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Was Lincoln a Communist? SCV Neo-Confederates think so.

The Southern Mercury was published by FPAC, "the educational foundation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans." They stopped publishing since they ran out of funds to do so. The Southern Mercury published many extremist articles. The material they published in this periodical was material they thought would educate their members.

One of the cover articles for the March/April 2008 issue of the Southern Mercury is "Republican Party: Red From the Start," by Alan Stang, (, and the article asserts that the Republican party was a communist conspiracy from the beginning. [Southern Mercury, Vol. 6 No. 2, March/April 2008, pages 26-29.]

The article is a review of "Red Republicans: Marxism in the Civil War and Lincoln's Marxists," by Al Benson and Walter D. Kennedy, leading neo-Confederate. ( or ( It is a book that asserts that there was some type of communist conspiracy. As Stang explains [Page 27]:

"Even a brief perusal through Red Republicans will verify the idea that the Republican party has been Communist since its inception."

Another excerpts from page 27:

"... Lee and Jackson did not fully comprehend what they were fighting. Had this really been a 'Civil' War, rather than a secession, they would and could easily have seized Washington after Manassas and hanged our first Communist President and the other war criminals."

We learn on page 28 that "The GOP Convention of 1860 took place in Chicago, a flaming center of German Communism."

On page 29 Stang explains that:

"So again, the Republican Party did not 'go wrong.' It was rotten from the start. It has never been anything else but red. The the characterization of Republican states as 'red states' is quite appropriate"

Somehow this leads to Alan Stang discussing that Ron Paul isn't a communist, but has to run as a Republican and but that Ron Paul is against Red Republicanism. Dr. Paul is alleged to be a true Democrat but not a modern communist Democrat as he explains on page 29.

"Dr. Paul is much more a traditional Democrat. I refer of course to the Democrat Party before the Communist takeover, which began with the election of Woodrow (Federal Reserve -Income Tax-World War I) Wilson and was consummated with the election of liar, swindler, thief, traitor, and mass murderer Franklin Delano Roosevelt."

In the end notes for the article, the reader is urged to visit for additional articles.

So I did and looked at the books he writes and has for sale.

Alan Stang sees many conspiracies in the Republican party and is the author of a book, "Not Holier Than Though" ( which asserts that George W. Bush and Karl Rove "have colluded to make the Republican Party a sodomite organization from the top down."

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sons of Confederate Veterans on Obama as a candidate

The Southern Mercury was published by FPAC, "the educational foundation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans." They stopped publishing since they ran out of funds to do so. The Southern Mercury published many extremist articles. The material they published in this periodical was material they thought would educate their members.

One of these articles is, "Americans Face The Worst Presidential Candidate in History," by Robert Slimp [Southern Mercury, Vol. 6 No. 3, May/June 2008, pages 28-33]. Robert Slimp is a leading figure in the Council of Conservative Citizens,

In the article Slimp is dismayed by all three then presidential contenders, McCain, Clinton and Obama, as he he states towards the conclusion, "I will not attempt here to suggest for whom we should vote in this truly horrible choice of candidates."

Slimp's comments on Obama from pages 32-33 give you an idea of the temper of the whole article. [Errors in the original]

"It is very clear to me that if Barack Obama should be elected President, he would be extremely anti-white and would demand reparations for slavery and press hard for affirmative action to the degree that it would hurt young whites who were seeking jobs or admission to College and Graduate Schools. Even if he were elected, I would think he would be a one term President and the Congressional Republicans with a "corporal's guard' of Democrats would stop most of the radical and unjust laws he would propose. However, I believe that his rhetoric and anti-white legislative proposals would stir up racial riots. If he were running for re-election, these riots would turn into an extremely violent nature that would seriously damage race relations in America, and leave entire sections of some of our cities in ruins."

The article concludes with an exhortation to the reader to hold true to the values of Southern heritage which for Slimp includes racial purity as follows in these two excerpts. [Page 33]

"We who have a Southern heritage cannot afford to surrender our history and symbols. One of our greatest United States Senators, Richard Russell of Georgia, said during the debate over the 1964 Civil Rights Act. "I believe that we should love all people, regardless of race. We must respect one another. However, we must all be proud of our race and will fight to preserve it. I am not ashamed of my beloved Southland. If there has ever been a land worth saving, in Dixieland, I'll take my stand to live or die for Dixie." [Russell was an opponent of civil rights legislation.]

"'There is a race,' cried Giradeau 'which coming down through the centuries enveloped with antagonistic influences and hostile nationalities, has stood out in perpetual protest against surrendering our principles by amalgamating with other peoples.'" [Giradeau was a famous pro-slavery antebellum theologian.]

This article was followed by another article in the Southern Mercury by Robert Slimp, titled, "Will the 2008 Election Bring the End of the America We Know?" [Southern Mercury, Vol. 6 No. 4, July/August 2008, pages 34-37]

A notable excerpts [page 34]:

"Behind the scenes, the insiders who are paying for the election of both the Republican and Democratic candidates for president and some of the members of Congress, are One Worlders. These are the big international bankers, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, and others who believe that the quickest way to achieve their aims ..."

Also, unlike the previous article, where Obama is referred to as Senator Obama or Barack Obama, in this article it is always Barack Hussein Obama. Maybe there are two Barack Obama's in the Chicago phone book and Slimp wanted to be clear. The rest of the article is the promotion of other third party Presidential candidates, such as Bob Barr with the libertarians, an extensive discussion of Ron Paul, and Charles Baldwin of the Constitutional Party.

