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"Politico" article on Russian support for California secession, and secession movements around the world.

"Politico" has an article on Russian support for the California secession movement.

There is some interesting information on how the California secessionists are open about their Russian support in contrast to the Texas secessionists.

Also, it seems that the leader of the YesCalifornia movement, Louis Marinelli, has a past in working with the National Organization for Marriage which campaigned against same sex marriage. The article says that Marinelli has recanted these views. I find it rather convenient that he did.

Another secessionist group, the California National Party, doesn't like Louis Marinelli at all.

Many journalists are not taking these secessionist movements seriously, but the United States, unlike most nations, has monuments in its national capitol and many monuments elsewhere celebrating those who would have broken up the nation through secession.

Across the United States there are literally numerous monumental endorsements of secession from the United States. Why shouldn't the Russians think that their efforts might secede.

Perhaps American presidents should consider not sending a wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument.

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After "Breitbart" article, I have decided I will be writing Jeff Sessions about his assertion about the "Southern Partisan"

It might be asserted that since the Southern Partisan is no longer being published it is not of importance that Jeff Sessions came to the defense of the Southern Partisan.

Jeff Session's assertion that the Southern Partisan isn't some extremist magazine helps give neo-Confederate groups like the Abbeville Institute a free pass when they publish articles from Southern Partisan magazine. 

Even if the Southern Partisan magazine articles weren't being republished, defending the Southern Partisan magazine defends the neo-Confederate movement. This magazine has become a corpus of neo-Confederate writing which continues to be of influence. 

A considerable controversy has arisen over Jeff Sessions' nomination by Donald Trump to the position of Attorney General of the United States. 

Most recently Mark Thompson has stated called Jeff Sessions a "Confederate Attorney General." This statement has become a news item at Breitbart

Statement by Mark Thompson can be seen here. 

Breitbart's reporting is here, where you can watch a video of Thompson making the statement.

It occurs to me I should write Jeff Sessions to retract his defense of Southern Partisan magazine. 

One reason in particular is that it is inappropriate for Jeff Sessions, as Attorney General, to defend a magazine which supported the break up of the United States. That is my understanding of the import of this article in the Southern Partisan originally  published in 1997. (3rd Quarter 1997, Vol. 17, starting on page 18, by William Lamar Cawthorn Jr. )

More generally, Jeff Sessions' defense of the Southern Partisan helps legitimize their pernicious agenda. 

Finally, I think whether Sessions rejects the Southern Partisan magazine or not will show who he is.  

The National Park Service no longer refers to Richmond, Virgin

The National Park Service has dropped the reference to Richmond as the capitol of the Confederacy. It is now the capitol of Virginia.

However, for many residents of Richmond they are still living in the Capitol of the Confederacy aided in this metaphysical task by the Museum of the Confederacy, now the American Civil War Museum.

This is the link to the article:

Bit by bit the neo-Confederacy is being brought down.

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The movie "Hidden Figures" and neo-Confederacy. UPDATED with quotes from a former leader of the United Daughters of the Confederacy UPDATE2:

The movie is out about the African American mathematician Katherine Johnson working as part of the U.S. Space Program. The link to the movie is this:

People now days don't know that theories of white supremacy in the former Confederate states precluded that African Americans could do intellectual work including mathematics.

UPDATE: See J.K. Bivins item after the quote. UPDATE2: See Mildred Rutherford item after Bivins item.

There was a book series titled, "The South in the Building of the Nation," which was advertised in the Confederate Veteran and had contributors of leading white Southern scholars. This is extract is from, from the article "The Negro," Volume 7,  Chapter 25, pages 530-532. You can read it at this link. The following section was written by H.L. Brock of New York City.

It was the publication of The Southern Historical Publication Society.

When you read the following rubbish you realize why this movie, "Hidden Figures," is important. I have added boldface to the references to mathematics.

In fact, the genuinely intellectual side of the negro, 
the power to use the mind independently, to judge, 
analyze, combine, is not nourished to any very profit- 
able extent on books at all ; rather it thrives on every- 
day practical affairs. In every community in the 
South and in many in the North, you will find the 
shrewd, successful negro or negroid who has these 
powers though he cannot sign his name, and along- 


side of him the college-bred negro, full of parrot 
phrases and classroom jargon, utterly lacking the 
powers which the other daily exercises. The ex- 
plantation seems obvious. The negro is mentally 
quite sufficiently developed to use his brain with 
effect upon the immediate and the concrete. He is 
not sufficiently developed to start with the white 
man's generalizations, or more exactly, the formulas 
in which these generalizations are expressed, and 
work down to the concrete. He is in the class in arithmetic. He is not fit yet for that in algebra and analytics. The capable Booker T. Wash- 
ington is in type and in fact exactly like Peter the 
successful barber and "Walker who runs a profitable 
carrier's business in a certain Southern town, though 
neither Peter nor Walker can read or write. It is 
Washington's native shrewdness which has made 
him what he is, which has enabled him (as did 
Walker also) to stand well with the white commun- 
ity while he leads the blacks. His knowledge of the 
white man's books is incidental. Indeed, it is strict- 
ly limited to a small set of simple and purely utili- 
tarian chapters. It is the rule of three. Algebra, 
Washington does not attempt, nor pretend to con- 
noisseurship in the fine art of letters. 

