Friday, July 22, 2016

Texas Nationalist Movement and Voter Suppression.

I think this posting by the Texas Nationalist Movement gives a fairly good indication how civil rights would do under their administration.

Here they are defending voter suppression.

Texas Nationalists I think are afraid that Donald Trump might win

This is a post at the Texas Nationalist Movement page.

Doesn't make much sense at all. It is common knowledge that it was establishment figures which were try to deny the Republican Party nomination to Donald Trump even though he won the primaries.

Also, the majority of delegates were clearly Trump supporters and unbinding delegates was a scheme to steal the nomination from him.

The Republican establishment did work to make sure that another faction didn't deny Trump his nomination. This is because if Trump was denied all hell would have probably broke loose and it would have been a riot. Also, Trump would have run as an independent. And the Republicans would have lost both houses of Congress, the presidency, and probably many other offices.

At conventions there is parliamentary maneuvering and given that there was a majority supporting Trump at the convention it seems reasonable there wasn't support for a measure that would have denied Trump his nomination.

The issue here is that if Donald Trump is elected the wind goes out of the Texas Nationalist Movement. The League of the South has no potential either if Trump is elected. The secessionists are upset and pouting about the whole thing.

Will Trump get elected? I don't know. If Trump is defeated in the November election then I think secessionists will thrive. I don't think that Trump will get elected, but I am afraid he might. The secessionists are afraid that he might get elected also.

Council of Conservative Citizens recognizes Donald Trump as one of their own

This is the link to the Council of Conservative Citizens' enthusiastic praise for, as they call it, "Trump's Nationalist Acceptance Speech."

Of course with the Republican Party the way it is, is there a need for the Council of Conservative Citizens? (

Neo-Confederates and Ludwig von Mises supporters endorse Donald Trump in letter

The letter of support for Donald Trump is online here:

These are the neo-Confederates.

Paul Gottfried, contributor to Chronicles, contributor to the Abbeville Institute, contributor to Southern Partisan, and contributor to American Renaissance.

Boyd Cathey, contributor to Confederate Veteran and contributor to the Abbeville Insitute. Also, contributor to Southern Partisan.

Marshall DeRosa, contributor to Abbeville Institute.

Clyde Wilson, contributor to Southern Partisan magazine, contributor to Chronicles magazine, founding board member of the League of the South, member of the Abbeville Institute.

Walter E. Block is big in the Ludwig von Mises Institute. 

These are just the affiliations that immediately come to mind.

I think the neo-Confederates think that their is a good chance that the civil rights movement might be undone. I think they are right in this respect.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Houston Chronicle" article against Texas Secession

This is a good start to get people to realize that this is a bad idea and is something that needs to be taken seriously.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Texas Nationalist Movement Daniel Miller's posting on the Dallas shootings. This should give us a fairly good idea what life would be like under these secessionists.

This is the posting by Daniel Miller shared on the Texas Nationalist Movemdnt Facebook page.

I think that it gives a fairly good idea what civil rights and minority rights would be under a government run by these guys.

Miller is somewhat cryptic in this posting. What exactly is the media standards that he thinks are double? How exactly does the media coverage "disrespect the memory of the officers who lost their lives"?

I think he is just tapping into feelings of a very upset public. Maybe it is ambiguous so he can tap into anger but have plausible deniability.

I think this post alone shows that Texit which they now call it, is a bad idea.

However, given the gravity of the situation I think that it shows that he has no sense.

I am still learning what happened and observing what happened. I think Dominque Alexander and the Dallas mayor and Dallas police chief have been exemplary in handling this situation.

Our Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has been a total moron. Governance isn't talk radio which Mr. Patrick doesn't seem to comprehend.

I have been thinking about recent events a lot even though I am working on my book on the neo-Confederates.

I may have something to say. Perhaps I am just upset, but I think the nation is on a precipice and could fall into the abyss.

Friday, July 08, 2016

League of the South denounces the Kennedy brothers' "The South Was Right!"

Hell has frozen over!  Beelzebub is putting on ice skates. Lucifer is throwing snowballs. Satan is putting on an overcoat, mittens, and a stocking cap,

Michael Hill, president of the League of the South has written a lengthy essay condemning the book, "The South Was Right!" by the Kennedy twin brothers, Walter Donald and James Ronald.

This was one of the founding books of the modern neo-Confederate movement.  Hill's criticism is to a large extent, as much as anything Hill would say could be, is correct.

The book "The South is Right!" is a defense of the Confederacy against charges of it being a racist enterprise.

The importance of this public condemnation isn't clear. The League of the South is a remnant organization and Hill and company, however many that might be, are desperate to get some notice for their organization. However, it might be a wedge strategy taking advantaged of a much more racially polarized environment, and the Sons of Confederate Veteran has been radicalizing and they read Frank Conner now, a really scary book which sees the civil rights movement as a Jewish conspiracy against American society.