'"You Lie!' United States Congressman Joe Wilson" Confederate Veteran article

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Lt. Commander-in-Chief R. Michael Givens, in his "Report of the Lt. Commander-in-Chief," has an article in the Jan./Feb. 2010 issue of Confederate Veteran, their official publication, on page 8-9, titled"

"You Lie!": United States Congressman Joe Wilson.

The introduction to the article is as follows:

"Two words heard around the world. Former SCV Compatriot Joe Wilson may been correct in his assessment of President Obama's statements concerning health insurance for immigrants, but that is a discussion for another place and time. What interests me is the consternation caused by someone even pointing out a possible falsehood. One might have thought, by all the fuss that was made, that the Congressman had failed to notice the beautiful garments with which the emperor was clothed. But isn't it really our ancestors, and we their proud progeny, that have been the subjects of the most outlandish lies perpetrated in American history?"

The rest of the article goes on to complain that American history that disagrees with their view point is a lie and discusses Orwell and Hitler and etc.

Of course it goes without saying that the condemnation of Rep. Joe Wilson's behavior during the State of the Nation address is that it is poor manners, out of turn, and inappropriate. The U.S. Congress is where there is supposed to be deliberative discussion, and not a shouting match.

Clearly the SCV is sympathetic to Joe Wilson's action.

This is an earlier post of mine on Joe Wilson's action and what it might portend for Obama's next State of the Union speech. (Check the update where I discuss Joe Wilson's behavior.)

On Jan. 27, 2010 we will see how the next State of the Union Speech goes, as I posted before, since Joe Wilson's outburst resulted in him getting a torrent of campaign cash, this year there might be multiple outbursts as Republican representatives seek to establish radical credentials and raise campaign cash.

Lincoln re-enactors being harrassed by the SCV

I have come across two photos and captions in my research of neo-Confederate literature which indicate that the neo-Confederate hostility towards Lincoln is being acted out at public events. In one case with a gun.

In the Jan.-Feb. 2010 issue of the Confederate Veteran, official publication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, (SCV).

On page 29 is a picture of a elderly Lincoln re-enactor surrounded by SCV re-enactors at the annual Blackstone, Virginia Arts and Crafts and Heritage event. The picture shows the SCV re-enactors giving the Lincoln re-enactor some tickets. The re-enactors are physically much larger than the re-enactor.

The caption explains, "Shown are members of the camp presenting Lincoln with two complimentary tickets to Ford's Theater." The picture is small, but it doesn't look like the Lincoln re-enactor is smiling. Ford's Theater is where Lincoln was assassinated.

On page 31 is a picture of an elderly Lincoln re-enactor sitting in a chair, seemingly unaware that a SCV member is standing behind him in Confederate uniform, with his right arm fully extended with a pistol pointed at the head of the Lincoln re-enactor.

The caption reads, "2nd Lieutenant Reece Clark Craven Camp 1966, Asheboro, NC, participated in a living history at Sunny Slopes Farm Heritage Day on May 2, 2009, where you could have had your picture made with Abe Lincoln (aka Ed Kirkman), Camp Adjutant P. Dwain Roberts stands behind 'Lincoln'!"

Beyond the incidents themselves is the fact that the persons doing these events want them to be known and published and that the editors of the magazine thought they were worthy of being published.

I don't remember seeing pictures like these in earlier issues. Perhaps it is some campaign against Lincoln re-enactors that has just started or perhaps it is just two isolated incidents. However, since these photos were published, I think that other SCV camps will look to emulate them.

I call it harassment since I doubt Lincoln re-enactors really appreciate this.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Co-signatures for letter to Obama beginning to come in.

For the rest of the 2010 campaign, I am going to mostly be blogging on the letter to President Obama at I will only occasionally be blogging on the topic at this blog, and mostly just to refer the reader to the other blog.

People are beginning to co-sign my letter to President Obama. I am not going to have it online right away for reasons that will become obvious later.

Last year the letter campaign was rushed, so we just got co-signers of professors and prominent academics. This year I am broadening it to include community leaders, journalists, and others.

Already some very prominent people have co-signed. As each person signs, I ask for referrals to other persons that they think might sign and also encourage the invididual to forward the letter to those they think might be interested.

The co-signature campaign is on a roll now, and I think we should be able to gather a remarkable number of signatures.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Update: 2010 Letter to Obama concerning the Arlington Confederate memorial almost ready

We have been going over the 2010 letter to Obama about the Arlington Confederate memorial for the last two weeks and it is going to be ready this week, maybe Tuesday might. I will be gathering signatures starting Wednesday, January 6, 2010. Getting started on this in January should provide us with the opportunity to gather many more signatures than last year.

The letter isn't a repeat of last years letter either, but a whole new approach to the issue.

For those of you who didn't see last year's letter to Obama I have it at the URL below. It mostly concerns itself with the history and meaning of the memorial.

Also, this is the report on the 2009 letter to Obama.

I will be tracking developments at this blog.


The letter has been finished and is being distributed for signatures. It currently isn't online though. I am circulating privately and in listserves before posting it. It won't be posted in this blog, but on the Arlington Confederate Monument blog, URL given above.
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