Of all the negroes who have essayed books after 
the white man's pernicious example, the earliest ex- 
hibit, Phyllis Wheatley, was a case of the hot-house 
process pure and simple. This slave girl, born in 
Africa and brought to Boston at the age of about 
eight years in 1761, was kept in a house of one John 
Wheatley of that town, and " educated" taught the 
trick of verse. Her verses were printed as a curi- 
osity at the time and her "Poems" have no other 

It may be said, in fact, that every achievement, 
especially every intellectual or literary achievement, 


of every negro gets, because it is the achievement 
of a negro and as such a curiosity, an amount of ad- 
vertising which makes it loom much larger than 
life on the contemporary horizon; which must be 
discounted in any calm estimate of the intellectual 
and literary progress of the race. What is true of 
Phyllis Wheatley absolutely, or Douglass largely, 
is true to no inconsiderable extent of Booker T. 
Washington and DuBois. Both owe a certain part 
of their seeming eminence to the quality of rarity 
which is the sole distinction of the man with six 
fingers. Even Paul Laurence Dunbar (b. Dayton, 0., 
1872; d. 1906, contributor to newspapers in New 
York and sometime a member of the staff of the 
Library of Congress) admittedly a genuine, though 
minor, poet, has a fame quite disproportionate to 
his actual place in the catalogue of contemporary 
minor poets. He, too, is, in part, a curiosity. 


This is an extract from "Echoes of the Confederacy" by Viola Cobb Bivins, published in 1950 by here and printed in Dallas, Texas by Banks Upshaw and Company. Extract from pages 29-30 in Chapter 3, "How Was The Civilization of the Old South Destroyed."  The extract is a condemnation of the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery. Bivins was the president of the Texas Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and her book was meant to instruct the public on the Confederacy, slavery and race. Bivins argues that instead of Reconstruction the control of the freed slaves should have been left to the former slaveholders. She writes:
The would not have given them social equality, for this the Negro did not desire until false friends urged it upon them as a right, and even now the better class of Negro does not desire it. The Negroes would have been given school opportunities befitting the race. They would not have been given instructions in Greek and Latin and higher mathematics,except those desiring to teach and preach, but the majority would have been prepared for life along industrial lines. [Italics in the original.] 

I think the copyright of the book has expired. It is a fairly good example on how so-called Confederate heritage is white supremacy and is anti-democratic.


Mildred Rutherford was the Historian General of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

At you can read an extract from her pamphlet, "The Civilization of the Old South: What Made It: What Destroyed It: What Has Replaced It." It was an address given to the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Dallas, TX Nov. 9, 1916. You can read it at this link. You can see that it is where Bivins got her ideas for her book.

I boldface the reference to mathematics.

[Page 29]

How Was the Civilization of the Old South Destroyed?


The XIII. Amendment in 1865 set free in the midst of their former owners nearly 6,000,000 slaves, totally unprepared for freedom and while a factor it was not the greatest factor in de­stroying the civilization of the South. The men of the Southern army returned to their desolated homes, having taken the oath of allegiance in good faith, and were ready to accept, without a murmur, this amendment when it came.

The planters began to parcel out their land and start their negroes in life as farm tenants. Their affection and interest in their negroes would not only have assured their protection but would have caused their being fed until self-supporting, and other Southern men would have also adjusted themselves to new conditions. Had they then been left untrammelled, matters would have been quickly adjusted. There might have been some friction, but far less than followed under reconstruction policies. The old masters would have helped their faithful negroes to buy homes and to prepare themselves for freedom. The negroes had confidence in their owners and would not have questioned their advice. They could have made better terms under these condi­tions than were made by false friends under the Freedman’s Bureau.

The men of the South would not have given them civil or political rights until they were prepared for them. They would not have given them social equality, for this the negro did not desire, until false friends from the North urged it upon them as a right, and even then, nor now, do the better class of negroes desire it. The negroes would have been given school opportuni­ties and an education befitting the race would have been given to them. They would not have been given instruction in Greek and Latin and higher mathematics, except to those desiring to teach and to preach, but the majority would have been prepared for life along industrial lines.

[Page 30]

The North, at this time, blundered greatly by allowing Thad Stevens and his Committee to issue the “Exodus Order” which separated the negroes from their old owners, and to place in the South the Freedman’s Bureau with the promise of “forty acres and a mule”—encouraging shiftlessness!

This unwise policy was the real blow aimed at the overthrow of the civilization of the Old South. The men of the South were then put under military discipline which actually tied their hands and only the Ku Klux, the “Chivalry of the Old South,” could break these bonds that fettered them.

