named after an insurrection to preserve slavery and white supremacy is not a good thing.  Suddenly booking Confederate Railroad would be like booking a band named "Third Reich Rock and Rollers." 

For jobs for which the band has already been booked, I think some will have them perform and some will drop them. Each fair that decides to keep them will be realizing that it will be bad publicity locally and questions will be asked, especially as the third and fourth cancellations start coming in. Also a fair manager has to realize that the Confederate Railrod band will be leaving the county, but the people angered by their performance will be remaining in the county to condemn them all year.

Also, with a second fair now having cancelled Confederate railroad, people scheduling fairs in 2021, 2022 etc. are not going to have to drop Confederate Railroad, since they are not going to be signing them up in the first place. Regardless of how fair managers regard the Confederacy or care about the name of the band, they will decide it is a headache they don't want.  For rural fairs wanting to attract some urban business the Confederate railroad will definitely be something they don't want.

Also, white nationalists will be campaigning for Confederate Railrods and they truly will be the case of "With friends like these, you don't need enemies."

In the future no band will want any name which makes a direct or oblique reference to the Confederacy. 

Neo-Confederates look at the future  of Country  Music.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hopefully we hear more of this. Delaware Historical Society loses $14,000 of state funding for pro=Confederate activities.

The Georgetown Historical Society in Delaware lost $14,000 of state funding due to its neo-Confederate nonsense. 

This is an article about it online. Note that the vote was unanimous

In the former slave states many local historical societies work with neo-Confederate groups.  You read it in every issue. They tend to be societies composed of older white people who haven't realized the world has changed and have varying degrees of affection to the Confederacy or really don't care about the issues of race.

I think I out to make a list of local historical societies working with the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans and send them to legislators.

This action in Delware won't be unnoticed in Maryland or elsewhere. Some historical societies will likely decide to stop or attenuate connections with neo-Confederate groups. 

Activists, minority communities, will start to realize this is going on and realize that penalizing this type of activity and not funding it is a realizable goal. 

I  think this is a new trend. Also, without the local historical societies colluding with neo-Confederacy the neo-Confederates lose a venue in which to conduct their activities and legitimize themselves. 

Bit by bit the Lost Cause is losing its sources of strength and becoming more and more viewed as abberant by the general public. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

AntiNeoConfederate Channel Created.

his is a link to a video on the channel. You can go there and subscribe to the channel.

This is the link to the channel itself.

Next video will be on the neo-Confederates pro-slavery views. Also, the Kennedy Twins' belief that slave holders should have been paid for their slaves.

This is the video embedded.

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