Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Confederate organization that the Bush family belongs to.

The Alfalfa Club's sole purpose is to have an annual dinner on a Saturday following Robert E. Lee's birthday. The Washington Post has an article about it here.

It seems the whole Bush family is fairly involved and enthusiastic supporters.

It seems that George W. Bush's support for the Museum of the Confederacy while governor of Texas is a part of a larger support for the Confederacy.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

In the news, Ed Sebesta referenced as source in article on Huckabee and the Council of Conservative Citizens./ Who wrote Ron Paul's newsletters?

You can see the article about Huckabee and the Council of Conservative Citizens at:

or at this link

The group which is running the ads about Huckabee and the Confederate flag is a PAC run by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Check this link:

and this link:

The claim is being put out that Lew Rockwell of and the Ludwig von Mises Institute wrote much of them as claimed at this link:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

No Black Confederate soldiers per the United Confederate Veterans

One of the enabling factors in fraudulent history is that historians write what happened and don't write about what didn't happened.

For example in reading a history about the Battle of Gettysburg we are unlikely to read the following sentence.

"There were no tornadoes during Pickett's charge or any other phase of the battle. Nor were there any meteor showers striking the ground or soldiers. Neither were there any geysers or volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. There were no battalions of the Thai royal army, Russian Imperial army, Chinese Imperial army, Prussian or contingents of Inuits, Tahitians, Burmese. The Dali Lama wasn't an observer, as well as 3,421 names which we have in an appendix at the end of the book. "

History is long enough with describing what happened and would be impossible if describing what didn't happen was also required.

However, once in a while you do get lucky and someone will go on at great length at what didn't happen when they want to make a point.

The following are extracts from the Minutes of the Sixteenth Annual Convention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy held in Houston, Texas, October 19-22, 1909, pages 6-8, speech by Colonel Phillip H. Fall, Commander of Dick Dowling Camp, United Confederate Veterans, to the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Hessians technically would be inhabitants of Hesse, a principality of the Holy Roman Empire before being consolidated into Germany. During the American Revolution, the British employed Hessian soldiers. So in this speech Colonel Fall is complaining about immigrants from Europe who enlisted in the American army during the Civil War.

"... Had you not thrown down the gauntlet and assumed the offensive for the old soldiers of the Confederacy, their names would have gone down in a partisan Northern history as rebels and traitors; who tried to disrupt what they call the greatest and best government on earth, when in fact, they in arbitrary, puritanical spirit, brought about the disruption, causing a war such as the world has never known, hiring nearly a million Hessians and nearly two hundred thousand Africans, to slaughter their brethren of the South. Nothing but a civil war could have ever satisfied the John Brown stripe of abolitionists, especially after their leader John Brown was hung. ..."

"... There were no hired Hessians or negroes in the Southern army. All fought for a principle they knew to be right and thousands upon thousands gave up their lives in defense of truth."

Besides the fact that Colonel Fall is bragging that there were no Africans in the Confederate army, there is another assertion, that immigrants and African Americans didn't fight for principle in the American army.

So it is a denial of the existence of Afro-Confederate soldiers and a racist assertion concerning African Americans. Did Colonel Fall miss seeing the Afro-Confederate soldiers that supposedly made up 10 to 30% of the Confederate army (Has a higher percentage been put out by the neo-Confederates?). I don't think so. However, the usefulness of the myth of the Afro-Confederate soldier is so great, I am sure some rationalization will be made to dispense with this part of the historical record.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ron Paul's Racist Newsletters Make CNN political coverage

They have Ron Paul's racist and homophobic rants as the lead story at .

The CNN direct link is at:

I have more information in the preceding post.

I notice that the Ludwig von Mises Institute involvement of Ron Paul is not getting much notice.

The Ron Paul supporters are coming up with many ingenious rationalizations. Really loopy rationalizations.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Ron Paul news coming up! A story I contributed to. Update.

Update: This is a link to the article. It originally was either behind a paywall or didn't have a link specifically to it.

I am updating this as I find items all day today. 1/8/08.

The article and the newsletters and the other documents are online now at .

The video of Jamie Kirchick is at in the video section.

It is also online at YouTube at:

Radio interview with Jamie Kirchick

I helped supply material for this story. In particular the secession convention information and a lot of the Ludwig von Mises Institute information.

I have been holding back until Jamie Kirchick story went public.

The head of the Ludwig von Mises Institute is Lew Rockwell and he has a web site which you can see is a sort of Ron Paul Internet headquarters.

Jamie Kirchick's story is going online tomorrow afternoon at the website.

I hope they have the secession convention mailing with Ron Paul's picture on it up on the web site.

Neo-Confederates support Ron Paul because he is one of their own.

Of course the Ron Paul supporters will have all sorts of rationalizations and excuses. Here is a link to a web site with the loopy rationalizations of Ron Paul supporters.

Evidently Ron Paul supporters are given to Brownshirt tactics as shown in this video. Not a lot of "love" or "evol" is it?

One reason they think that they can rationalize that Ron Paul is not a racist, is the stereotype that racists are only belligerent rude people lacking middle class decorum. I explain this in my essay on banal white nationalism.

I am non-partisan and readers can read information on Bill Clinton at my website at this URL.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Chip Pickering and the Council of Conservative Citizens

The May-June 2002, Vol. 33 No. 3, issue of Citizen Informer, official publication of the Council of Conservative Citizens, has a short report on one of their meetings in Mississippi on page 14.

They report that Congressmen Chip Pickering and Ronnie Snow sent representatives to the July 25th CofCC meeting at Bo-Don's seafood in Jackson to get their support.
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