The negroes began rapidly, to leave their homes, because; they had been told that they would be kept in slavery still if they did not. Strange negroes came in their stead and the trouble began—for, by the Freedman’s Bureau, the part of the negro was always taken against the whites, whether right or wrong. Men and women who never had done menial work now had to learn, rather than contend with impertinent negroes they had no power to punish. Many had no money to pay for help and the negroes had no desire to work. They were waiting for some one to support them.

The South blundered in allowing the North to supply the teachers for the negro schools. These teachers should have been the white people or the negroes of the South.

“School marms” came down, impressed with the missionary spirit, to help these “poor benighted blacks,” to keep them from being downtrodden and imposed upon, and they gave to them a taste of social equality which spoiled them for service in Southern homes.

One of these teachers invited “Aunt Mandy,” calling her Mrs. Brown, to come in to sit with her, saying she was lonely. “Are you going?” asked “Ole Mis’”

“Law, ‘Ole Mis’ ’, you know I aint goin’! Them white folks that wants me to set with them aint the white folks I wants to set with.”

This was the thought of the aristocratic negro of the Old South.

Mammy, being told that Pres. Roosevelt had invited Booker Washington to lunch with him, said,

“Surely Booker Washington had better manners than to set down to the white folks’ table?”

“No, he didn’t, Mammy, he went in and took lunch with Mr. Roosevelt.”

[Page 31]

“Oh! I am ‘shamed of Booker Washington—his mammy ought to have taught him better manners than that.”

“But, Mammy, suppose it had been you, and Pres. Roosevelt had insisted upon it, what would you have said?”

“Oh! I would have said, ‘Scuse me, Mars Roosevelt, I ain’t hungry.”

And that is just the answer a Southern negro aristocrat would have made. They had an aristocracy just as marked as the whites had, and this aristocracy the whites respected.

Rena was asked to take dinner at the University where her daughter received her diploma. She accepted the invitation but when she found that she was to sit at the table with the white members of the faculty, she slipped out of the room, saying “My little nigger can eat with white folks but I can’t.”

The helplessness of the negro at the time of freedom was pa­thetic. He was a little child in his dependence. He had no need for money, for he once had supplied to him the things money would buy for his needs, so when he received his money for wages he spent it as a child.

The first driver my father was forced to hire, a year after the surrender, had to be furnished a suit of clothes and hat and shoes before he was presentable on the carriage seat. Yet when he was paid his first month’s wages of $10, $8 was spent for an accordion and the remaining $2 for fire crackers, which like a child he quickly fired.

A Northern man who bought one of the Southern plantations noticed an old negro man helping himself to fire wood. He asked him one day where he bought his wood.

“It’s jest this way,” he answered, “My pa was coachman at the Big House over there, and he pa and he pa so there’s no need for one gentleman to ax another gentleman whar he gits his wood.” “Ole Marster” had always given his wood so this old negro had no idea he was stealing.

That wood was his by right of service from his family was the teaching of the carpetbaggers after the war. To steal from a negro was a great sin, they said, but no sin to steal from white people for all they had the negroes made. The Southern people suffered grievously from this teaching. They saw with real distress how, under false teaching, the negroes were being alienated from them and being harmed, not helped. The negroes under false advisers resented any interference from Southern whites, and the situation became terrible—far worse

[Page 32]

than is pictured in “The Birth of a Nation,” horrible as that is. It was not only a time of real oppression, but also a time of repression, suppression and fearful humiliation. The South lost $2,000,000,000 by loss of slaves together with confiscated and destroyed property. The South was also left with a bonded war debt of $300,000,000.

It is really refreshing to realize, even at this late day, that some of the leading negro leaders are conscious of the mistakes that have been made and are willing to acknowledge it.

A leader named Wilkins, at Little Rock, Ark., in 1915, said on Emancipation Day:

“We are foolish for celebrating, an event which has meant nothing to us but humiliation, persecution, alienation, degrada­tion, obloquy, scorn, and contempt.

We are celebrating a day that never took place and you know it as well as I do.

But some things did take place on that day. Our Southern white friends fed us, clothed us, and administered to us. Let us not forget that, but rather celebrate that. Remember now, those of you who think Lincoln’s Proclamation set us free, that if it did, it was our white friends that kept us from starving.”

Pres. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation never freed the negro nor did Lincoln expect it to. It was a political move against the seceding states to force men at the North to re-enlist, and in the hope that it would make Southern men return to protect their families from negro insurrection and thus end the war, and to induce foreign nations to refuse to acknowledge the Confederacy.

Not a negro in the states that did not secede was freed by Lincoln’s Proclamation and it had no effect even in the South as it was unconstitutional and Lincoln knew it. Many in the North resented it, and Lincoln was unhappy over the situation as Lamon testified. The negroes were freed by an amendment of­fered by a Southern man and, did not become a law until after Lincoln’s death. It really is a farce for negroes to celebrate Emancipation Day.