Also, with Confederate flags, statues coming down, Confederate names being removed it might be that the neo-Confederate movement doesn't see much value in trying the old "Heritage not Hatred" song and dance.

Hill is somewhat hypocritical. The League of the South for years used to deny having any racial agenda. What is the cliche, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

There were two important books starting the neo-Confederate movement: "The South Was Right!" by the Kennedy twins and "Southern By The Grace of God" by Michael Andrew Grissom. Grissom has been more openly racist with his books, but has been in obscurity. The Kennedy twins books sell. However, I think there is a phase change going on in the neo-Confederate movement and Hill might have picked up on it. When I mean a phase change I mean a discreet break between one mode of things to another, like ice to water or water to steam.

Neo-Confederates may laugh, but Michael Hill might be a future Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Okay, you can laugh now, but we live in the time of Trump. In a time of racial polarization the SCV may get pulled in a racist direction.

Regardless this is a good development. It is infighting of a serious nature among neo-Confederates. The League of the South will be a racist force pushing on the Sons of Confederate Veterans to be crazy like themselves. It could really discredit the neo-Confederate movement.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Confederate identified state has so-called religious freedom law struck down. Homophobia and Confederacy linked by website. ALSO Confederate-identified governemnt

When a state, municipality or county adopts a Confederate symbol as its symbol it is a Confederate-identified entity. They are an entity that has chosen to identify with the Confederacy.

They should  be referred to as Confederate identified to surface the reality of what type of entities they are. Also, this identification isn't necessarily restricted to Confederate flag symbols. It could be any Confederate symbol such as the seal of the Confederacy, or a visual representation of Confederate soldiers, or a monument.

You don't owe anything to a Confederate identified entity and they should be considered occupiers. You are American and expect nothing less than an American polity.

Being Confederate identified consequences that those seeking to identify with the Confederacy have not foreseen.

Note in the article that they use an image of the Mississippi geography with the state flag making it a major theme of the article that this is a Confederate identified state.

Without discussion homophobia and Confederate identity are linked.

This is a major LGBT news site. They also have a fair amount of coverage of astronomy and pop culture and new technology.

This iconography linking the Confederacy and homophobia will upset some white LGBT in the South. But with web sites making this link they will be isolated in the LGBT community in the South as racist excuse makers if they are not already are so isolated. The LGBT flag is a rainbow and is about an inclusion of diversity and is globally used.  The Confederacy is inherently  anti-LGBT symbol of losers.

Also, 30 years in the future some defenders of the Confederacy will be arguing that the Confederacy is okay, but the state of Mississippi misused the flag.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Reactionary nature of Secession

There are of course some situations in which secession is necessary, but I am commenting on the great majority of justifications for secession.

Democracy and elections

1. Anyone can support democracy if their faction or party or group is winning the elections. The true test of the support for democracy is when your faction, party or group is losing the elections. Even more so, is when you don't have a reasonable hope of winning the next elections. In America many whose group is losing today are hopeful that tomorrow the public will see reason and there will be electoral victory.

Also, if a great majority is in favor of one party and a minority is in favor of another party, they are outnumbered and they don't have a lot of support. So those who give up on democracy or seek to subvert it are a minority.  Or the case may be that if a great many support a new direction opponents will eventually change their opinion.

However, electoral results are rarely, in fact I don't if they are actually ever, geographically uniform. In an election some area, place, region is likely to have voted one way and the rest of the geographical are for the election another.

This is where the idiotic idea of secession comes in. Some will imagine that if they were in a separate polity they can have their own local majority. So they propose secession. Of course this process if repeatedly carried out, would eventually break a nation into a million polities.

Usually it is justified by finding some cultural difference and arguing they are incompatible with the rest. Some small difference is inflated. "They use two pads of butter on their muffins, the horror, we only use one pad of butter on our muffins and these immigrants use margarine, even worse, or some equivalent nonsense."

2. The world is small and getting smaller. It isn't the 18th century where the choices for travel are boats and carriages travelling over bad roads.  We have jets, Internet, modern highways, powered ships, telecommunications,etc.

For many reasons the world needs to work together in multinational arrangements, not petty states.

We live in a world of different people. Living with them and they with us is something that needs to be done. Also, expecting that one group or another will be privileged, in particular ourselves is an expectation that is likely sooner or later be unfulfilled.

It isn't necessarily going to be easy at all times, and we will always find others annoying to us and we to them. However that is life, we need to be grown up and not spoiled and not in expectation of privilege.

Secession is for whiners and morons.

Unfortunately there are some people who claimed to be leftists and who propose secession. They are morons. Their proposals should be seen as reactionary as they truly are.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Some considerations about Texas secession, not so fast Texit idiots. UPDATE:

The Texas secessionists think that if they get a 50+% vote then all of Texas secedes.

