Sunday, July 22, 2018

Abbeville Institute's pretensions at being a scholarly institute shattered with the Kennedy twins.

This is an article by the Walter D. (Donnie) Kennedy who is one of the neo-Confederate Kennedy twins.

This is the Kennedy twin's website.

Who knows? Perhaps in the future they are going to include articles by Lochlainn Seabrook.

By the way bookstores in Gettysburg, PA, at least one, carry Seabrook's work.

Maybe Frank Conner will be a contributor?

Alternative History and the survival of slavery into the 20th century

There have been various alternative histories which imagine what the present would be like if the Confederacy had won. With a Confederate victory these fictions focus on the persistence of slavery into the present day.

To have a Confederate victory they pose that a Confederate military victory at some battle, or the entry of a European power makes a Confederate victory possible.

The persistence of slavery into the 20th or 21st century is always imagined as being possible through Confederate victory.

However, there is one way slavery could have persisted into the 20th century. It very likely would have made it into the 20th century easily IF THERE HAD BEEN NO CIVIL WAR.

The Civil War started because a lot of slave owners in the slave states panicked and reacted and choose the path of secession.  There is really nothing like war to bring down a slave society.

In general slaves will support the enemy belligerent of a slave society and often enlist in their armies and help in many other ways. In the Civil War many African Americans enlisted in the American Army.  Also, during a war you have an enemy at the front and essentially an enemy at home waiting for the right opportunity to flee or take revenge or both.

There was no possibility of a constitutional amendment being passed to abolish slavery as long as the slave states didn't secede. Yes, there could have been legislative actions making slavery more difficult to sustain. Over time as new states were admitted and as some states became free states, there might have been the opportunity for a constitutional amendment but that would have been fairly far in the future. For a 3/4th majority there would have had to have been 44 to 48 states depending on how many slave states remained and every, each and every, none-slave state would have had to been supporting the effort.

Even then emancipation could have been very gradual and would very likely been on the terms dictated by the slave states.

In alternative history it needs to be imagined that slavery would have happened with no Civil War and not with a Confederate victory. I think why this isn't imagined is because the American historical imagination is in the thralls of the ideas of American exceptionalism.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Speaking in Austin, Texas this Saturday about the Hood Brigade Monument. It is about white supremacy.

This Saturday I will be in Austin, Texas speaking about the Hood Brigade Monument and how it is about white supremacy.

This is the event.

They are getting some fairly significant speakers at the event. 

I have copies of all the dedication speeches for all the Confederate monuments on the Texas Capitol grounds. 

My speech will explain how this monument, and others like it are erected for the purpose of supporting a system of white supremacy. My analysis of the dedication speeches for this monument would apply to most any Confederate monument in the nation. 

I am hoping that once people understand how to analyze the dedication speeches for this monument they will realize it applies to nearly every Confederate monument. 

For the Hood Brigade I also have this book. I will be showing it at the rally.  Chock a block full of stuff. I have some quotes following the picture. 

This is an extract from the ANNUAL ADDRESS OF COLONEL R. J. HARDING, President of Hood's Texas Brigade Association, AT CORSICANA, TEXAS, Reunion, Wednesday, June 28, 1905, starting on page 176 of the above book. 

The son of our glorious Hood got up a regiment of immunes. Anyone eligible that had ever had a contagious disease, yellow fever, smallpox, mumps or itch. Mississippi sent her quota promptly and McKinley insulted them by appointing the most despised negro in the State—John Lynch—their paymaster. Our boys would never receive their pay
from him.
I will say nothing about Teddy, except that he is rather coon-flavored. He seems to be trying to reform. [Bold face added.]
The book has other pungent racist items.

You can view or download the book at this direct link in several formats.

Once you download the book, search words to use would be "coon" "negro" "inferior" 

What will be interesting is to show that the dedication speakers are a bunch of lying scammers. This is what John Bell Hood thought the War of the Rebellion was about. In fact the dedication speeches really show a bunch of scam artists engaged in all sorts of nonsense to push a political agenda. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE WHOLE THING. 

O.R. Ser. 1 V. 39 Bk. 2 Page 419-422.

I am also planning on driving down early the day before and taking photo documentation of all the Confederate stuff on the Capitol grounds. 

I hope to have a set of photos like I did in Dallas of the Confederate War Memorial.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Texas Secession movement seems rather dead.

In 2016 a secession item almost became part of the Texas State Republican Party Platform. It was voted down by 16 to 14 with one abstention.

This year in 2018 secession as an issue it was missing at the Texas State Republican Party convention. There was no reporting of anything related to secession at the convention by either the press or the self-titled, Texas Nationalism Movement.

With Trump in the White House any impetus behind Texas secession or as they like to call it, Texit, has largely evaporated except for a few die hard supporters.

The Texas Nationalist Movement, or perhaps is should be called the Daniel Miller Movement, is desperate in their publication Texas Partisan to find fault with Donald Trump from a right wing perspective.

The Texas Nationalist movement is really straining to wipe up resentment against the policies of Donald Trump. There is this attempt.

The potential base for Texas secession movement is the very group that would love a Wall with Mexico.

For any government to build a wall with another nation would involve eminent domain, that is government would acquire the land and would pay for it. If you were going to build something like this you would have to acquire land by eminent domain. Not saying that this wall is desirable or not, but any such wall over a long distance would require eminent domain.

The article is confused and lacking logic and somehow Trump is like Obama.

Persons who want a wall with Mexico will understand that eminent domain is necessary. I don't see how a Trump supporter or wall supporter would see this article as being a legitimate criticism of Trump or Trump's effort to build a wall with Mexico.

The Texas secession movement is going to be fading out unless the Republican Party's  fortunes decline dramatically.

Right now the best they can hope for is that there is the "blue wave" in the 2018 mid-term elections and the Republicans lose the U.S. House. Whether that happens is subject to discussion and I am not sure that there is really a sure guide I can find. Special elections tend to indicate the Republicans are indeed in real trouble.

This analysis indicates that the "Blue Wave" is still likely.

However, the economy is improving and unemployment seems to be dropping. That may reduce any Blue Wave. Also, the election is still some months away. Something unforeseen might develop.

Even if the Democrats somehow capture the U.S. House I don't think that Trump's supporters will be all that disillusions. The Republicans will still have the U.S. Senate and Trump will still be in the White House. Trump supporters will be preoccupied with supporting Trump which Texit would undermine.

If there is no blue wave the Texit movement is going to be moribund until at least 2020.

At some point in the future Texas may not be a "Red State" in which case the ultimate reason for Texas secession, to create some reactionary nation, will no longer exist. The window of Texas secession is closing.

Further the Texas secession movement itself might be a reason for many Texas Republicans to vote for the Democrats. The business interests and professional societies and others who understand how the Texas economy is integrated with the American economy will be dead set against it. 

A Texas secession movement that actually gets something into the Republican Party state platform might be the thing to make Texas a "Blue" state with a Democratic governor, and majorities in both houses of the Texas legislature.

The best is that the Texit movement can hope for a rural movement of crankiness.

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