By the freedom of the slaves and the estrangements that fol­lowed between them and their former owners the civilization of the Old South gradually passed away.

Mark Twain said, “The eight years in America, 1860-1868, uprooted an institution centuries old, and wrought so profoundly upon the national character of the people that the influence will

[Page 33]

be felt for two or three generations.” Mark Twain was a Southern man and knew what he was talking about.

The trailer for the movie "Hidden Figures."

Hugh readership out of South Korea for the Arlington Confederate Monument blog

I am getting ready to write Donald Trump asking him not to send a wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument. I was reviewing the information I collected in 2009 and also what I have since learned.

I was looking at the Arlington Confederate Monument Report blog and I noticed that there had been a spike in viewers and so first I went to see where they were from. How surprising to see that the most viewers were from South Korea. It is hard to see on the Google map supplied but you can see the South Korean readership in the list.

Japan has recently called home some envoys because they are upset over a statue to memorialize South Korean women who were put into brothels by the Japanese military in World War II.

I think that the move by Japan to retaliate is not well thought out. There are probably in the last week hundreds of millions of people who previously had never heard of the "comfort" women, sex slaves for the Japanese military, who now have learned the history of these sex slaves.

I also think it was very foolish that it was thought that a treaty agreement could be done to push this historical crime down a memory hole. Did the Japanese government really think this would work?

Good for those who won't allow this to be pushed down the memory hole. One time in preparation for a short business trip to Korea, I read a 600 page history of Korea. Korea history has good parts, but poor Korea has had some really bad times, such as the Mongol invasion and the Japanese occupation.

I don't know why the Japanese government isn't just ignoring the statue, perhaps there is a nationalist desire for a conflict.

As for my South Korean readers, I hope my blog was a help.

This is captured from the screen on 1/7/2017 at 8:30 pm roughly EST.

A vision of what Hans-Hermann Hoppe's so-called ideal world would be like. UPDATED

Hans Herman Hoppe, has a vision of the world which he calls Anarcho-Capitalism and where there is no public government, but just private property, including streets, rivers etc.

He attacks both democracy and government is in his book, "Democracy: The God that Failed," published by Transaction Books at Rutgers Univ.

He is very much involved in the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.

The Mises Institute is hostile to democracy.

I discuss Hoppe's book in depth in my book, "Pernicious: The Neo-Confederate Campaign against Social Justice in America."

Turns out there is a dystopian science fiction comic book where the story takes place in a world with the idea of no public government and everything being private property. I think in observing it we can see what the world advocated by Hoppe might be like.

It seems it is going to become a television show.

I think the television show will be a good antidote to the anti-democratic ideas of Hoppe and others. However, it won't educate the public that there are anti-democratic movements or make people aware that there is a neo-Confederate movement.

YouTube Review of Lazarus

This is a review of the 2nd Hardcover collection

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Texas Secession looks like it is on hold

My prediction was that if Hillary Clinton was elected the Texas secession movement would take off. However, Donald Trump has been elected and the Texas secession movement appears to be moribund.

On their web page the last new update was posted on 12/4/2016.

I think all the right wing secession movements are on hold until disillusionment with the Donald Trump administration sets in. These movements may actually end up stronger when the disillusionment with Trump sets in since potential secessionists will give up hope in future national candidates.

I think it will be inevitable that disillusionment will set in with the type of people who are right wing secessionists since these type of people are those who will have expectations that are not going to be met by Donald Trump.

I think that supporting an administration and the government will not be as satisfying to talk radio listeners as raging against the government was.

Whether this disillusionment takes 6 months or 2 years I don't know, but I don't think it will be much longer than 2 years.

"Breitbart" avoids issue of Senator Sessions' defense of "Southern Partisan" magazine on the floor of the Senate.

I blogged earlier about U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions' defense of Southern Partisan magazine.

Below is the link to Sessions' defense of Southern Partisan. Use the search term "Partisan" to find it.

The following is the link to a Jan. 5, 2017 article where Breitbart is trying to spin Sessions' image.

What you won't find in the article is any mention of Sessions' defense of the Southern Partisan. Sessions' submitted into the Congressional Record Southern Partisan's editor Christopher Sullivan's statement defending the magazine which is marvel of careful wording to deny admitting that the Southern Partisan was a racist magazine.

Of course Breitbart isn't going to try to give any excuse for Sessions' defense of Southern Partisan magazine, since Sessions' defense of Southern Partisan magazine is indefensible, both Sessions and Breitbart would rather no one would know about it.

It also shows how Breitbart acts to enable neo-Confederacy by letting enablers of neo-Confederacy off the hook.

More Confederacy in the Trump White House Dept. Former Gov. Sonny Perdue possible Trump choice to head up the United States Dept. of Agriculture

From the article:

Perdue has a disturbing nostalgia for the Confederacy. Back in 2010, he signed a law declaring April to be permanently recognized in the state as "Confederate History and Heritage Month," in a proclamation that neglected to mention slavery.
The Sons of Confederate Veterans were very happy with this proclamation.

