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Finishing paper on M.E. Bradford, presenting on March 5, 2016 at the Texas State Historical Association convention

I haven't blogged too much since I am busy finishing my paper on M.E. Bradford and I am also preparing my 20 minute presentation on M.E. Bradford.

It is scheduled on March 5, 2016 and there is a lot more to M.E. Bradford than I planned.

This is the program. I am on page 27.

SESSION 38 10:30 a.m. RANGOON Elite Racism in Texas in the Twentieth-Century, Keith Volanto presiding, Collin College The Purifying Knife: The Stranger Career of Eugenics in Texas, 1850-1940, Michael Phillips, Collin College Constructing a Reactionary Southern Nationalism: M.E. Bradford and the Modern NeoConfederate Movement, Edward Sebesta, Independent Scholar, Dallas

I am finding Bradford to be fascinating, because of his use of literature and history and theories of government to oppose civil rights and support a racist society, without using the usual pseudo-scientific talk of I.Q.s and skull sizes.

Also, it is about the construction of a reactionary Southern identity.

In the last year I have had to read a huge amount of Bradford writings which are repetitive to some extent. He is also pretentious in his writing and found of being archaic. I have over the years purchased most everything Bradford had written and now I have read it.

The Univ. of Dallas still has an annual debate in his honor. At the first annual debate they waved Confederate flag.

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