Friday, November 09, 2007

Screening Trial venues for white supremacy

Defense attorneys, when they have a minority client do screen prospective jurors for membership in the KKK and other like groups. However, they don't screen for banal white nationalism.

For example is the juror a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, League of the South, United Daughters of the Confederacy. It is a fairly obvious screening for a public defender to do, and one has to ask why isn't it being done. Is the public defender defending the client or defending his or her career?

Well, it seems that Wesley Snipes' lawyers are doing their job and screening a venue for banal white nationalism as reported in this article.,0,7302864.story

Of course the local leaders are bawling about how it is not a fair characterization of their community.

Seems rather obvious, in an area where they celebrate the white nationalist Confederacy an African American won't get a fair trial because the jury pool is full of white nationalists.

I would also like to see public defenders question jurors on their attitudes towards the Confederacy.

Also, why aren't judges screened also? If they are members of neo-Confederate groups, why should anyone suffer to have them a judge in their trial, black or white?

This brings up the larger question of what is the relationship of the citizen to Confederate identified government. If the municipality is Confederate identified should they not be treated as an occupier and not something you belong to? You will pay your taxes as a practical necessity, but give no more than what is the law. However, for what you are able to withhold, you will.

I think that jurors should consider the trial carefully. Does the public defender screen for banal white nationalism in the jurors, or is the public defender just following the established methods and defending his or her career. Did the public defender check the background of the judge?

If not, then the juror ought to consider if it is fair trial and act accordingly. If our so-called public defenders can't do their job, they someone needs to.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Local Republican candidate in Virginia in trouble for SCV involvement

The story is here:

The Republican is Joe May, you may want to use the Find function to find the paragraph of interest.

It is good to see that the Democrats are finally picking up on the issue of Neo-Confederacy in their campaigns and not deferring to the Lost Cause. Also, good is to see that local papers are reporting Republican involvement with Neo-Confederacy.

On the other hand, the Dallas Morning News is giving a neo-Confederate a free pass in this story.

Friday, November 02, 2007

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