More Confederacy in the Trump White House Dept.

High School that is fond of the Confederacy selected for Donald Trump inauguration.

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Kevin Levin reveals his true self

Kevin Levin wrote a blog posting titled, "The Lost Cause is not fake history," and the link to the post is:

His posting was in response to this CNN article and video.

Levin is not happy over this CNN article. Levin writes:

No, the Lost Cause is not an example of fake history. Postwar accounts of loyal slaves and benevolent slaveowners were quite consistent with pre-war accounts. The Lost Cause was not a collective act of self deception or even primarily an attempt to deceive others. It was an organic process of reflection and memory that directly engaged the most pressing challenges of the immediate postwar period, including defeat, emancipation, black mobility and black political action to name just a few.
He followed up with this blog posting "to clarify" what he was trying to say.

The blog postings really reveal who Levin is.

The Lost Cause depiction of slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction was not confined to a few Confederate leaders. The Lost Cause was promoted by the United Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

These are the comments in a letter by Confederate John S. Mosby, the famous "Gray Ghost," of the Civil War. He is "disgusted" by the Lost Cause lies about the Civil War and the Confederacy. In a letter he wrote to a friend in June 4, 1907 he comments about the Lost Cause lies.

I wrote you about my disgust at reading the Reunion speeches: It has since been increased by reading Christians report. I am certainly glad I wasn’t there. According to Christian the Virginia people were the abolitionists & the Northern people were pro-slavery. He says slavery was “a patriarchal” institution – So were polygamy & circumcision. Ask Hugh if he has been circumcised. Christian quotes what the Old Virginians – said against slavery. True; but why didn’t he quote what the modern Virginians said in favor of it – Mason, Hunter, Wise &c. Why didn’t he state that a Virginia Senator (Mason) was the author of the Fugitive Slave law – & why didn’t he quote The Virginia Code (1860) that made it a crime to speak against slavery, or to teach a negro to read the Lord’s prayer. Now while I think as badly of slavery as Horace Greeley did I am not ashamed that my family were slaveholders. It was our inheritance – Neither am I ashamed that my ancestors were pirates & cattle thieves. People must be judged by the standard of their own age. If it was right to own slaves as property it was right to fight for it. The South went to war on account of Slavery. South Carolina went to war – as she said in her Secession proclamation – because slavery wd. not be secure under Lincoln. South Carolina ought to know what was the cause for her seceding. . . . I am not ashamed of having fought on the side of slavery – a soldier fights for his country – right or wrong – he is not responsible for the political merits of the cause he fights in. The South was my country.

This is the link to the source.

Of course Mosby has his own rationalizations, but he wasn't going to fill himself with stuff and nonsense that the Civil War wasn't about slavery.

Frederick Douglas denounced the Lost Cause as deception and so did W.E.B. Dubois.

Kevin Levin is of the Civil War Tables era of Civil War historiography. He also very well might become the new Eugene Genovese of Civil War history. As the Civil War Round Table Civil War history passes away I think we will see more postings like this from Levin.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Michael Phillips, who is helping do the Reject Racist Robert E. Lee event, has an article on Richard Spencer, (Mr. Alt-Right) and Dallas

The article is online here in Jacobin magazine.

What is really important about this article, besides showing the history of elite racism in the city of Dallas, is that it rejects the stereotype of who a racist is. The stereotype that racists aren't educated and are marginal individuals.

Michael Phillips is helping me do the Reject Racist Robert E. Lee event in Lee Park Dec. 31st, 1pm.

This is the link to the event.

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He who must not be named.

In the 2014 "Sons of Confederate Veterans 2014 Annual Book of Reports" is the following on page 16 in the "Chief of Heritage Operations Eugene G. Hogan II, page 14 - 17.

"School's are one of the institutions of the community with which we must cultivate a positive relationship ... another are our churches. An infamous cyberbully, whose name would be familiar if I would honor him by putting it in print, was contacting churches which host SCV meetings and attempting to break that bond by his usual fare of toxic speech about this organization."

Unless there was someone else writing churches on this topic, I suspect the person they are referring to is me. Having a different opinion and sharing it is evidently "cyberbullying" according to this speaker. The factual documentation of what the SCV says in the SCV's own words is "toxic speech."

Evidently, I am Voldemort to the neo-Confederates. Indeed I am honored to be so. Years ago I send Columbia University Professor a photo copy of his denunciation in the Southern Partisan by Murray Rothbard. He said he was honored.

There is no real rebuttal of what what I sent to churches. Instead, it appears that the SCV has only name calling in their arsenal.

The Internet Archive has a copy also.

A Letter I sent to the "New York Review of Books"

I am not renewing my subscription. It is lapsing soon or has lapsed. 

My letter: 

March 27, 2016

                                                                                    Edward H. Sebesta

New York Review of Books

Dear Editors:

I read with interest Robert O. Paxton’s review, “The Truth About the Resistance,” of recently published histories of the French Resistance in World War II in the Feb. 25 2016 issue of NYRB. I found it informative in understanding the scope and extent and reality of the French Resistance and its history.

