Tuesday, May 18, 2010

University of Mississippi publishes "The Confederate & Neo-Confederate Reader" edited by James Loewen and Edward H. Sebesta, Updated

I am pleased to say that the University Press of Mississippi has published "The Confederate & Neo-Confederate Reader: The 'Great Truth' About the 'Lost Cause' edited by James Loewen and Edward H. Sebesta.

The University Press of Mississippi link is: http://www.upress.state.ms.us/books/1338

It is at Amazon.com at this link:


and at Barnes & Nobles at this link:


There is a website for the book http://www.confederatepastpresent.org/ in which we have additional material not found in the book. We didn't want the book to be 600 pages, and so the extra material is online at this website. AT THIS time there is only one item at the website, but during the summer I will be adding material in time for the forthcoming school year.

We would also like to thank some of the people who helped us. The following our thanks quoted from the book itself.

"The editors would like to thank the following readers for comments and suggestions that were of extraordinary value: John Coski, John Dittmer, James O. Horton, Dwight Pitcaithley, Gregory Urwin, David Williams, and an anonymous reviewer."

John Coski is at the Museum of the Confederacy but was a great help on sources for the book.

The target audience, besides historians and persons who like reading about history, is school teachers, college history classes, and other educational and institutional venues.

Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Letter to Obama concerning the Arlington Confederate memorial on History News Network web site

The 2010 Letter to Obama is online at the History News Network website in the "Historians and History" section at this link:


Additionally, they have the 2009 Letter to Obama online also in the "HNN Hot Topics: Memorial Day" page as the 2nd item in the list.


Sunday, May 09, 2010

"Southern Partisan" -- Alive or Dead, Part 2

Well, I think Southern Partisan is truly dead. The last issue came out in April 2009. The issue prior to that came out about a year earlier in Spring 2008. So in the last two years, one issue has been published.

The publisher has passed away as reported at the Southern Partisan web site: http://www.southernpartisan.net/2010/05/05/southern-partisan-publisher-passes-away-at-72/. He passed away March 1, 2010, and the funeral was March 7, 2010, but the web site didn't announce it until May 5, 2010.

So unless someone else decided to fund the Southern Partisan, I think it is dead. Good riddance!

I have blogged on whether Southern Partisan was defunct earlier.


Asa Gordon on the Electoral System and disenfranchisement of African Americans

Asa Gordon has a website regarding his campaign to reform the electoral college.


I have never liked the winner take all system in the Electoral College. The state may have voted 51% for candidate A and 49% for candidate B, but candidate A takes all the Electoral votes.

The presidential candidates neither campaign in states where they feel fairly confident that they will get the majority nor in states where they think they don't have any chance.

I do like the Electoral college though. If some state is lack about fraudulent voting, it can only impact their Electoral votes, whereas, if it was decided on a national vote count, the fraudulent voting of one state would not be contained.
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