Saturday, July 23, 2011

Contributing Chapter to book on the Texas Teaching Standards

I have been working very hard the last 8 months on completing a chapter for a book on the new and notorious Texas teaching standards. I was assigned to work on the neo-Confederate elements in the standards.

Last weekend I completed the revisions to the chapter and last Monday our editor sent the whole manuscript to the publisher. The chapter still goes to a reader and will come back for further revisions, but these will be minor revisions, work on footnotes, etc. My editor has been very happy with the chapter.

The working title for the volume is currently Social Studies Circus: Politics and Education in Texas and the Nation. The publisher is Palgrave Macmillan. We hope to have the volume published in time for the April 2012 American Educational Research Association conference.

Hopefully, my chapter on the Civil War and Reconstruction on the new extreme right Texas teaching standards will be a point of departure to a larger general discussion of how the Civil War and Reconstruction is taught in America. More immediatly it should help people understand how crazy the Texas State Board of Education teaching standards are and block their implementation.

Additionally, I am going to partner with an educational expert to write up lesson plans for the Civil War and Reconstruction for school teachers. I plan to sell the plans for 99 cents on It will be very inexpensive for teachers.

It is sort of a relief to have gotten the Chapter done. I had been working hard at work and on two writing projects. Now I can concentrate on the Museum of the Confederacy paper. Euan Hague has been doing editorial work and the first two installments are nearly completed. I will be going over Euan's editorial inputs today and have the next to final version sent back tomorrow, Sunday evening and off to the publisher early this week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 runs article about Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Confederate past

The online news and commentary website has an article on Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Confederate past online at:

I supplied the documentation for the story. The letter to Rick Perry asking him to oppose a Confederate license plate for the Sons of Confederate Veterans wasn't mentioned. You can read the letter online at the History News Network at this link:

To find out what the views of all the presidential candidates regarding the Confederacy and neo-Confederacy we are going to be sending them a questionnaire. We are still writing some background papers which we hope to have completed in July. You can read the questionnaire at:

We have a paper on the neo-Confederate issues that are coming up in mainstream politics, a paper on the presidents and the Confederacy, and we have a lengthy background paper on the neo-Confederate movement. These will help provide background information to journalists.

However, right now we are going to focus on the letter to Rick Perry.

Monday, July 04, 2011

History News Network Publishes Letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry

The History News Network has put online the letter to Rick Perry asking him to oppose Confederate license plates. You can read it at:

Reader co-signatures for the letter are being solicited in the History News Network introduction to the letter.

This letter campaign is being tracked on the blog
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