However, I was somewhat taken aback by the concluding paragraph as to the larger historical meaning where Paxton in discussing the humiliation of the French by the occupation quotes Roger Stéphane stating that, “Perhaps it is absurd, but it was by such absurdities that we restored our dignity as men.”

I would state that perhaps, in 1945, in a world where the majority lived under foreign occupying governments, a system of world colonial empires, it was understood that the French were restoring their dignity as white men, in a world where being occupied by a foreign power was something that happened to non-whites.

It would have been interesting had Paxton commented on why the French after living under a foreign occupation which they found horrific and humiliating didn’t reflect on what their occupation of other nations and places might be like for those they dominated. Instead there was war in Algeria, war in Indochina, by a nation very slow to realize that colonial domination was on the way out. I guess Paxton and the NYRB editors will always have Paris.

It is 2016 and we live in not just a long since post-Colonial world, but a multipolar world and I, but perhaps not your other readers, need to learn to live and think in that world. In reading this article and other articles I am realizing that the NYRB is perhaps a form of nostalgia for educated people.

                                                                                                Sincerely Yours,

                                                                                                Edward H. Sebesta

There was a reply letter from Paxton, but it really didn't make much sense. He pointed out multiple sources that many people and movements across the spectrum were racist at the time, thus documenting the point I was making. The whole story about the French Resistance, which was a good thing to have happened in history, avoids the issue that what the French found so horrible was something they were doing to many nations and peoples and they didn't perceive what they were doing as wrong because of their white supremacy. 

What is missed is an important lesson on how history is constructed and how people are blinded by their ideologies. 

South Carolina Rep. Chris Corley, Confederate Flag defender, arrested for domestic violence including hand gun. UPDATES: News has gone global MORE UPDATES. Indicted and suspended from office

South Carolina Rep. Chris Corley, who was a vehement defender of the Confederate flag flying on the South Carolina capitol grounds, was arrested on charges of domestic violence and pointing a hand gun at his wife. NOTE: I am updating this blog posting as more information becomes available.

According to the article:
Corley was arrested by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office early Tuesday morning on felony charges of first-degree domestic violence and pointing and presenting firearms at a person.
According to the Sheriff's report, as reported in the Aiken Standard, a women identified as his wife claimed that Corley was "caught cheating." The news article is not more specific on what she claimed Corley was cheating at, perhaps it was poker or golf rather then sex with other individuals.

Chris Corley has been an advocate of far right efforts. This is an article about him in the Charleston City Paper. It has background information as well as news of his arrest.

Corley was one of the more outspoken defender of the Confederate flag on the capitol grounds. According to the Charleston City Paper article.
Ahead of the holidays last year, Corley made waves for a Christmas card he reportedly sent to GOP colleagues that showed the Confederate flag in front of the Statehouse and read: "May your Christmas be filled with memories of a happier time when South Carolina’s leaders possessed morals, convictions and the principles to stand for what is right."
Sounds like a bad stereotype. Confederate flag flying, wife beating, gun waving, and "cheating" though the articles are not specific about exactly what Corley's wife was talking about in regards to "cheating." Maybe it was gin rummy or something.

These are other articles about Chris Corley and the charges against him.

This article at this link below has a lot of information about Corley.

It seems that the major papers for South Carolina have covered the story.

The story has even gone international.

I will keep this blog posting updated as news come out.

As I have stated before, more and more those left to be advocates for the Confederacy are likely to be persons who are not quite all there.

Ron Wilson, former Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, was convicted for defrauding investors.


As there are more stories about this I will put links below and perhaps some commentary.

Seems that there is a problem in getting the dash cam footage released.

The 911 tape has been released. From the tape as reported in the Aiken Standard.

"Please stop it. Just stop. Just stop. ... Dad, please stop" can be heard on the 911 audio recording released Friday by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office. "Please stop. Stop. Please stop, Chris. Just stop daddy, just stop. Chris, please stop. Daddy. Please help. Please Chris. Chris."
This below is the link to the article.

The news of Chris Corley's arrest and 911 call has gone global and it includes the fact that he is a supporter of the Confederate flag. Some of these stories aren't in English.

The above overseas link is just what my English Language Google News picks up.

And it includes major U.S. Media.

These articles all make the point of Corley's aggressive defense of the Confederate flag. Though all supporters can't be judged by the actions of one person, it will certainly not help the public's perception of the Confederate flag.

The dash cam video hasn't been released and I will up date this posting when it is.


Suspended from office by the South Carolina House. Link below.

Turns out that the Majority Leader of the South Carolina has asked Corley to resign and if he doesn't he wants the South Carolina House to expel him. Link below.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) on Christmas Carols, some are by abolitionists and use to have anti-slavery themes.

I did a lengthy blog on an article in UDC Magazine where the UDC writer explains that some Christmas Carols have abolitionist lyrics and themes.

