Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Time to bring down the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The other major neo-Confederate groups have gone under or just live on as remnants.

The League of the South is just perhaps a dozen or maybe two dozen.

The Rockford Institute is acquired by the Charlemagne Institute.

The Council of Conservative Citizens is just a remnant.

Southern Partisan has long since ceased publishing.

The Abbeville Institute is still operating. Though I don't know as if too many members have positions in any university.

What remains is the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It is time to bring both organizations down by the means of exposing them.

I am going to have time to do this, since the immediate agenda, of taking down the Confederate statues in Dallas, seems to be over. The court case will wind up, the statues will come down. I will have to be photo documenting everyting and gathering all the news articles, and other things of the historical record, and then I am done.

I was in a situation of having to do research on the Confederate War Memorial to be prepared to support bringing it down if the city council didn't vote to do so, and also to gather all the records of what was happening, news articles, video,print, webpages, etc. and archiving it, as well as doing photo documentation. Events would move fast and then slow and I was constantly racing to catch up.

The contextualization committee for Fair Park seems to have come to a halt. I am also finishing up the research  on Fair Park and writing it up so that isn't going to be a big burden.

I have also finished reseaching the entire racialized landscape. Work will be more oriented to writing it up, then Powerpoints for presentations, then video.

So in terms of working on the Dallas racialized landscape, it is now going to be done at my pace. The city of Dallas has largely stopped doing anything. I can set my time devoted to it to a set amount each week and balance it with my work on the neo-Confederate movement in general.

Now the focus will be on the neo-Confederate movement.

I have set up my video logging work area. I purchased tripods, got carrying cases for their storage. I found my handycam and re-read how it works, got some accessories, a table to do the video cast, etc. I am going to do my first video starting next Monday or earlier.

I think I am going to outline the podcast and readit from a PowerPoint, but I am not going to write a script.

I have to make up a short introduction video for AntiNeoConfederate with my resume. There is a lot of stuff to do to set up an operation. Also, I am going to make podcasts. I want to add working URLs into the video, and I probably want to drop in some text boxes. So there is some software things to learn also.

I think the SCV provides an abundance of topics to talk about.

I will provide links to new material as it gets completed on this blog. Please share on Facebook and Twitter.



1. A recent paper on the Sons of Confederate Veterans.




This blog will post items. http://newtknight.blogspot.com/



Video Channel: (Search term is "antineoconfederate", one word, all lower case.)


This channel willl have Dallas related material also, just look for the neo-Confederate stuff.


Look for Fight NeoConfederacy or look for Edward H. Sebesta.


My website now has a page for the Sons of Confederate Veterans where materials will be available online.


4. Counter protesting at the 2020 SCV reunion in St. Augustine, Florida. Local activists there are already planning protests. If possible drive down. The following are some Facebook groups that include fighting neo-Confederacy in their agenda. You don't have to agree with all their views, but you can see what local activists are doing.

 https://www.facebook.com/ronrawls   Rev. Rawls has made fighting neo-Confederacy a priority item.



If there is a group I have overlooked I will update this posting.

5. There are these resources that you can share right now.

http://templeofdemocracy.com/sons-of-confederate-veterans.html  Has a paper about their theological war ideas.


The  head and the deputy head of the Heritage Committee of the SCV have this website.


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