Monday, November 18, 2019

Landscape Reparations. Deracializing the landscape

One of the problems I think with getting rid of Confederate monuments, Confederate named streets is that they are looked at in isolation, instead of considering the entire landscape and realizing it is a white landscape and realizing that there needs to be Landscape Reparations. By the way there is this Facebook page to join if you want to deracialize the landscape.

This is my first postcast on the topic.It is the first Version. I am just starting to think through the issue of Landscape Reparations and I am putting out some ideas, but I also ask the listener to share their ideas. (This doesn't mean I am interested in the rantings of white nationalists.) I think the biggest barrier is people thinking that nothing can be done.

This is the companion piece. I will have more podcasts on what can be done regarding the white landscape.

Friday, November 08, 2019

Texas establishment scared of Texas secessionists scaring away investors.

This is the Texas Monthly article in response to The Altantic article about secession.

This is The Atlantic article to which the Texas Monthly was responding. .

Now I have blogged on how the Texas Nationalist Movement has over represented itself and the support isn't as extensive as they claim in terms of activists. However, the Texas Monthly article is wrong and misleading by trying to say the support for Texas secession is miniscule or a trivial few.

They refer to the 2016 Texas State Republican Convention and that the issue was raised, what they don't mention, and don't mention in the article about the state convention for which they provide the link, is that the vote against secession was 16 to 14 with one abstention in the platform committee. This is not a marginal group of people and a reasonable sample group of representative Texas Republican Party leaders.

What is also not mentioned is that Texas Boys State voted for secession.

But more importantly opinion polls have showed a fair degree for support for secession. One of them showed that 60% of Trump supporters in Texas wanted to secede if Hillary Clinton was elected in 2016.

The Texas Monthly article tries to assert that the support for secession is trivial.
It’s not impossible to imagine things like the 2016 floor debate going differently at a future GOP convention—we do live in unpredictable times!—but for now, you can fill a few stadiums with people who like to fantasize about the idea of secession, but that still leaves a whopping 98.7 percent of the state full of people who are happy where they are.
I am not saying that there is a serious mass movement for secession in Texas at this point and if Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020 there won't be for at least four more years.

I am not saying even with Donald Trump not re-elected that it is a sure thing that there will be a mass secession movement.

I am saying two things.

1. This Texas Monthly article is very selective in what it chooses to evaluate the potential for a Texas secession movement in Texas and the extent of support and possible support.

2. Secession movements have a habit of going from obscurity to being significant. As scholars have pointed out nations are imagined. Imaginations are not cast in concrete but are full of flux. Secession is also a topic that is discussed much more now days.  We see nations will real secession movements and real possibilities of secession.

If there is wide spread alienation in Texas from the national government the Texas nationalist movement could suddenly be a mass movement.

What Texas Monthly is scared of is that some fund manager may start thinking things about what their funds exposure is to Texas mortgages. The moment there is even rumor that some fund managers are thinking of limiting exposure Texas real estate mortgages will have to pay a point or have maybe higher down payments or something.

Even worse will be trying to get corporations to locate to Texas when other potential sites will point out that they don't have a secession movement or the potential of armed right wing militias.

Then there is the issue of recruiting talent to Texas. They probably don't want to face even the remote possibility that there children will have to apply to immigrate into the United States. No one wants to move to loony land.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Lengthy article in "The Atlantic" about the Texas secession movement.

The Atlantic has this lengthy article about the Texas secession movement.

The article misses entirely that in 2016 they nearly got on the Republican Texas State Party platform a secession resolution. It seems the author didn't do any real indepth research and just wanted to do a colorful type story on an oddity.

I have set up this Facebook group to collect individuals opposed to Texas secession.

The biggest problem is that people don't think this effort has a remote chance of success, but they have come close to reaching an objective of getting a secession measure on the Texas primary ballot.

If Trump is defeated in 2020 they will be springing back to life. If Trump is elected they will be moribund.

I have blogged on this prior where I discuss this movement at length.

Monday, November 04, 2019

UPDATE Pro-Slavery theology and the idea of the Civil War being a Holy War in the Confederate Veteran, publication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

The article detailing how pro-slavery theology and the idea that the Civil War was a holy war, a theological war, is promoted in articles in the Confederate Veteran, the official publication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and by officers of the SCV is now online at this link.

This is also going to be read and released as a podcast. A link to the podcast and a player for the podcast will be added into this blog. So look for the word "UPDATE" in the title.

I think churches in the St. Augustine area will be interested this. The one article which denounces denominations in the South as being betrayers should make every church think twice.

Friday, November 01, 2019

How to get rid of all the Confederate streets

I did a podcast on how to get rid of all the Confederate streets. I am going to be producing some other papers and videos on the topic also.

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