Somewhat indirectly the author of the UDC Magazine article suggests we shouldn't sing songs written by abolitionists.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Who supports Robert E. Lee Park

It seems that the condominium associations of the buildings around Robert E. Lee Park are the donors to light up Arlington. The governing boards of these condominium decide to donate money and so the residents have culpability in supporting the normalization of Robert E. Lee.

On the sign you see The Claridge, 21 Turtle Creek, 3525 Turtle Creek, The Mayfair, The Vendome'. There is a caterer, Food Glorious Food. Also it seems the movie La La Land is a sponsor, on the basis that the font matches the ads for the movie.

Note the names James Berry, Janet and Erich Brehm, Ty Burks, Tammy Jo Covert, Kelly and Ryan Kirkham, Barbara Lake, Sonia Maeda, Barb and Bert Maguire.

Elites of Dallas support glorification and normalization of the Confederacy.

My essay on banal white nationalism.

Facebook event for Reject Racist Robert E. Lee

Monday, December 19, 2016

Russian Readership of this blog. Foreign power on the prowl

The readership of my blog is surging. Normally there are 400 to 500 page views. Suddenly it is over 1300 and then yesterday 1793.  This might be good if it were largely American readers and I was informing the American public about the neo-Confederate movement.

However, when looking at it Pageviews by Countries I see that about 50% of my readers are in Russia.  See below. Blog continued after picture.

Now the partisan press that is opposed to Trump is reporting a lot about the Russians and Trump. I am concerned that the reader not think that this blog posting is part of that. I have had surges of Russian readers before recent elections and have blogged on Russian readers in the past. I think Donald Trump will be entirely and energetically opposed to secessionist movements.

Nor do I want to imply any Xenophobia about foreign readers. There might be interest in the neo-Confederate movement elsewhere of a curious or scholarly nature and that is fine. However, the large interest from just one country, widely reported to be interested in fostering separatist movements in the United States, is of concern.

So what exactly do I wish to say? What I wish to say is that there is a large foreign power that is prowling around looking for some means of weakening the United States through separatism. It isn't just an assertion by myself, it has been noted by a variety of media across the political spectrum.

I am not calling for a large major national campaign, but I think that there needs to be some program of modest resources devoted to countering separatism and taking proactive steps. Once a separatist movement gets underway and gets some measure of support among the public, it tends to persist for some time. It is always likely to have a resurgence like a herpes virus.

So what do I think needs to be done? In general all separatism needs to be considered in the context that there is Russian interest in fomenting it. I also suggest the following:

1. Stop reporting on separatist movements as amusing novelties. The Scottish National Party only got single digits in the polls in the 1940s and was a very small marginal movement. Now it seems Scotland might become an independent nation.

The belief in American exceptionalism I think leads to not recognizing that American can be subject to the same dangers as other nations. I suggest that people should consider that pride comes before a fall, or as the Greeks stated it, hubris nemesis, which translates as pride then destruction.

I have noticed that the reporting on secession has been changing. The media has been somewhat quick to report that the California secessionists are headed by a person in Russia.

2. As I have stated earlier we absolutely have to avoid oppressive measures. Nothing would be stupider than locking up a pro-secessionist or other like action. It immediately makes the secessionist a martyr and it makes the secessionist movement seem much more important since otherwise why would you arrest the individual.

Also arresting individuals does prove that the government is an oppressive organization and secession is a solution.

Finally, it attracts people who are against the current government, whatever it is.

3. However, the government should avoid aiding those who are or have worked against the American nation. Trump should not appoint people who have been supportive of secessionist measures to any post. There was a web page of scholars for trump.

At this page of scholars for Trump, I see William Murchison, contributor to Southern Partisan magazine and former officer of the Texas League of the South.  Texas Republic magazine had an issue on whether it was a mistake that Texas jointed the Union and my reading of it is that the articles leave the reader to conclude that it was a mistake. It was published by the Lynn Landrum society, named after a racist columnist for the Dallas Morning News. William Murchison published an article praising Landrum. He was also active in Texas Republic magazine.

This is the masthead of the Sept.-Dec. 1995 Texas Republic double issue which discusses whether Texas should have joined the United States.

The editorial board members were Cathie Adams, John Alvis, William Caruth III, Marco Gilliam, J. Evetts Haley Jr., David Hartman, Charles R. Helms, Joseph Horn, Tex Lazar, Michael Muncy, William Murchison, and Joseph Sullivan.

The publisher was Joseph Sullivan. Senior editors were John Knaggs, Thomas H. Landess, and Michael Muncy. The managing editor was Mitchell Muncy. The assistant publisher was John A. McMillan. The art director was E. Taylor Owens. Correspondents were Marco Gilliam, Kelton Morgan, Kevin Southwick, Sabrina Haley Statton. Proof readers at large were Kathleen Alvis and Marjorie K. Haney.

