Monday, August 13, 2018

Texas Secession and the mid-term elections of 2018

The Texas secessionists are beginning to hope that the mid-term elections will get their movement started again.

This is their latest Texian Partisan article on the mid-term elections.

I don't know if the mid-term elections will really boost their fortunes. If the Democrats gain control of the U.S. House I am sure they will find many ways of bedeviling Donald Trump. I am sure there will be all sorts of hearings. So some conservatives will likely despair and look at secession as an option to realize their agenda.

However, others might decide that they need to stand with Trump more than ever and not desert him.

The Texas Republican Party might have a secession plank in their platform in 2020.

I do think that if the Democrats gain control of the U.S. House we are in for a real storm of political conflict.

We  are witnessing the neoliberal establishment fighting for control against this new establishment being formed by Donald Trump.  This not some struggle between neoliberals and neoconservatives, the Democratic Party establishment versus the Republican establishment. These factions were just teams in the same franchise. The struggle with Trump is a struggle whether the old regime will survive.

I am expect that when the Democrats take over the U.S. House there will be dozens of investigations started into anything and everything which the Democrats might think will work for them in the struggle. I think that things will be ferocious. There is already cases where people are run out of restaurants because of groups harassing them. We could have a situation of public disorder.

The Democrats might move to impeach. I think that might prove to be the start of revolutionary disorder. I blogged on this before.

The neoliberals if they in the end do win in 2020 and restore the Ancien Regime I think will, to paraphrase a famous saying, will have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

The economic situations which had lead to wide spread discontent will still be there. A large part of the population will not see any hope in national politics. Trump maybe gone, but the discontent will still be present looking for a path to follow.

What is disturbing is that support for secession in polling is now high with many different demographic groups and across the nation.

So I think that if Trump falls secession movements will rise and they will face an opposition that is incompetent.

What am I doing currently?

I am doing an intensive excavation of Dallas' Confederate built landscape. Streets, parks, schools, monuments.

I am writing up papers on two topics and then will make PowerPoint presentations based on them. I am scheduled to speak at one place early Sept.

I am involved helping out groups so people while know who I am and what I can do.

I will be back to do postings occasionally, and when I get my research into Dallas accomplished I will post more often.

Being retired I have the opportunity to be more involved locally. Additionally,  I want to develop a practical politics around the built landscape. It is one thing to do a series of academic papers, but it is another thing to get involved directly. I am also developing my own methods of field work. I hope to develop an activist tool kit also. What I learn from De-Confederating Dallas I want to make available as a training and tool kit for others in other cities.

I am also identifying gaps in what needs to be done to have an effective action plan and so working to fill those gaps.

I haven't forgotten the other projects I have had with a national scope and I have one of those started up again.
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