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Kaufman County Confederate Injustice Center

When you drive down to Kemp, Texas you go past Kaufman, Texas which is the Kaufman County seat.  (This is my blog on the billboard near Kemp,Texas.

So after I did my photo documentation of the neo-Confederate anti-Dallas billboard I returned and stopped by the Kaufman County Confederate Courthouse. The court house is a bracket shape wrapped around this court yard.

You will notice that there are a lot of glass windows. So after I did a lot of photo documenation of the monument and its inscrptions and took pictures from a variety of angles etc. I went inside the court house to take pictures of the monument from the inside of the building. I thought that the building was purely administrative and I would be able to get a few photos from inside the building showing the historical context that the Kaufman administration exists within.

So I went inside and started taking photos on the 2nd floor. When I got to the 2nd floor I realized I was in the room in which people wait before being admitted to the court room.

As jurors and witnesses wait they gaze upon a monument to the Confederate soldier.

It is a Confederate Injustic Center.

They did not permit any photos of the court rooms so I was not able to take photos of the court rooms, but this space is on the first floor and shows the windows on the first floor facing the Confederate monument.

The windows that you see on the side wings of the court room are the same. So during a trial the judge, the jury, the lawyer can easily gaze upon the Confederate monument.

The monument has night time illumination. (Lights indicated by the red arrows.)

This is so the monument can be illuminated at night so that the Confederacy can be glorified and be a beacon representing Kaufman County's core values.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

"American History for Home Schools," by 16 members of the Society of Independent Southern Historians

I have received my copy of "American History for Home Schools, 1607 to 1885, With a Focus on Our Civil War," by "16 Members of the Society of Independent Southern Historians."

This is the link to the Society of Independent Southern Historians,

You can download it for free also according to their page, but archival purposes, I wanted a hard copy.

As you might assume, it is a farrago of Lost Cause talking points. It has been advertised for sale in the Confederate Veteran.

The list of the sixteen contributors contains the usual neo-Confederates: Clyde N. Wilson, Karen Stokes, H.V. Traywick, Joseph Stromberg and others who really have little to lose in terms of credibility with historians.

What was interesting is that one of the contributors is Earl L. Ijames, of NC, who has been noted elsewhere as a purveyor of questionable historical assertions.

It might be asked how useful this book will be to advocating a Lost Cause view of history. The question it potentially could be a lot. The past is always viewed from the present, and thus it is always seen differently.

In rewriting the Lost Cause argument to make it more desireable to people in the present is a necessary and useful task in the advocacy of any view of history.

Whether they have done a good job or not in this book, I don't know and I am not going to read it. It is going on the shelf.

The other question is whether anyone is going to read it. I don't know. However, the question of how many people will read it, needs to be viewed in the framework of how many people do you need to pass down through time a viewpoint of history. Not that many actually. There are still monarchists out there and they have their events.

Mostly this entry is about who Earl L. Ijames is revealed to be.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Commander-in-nonsense Paul C. Gramling, Jr. They aren't apathetic, they just don't want to be publically known as Confederates

In the March/April Confederate Veteran, Paul C. Gramling Jr. Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), in the regular column for th C-in-C, starts out decrying apathy.

He points out that in a town the SCV had to cancel participation in a parade due to lack of interest.  Gramling is very disappointed since it would be a great opportunity to promote the SCV and its goals. He is correct, it would be a great opportunity to move forward to achieve the group's goals. He also points out that many camps of the SCV, including his own, are rejected from local parades or are fighting to get into them or being kicked out of them.

Gramling sees the failure to participate as a lack of "committment."

I suggest that the the failure to participate as due to members not wanting the whole town to know that they are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. It might be fine to get with a group where you can ramble on about your ancestors, Robert E. Lee, and feel special about yourself. Talk about battles where from their perspective 19th centurry men were manly men and real men and where the present with its gays, women's lib, outspoken African Americans, and the modern world with all its vexations hasn't happened yet. However, the membership didn't sign up to be infront of the whole town with their Confederate interests and they certainly haven't signed up for the neo-Confederate movement besides a general crankiness regarding the modern world.

As the radical face of the SCV becomes more generally known, more and more some SCV members will quietly drop out, others will be at functions that aren't in the public eye.

Having the Kennedy twins run the Heritage Defense for the SCV will greatly accelerate the exit of members who are nostalgicists from their ranks, leaving a more radical residue that will be prone to crazier things.

Even small towns don't want neo-Confederate garbage

This is a very revealing and interesting story.

Madisonville is a small city in Madison County, Texas.

Recently the county didn't declare a Confederate History month because there was opposition.

Before going forward, I want readers to know where Madison County is in Texas.,+TX/@31.2311252,-97.2476362,8z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x86464f65d5a175f9:0xb5fcd36f4e2f82f8!8m2!3d30.9888479!4d-95.940971

Very roughly it is half-way between Dallas and Houston. There aren't any towns as big as Huntsville, Waco,or Bryan College Station.  Not urban at all. Really rural.

Yet Madison County supervisors decided that they didn't want controversy over a Confederate history month. If you can't get a Confederate history month declaration here, I wonder where in Texas, besides East Texas, you can get such a declaration. Even East Texas will realize that a declaration of a Confederate history month will do nothing but confirm stereotypes that they are racists.

Another effect will be that if Madison County doesn't have a Confederate month, other rural countries adjacent will not likely to want a Confederate history month and look bad in comparison.

I think we are seeing the first effects of major cities taking down Confederate monuments. Smaller cities and even rural counties will see affirmations of the Confederacy as public indicators of backwardness, a stigma they already suffer from. Removing monuments is going to involve a lot of controversy. Not declaring a Confederate history month is easy, you just don't do something.

You don't introduce a resolution, you avoid voting on it.

This is a significant sign that the Confederacy is being dumped and being dumped everywhere. Before the national SCV could pile on a single place and make it very uncomfortable for that city or country not to support the Confederacy. Now dozens of places are removing a monument, or not declaring Confederate heritage month, or doing something else.  There is no way the SCV can pile on like before on one location.

Also, the climate has changed a lot. Appearing with the SCV is an item for news reporting as an expose' or scandal.

Though there is a long fight ahead, we can take heart that the neo-Confederacy is crumbling in many cases on its own.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

About neo-Confederate hostility against Muslims

I think that the readers of the blog need to know about the hostility of the neo-Confederate movement against Muslims. Go to the blog posting via the link below.

As part of a campaign already underway I have been alerting the churches in Mobile. My campaign planned on mailing Mosques in Mobile, AL this coming week.

I have decided to accelerate this and get the letters written and ready to go this weekend.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Sent many many letters to Mobile, Alabama churches warning them about the potential for violence.

Dylann Roof before he massacred church members in Charleston, South Carolina
To see the letters you need to go to my other blog.


Dylann Roof photo from his website
As I explain in my letters I don't necessarily think that it would be a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). But Dylann Roof wasn't a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), he just  read their inflammatory material.
Photo from Dylann Roof website

I will be doing a series of posts about the SCV and the reunion in Mobile.

Friday, March 01, 2019

New Orleans is so lucky! Neo-Confederates boycotting New Orleans

It doesn't occur to them that perhaps their tourist business is not wanted, that their presence in any modern city is not missed, in fact their presence is not wanted.

I don't think you can send a request for your city to be boycotted. You have to take down a Confederate monument.

For cities that don't have Confederate monuments you will need to be creative. Do you have a Confederate street that can be renamed. Perhaps a resolution could be passed? Perhaps you can have a Frederick Douglass holiday? I think you will just have to keep trying to do stuff to get them angry enough to declare a boycott.

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