Contributors listed were Robert Aguirre, Jerry Bartos, Austin Bay, Mark Blackwell, Jack Brocius, Barry Brown, Jane Brown, P.J. Byrnes, Paul Cameron, John Colyandro, Marguerite Starr Crain, John J. Dwyer, T.R. Fehrenbach, Paul Fenech, Evan Fitzmaurice, Richard Ford, Donald S. Frazier, H. Martin Gibson, John Goodman, Charles Goolsby, Lino A. Graglia, David Guenthner, Nancy Halsey, Charles R. Helms, J. Cameron Humphries, William Keffer, Elmer Kelton, Floy Lilley, Merrill Mathews Jr., Roger F. Meiners, Wayne Milstead, Priscilla Montgomery, Gary North, Marvin Olasky, Rob Peebles, Christopher Prawdzik, Sam Ratcliffe, Morgan O. Reynolds, Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., Matthew Sandel, Valerie Shank, Barbara Stirling, Paul Strohl, Michael Quinn Sullivan, Ken Towery, Yuri Waldo, Caroline Walker, James W. Walker, Thomas G. West, Kathleen Hartnett White, and Jim Wright.

I see more than one name on the list of Scholars for Trump which was on the masthead of the Sept.-Dec. 1995 Texas Republic double issue which discusses whether Texas should have joined the United States.

Not all the contributors should be assumed to be secessionists, but the editorial staff and board clearly approved this issue. For the others they should be rejected for having anything to do with a Lynn Landrum Society. Landrum was a rabid racist.  I have PDFs of some of Landrum's editorials.

These are people who spoke at events of the Lynn Landrum Society. Again the readers should understand that Landrum was a rabid racist.

Phil Gramm
U.S. Senator
Dick Armey
U.S. House of Representatives
W.H. Hutt
William Murchison
Syndicated Columnist
J.Evetts Haley
M.E. Bradford
Univ. of Dallas, Professor of English. (Leading neo-Confederate. Campaigner for George Wallace for president.)
Tom Pauken

Carolyn Wright
M. Stanton Evans
Director National Journalism Center
William Rusher
Former publisher National Review
Donald Hodel
U.S. Interior Secretary
Tom Phillips
Texas Chief Justice
Nathan Hecht
Texas Supreme Court Justice (Currently Chief Justice)
Raul Gonzalez
Texas Supreme Court Justice
Daniel Papeo
Washington Legal Foundation
Peter Huber
Manhatten Institute
Michael McCormick
Paul Pressler
Lino Graglia
University of Texas School of Law
Kenneth Cribb
Heritage Foundation and Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Steve Pejovich
Texas A&M University
Russell Kirk
“author and critic” (Major figure in conservative politics)
Morgan Reynolds
Texas A&M University
John Goodman
President, National Center for Policy Analysis
John Chubb
Brookings Institute
Joe Horn
University of Texas at Austin
Kent Grusendorf
Texas State Representative
Alan Gribben
University of Texas at Austin
Charles Sykes
Jim Wright
Senior columnist, Dallas Morning News
Alan Keyes
Richard Estrada
Dallas Morning News
Richard Rubottom
Michael Wilson
Heritage Foundation
Llewellyn Rockwell
Ludwig von Mises Institute
John Culberson
Texas State Representative
Odie Faulk
“author and historian”
Alan Parker
St. Mary’s Law School
John Alvis
University of Dallas
Rick Perry
Texas Agriculture Commissioner

But I am getting a little off topic here. The president should not appoint those who support secession to national positions.

4. The campaign for American nationality can't be just negatives against other things. It needs to be for something.  A proposal can be judged on its own merits. The fact that a bad person or organization supports it is just reason to examine the proposal very carefully, but if it is a good proposal it is a good proposal. So there needs to be some effort to show the positives of American nationality. It is a big country with a great deal of space and a wide choice of places to live. It has great scientific projects. You can drive for thousands of miles without encountering national boundaries. America's size allows great national enterprises and research institutions. Also, being one nation we don't have a continent with nationalist antagonisms. Large nations can usually protect themselves. 

5. Those who foment national divisions ought to be rejected by the federal government and the pubic. Now this can be subjected to abuse. Criticizing an elected official or the opposition isn't fomenting national division. The tool of dictatorships is to make illegal anything they call unpatriotic and suppress opinion. Also, various political commentators like to call one opinion or argument they don't like as unpatriotic rather than argue the facts of the issue.  The word "divisive" can be use to stigmatize discussing an issue that does need to be discussed.

However, separatist arguments should be recognized as such and rejected. In rejecting them it needs to be carefully shown how they are separatist, and not labeled as such just as an assertion.

Others who promote division also should be recognized as doing such and be rejected. In rejecting them it needs to be shown clearly that it is the intent of the writer to foment division or that the article clearly and dishonestly inflames a situation which results in the division of the American public which would also lead to separatists movements. 

Again, this charge should not be indiscriminatorily be used. If made indiscriminatorily the public will reject any claim of separatism. 
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