Some considerations about this.

1. Since the basis for secession is a majority vote then wouldn't each county or city that votes 50+% AGAINST secession automatically be seceded from Texas and remain with the United States? Some might argue that a county voting against secession might be landlocked, but Berlin was landlocked during the Cold War with the Soviets.

Also, since the Texas coast is likely to vote against secession and the border areas with Mexico will likely vote against secession  the remaining part of Texas which actually voted for secession is likely to be landlocked itself and be ready to negotiate.

However, a great many areas that secede won't have to be worried about being landlocked.

A great many areas that are likely to vote against secession will be contingent with another state or contingent with another country that voted against secession. The city of Texarkana which has as its purpose being the metropolis for the four corner region is likely to vote against secession.

The coastal areas that vote against secession have the ocean as an outlet.

Also, it would be unwise for Texas secessionists to seize a county that voted against secession, the American government has always been willing to protect its citizens.

2. The whole nature of the American system is not to have an impetuous vote affect the system too much. We have the election of U.S. Senators by one-third every two years over a 6 year cycle.

We require a 3/4th ratification of a constitutional amendment by the states.

To be sent before the states for ratification we have a requirement of a 2/3rds vote in the national legislature by two houses.

We have other super-majority requirements.

The British may have chosen a simple majority of the turn out to be the basis of Brexit. However, we don't have to be idiots like the British conservative government. The requirement should at least be 2/3rds before we just convert a state into a foreign country and at least 50% of eligible voters and without any problem of voter suppression.

The requirements of the Texas constitution for an amendment are probably applicable here also. Surely the Texit people aren't advocating the overthrow of the Texas government. Or are they?

It seems that 2/3rd of both houses of the Texas state legislature have to vote for a constitutional amendment.

These limits in our Texas Constitution and American Constitution are so passions of the moment don't upend society and are wise.

I don't think the Texas secessionists will much care about these things. There strategy is that under one pretext or another they just claim Texas independence. Or dark conspiracy theories about how they lost.

3. Also, as some counties realize that voting against secession was a really bad idea, they certainly could vote again, this time against seceding, and join the United States with the admission proviso that there will be no more secessionist silliness.

In the end a few countries might remain as part of a seceded Texas, land locked and desolate and it might be decided that they could remain so.


If a part of  a county was against secession, and was contingent to the U.S. or another country that voted against secession it certainly should be allowed to join the country remaining in the United States.

Also, any area could just vote to remain if it was a historical neighborhood or identifiable community.

National forests, parks, cemeteries, etc.  stay with the United States as well. Also, U.S. property.

Lew Rockwell Backs Texas Secession as well as Brexit

The Ludwig von Mises Institute head is Lew Rockwell who has a website

They have been supporting Brexit, where Britain leaves the European Union. A search at their web page will come up with numerous articles as well as an advance search on Google.

This is not surprising. Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute support secession any time and any place for any reason.

What is of interest is that Lew Rockwell has come out supporting Texit, which is Texas secession. Also, secession for other American states.

Though this is a case of one fringe movement endorsing another it is still a step forward for the Texas secessionists. The Lew Rockwell people have some significant support in Texas. Ron Paul was a U.S. Congressional Representative elected in Texas.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A Scarecrow to other nations

The British just voted to leave the European Union with much of the vote for the separation driven by Xenophobia and the fact is that the new economic system has left many behind.

The British pound has taken a steep drop.

It could break up the United Kingdom.

There will be negative consequences here.

Our local Texan idiots are using Brexit as a model for Texit.

The successful passage of Brexit should serve as a warning here what could happen. An economic that serves elites eventually is going to get opposition.

It will be interesting to see what a heavily populated island with not that many natural resources and long dependent on trading does as an isolationist nation.

It might be that Britain will serve as a warning to other nations what happens when you make these type of choices.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The South re-discovers its anti-Confederate past. Neo-Confederacy is crumbling.

The movie "Free State of Jones" opens this weekend.  This might lead to a popular re-discovery of the South's anti-Confederate past.

This is a news broad cast. "Free State of Winston"

The article states:
Here in the heart of Dixie – secession was favorable for those who had slaves, but what many may not know is that this was far from a war about the north and the south, in fact, it was a war about loyalty to the forefathers of the Union.
The Free State of Winston – a county once divided during the Civil War, but it was more than that. 
“A rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight,” said Peter Gossett of the Winston County Archives. “I noticed the similarity in the upcoming movie, that’s what they were talking about, and that’s what happened here.”

The neo-Confederates have always tried to assert that being Southern and being pro-Confederate is one and the same. What this new focus of history will show is that being Southern is one thing, being pro-Confederate is another, that is a racist jerk.

It can be imagined in the future when people want to proclaim that they honor their Confederate ancestors others will wonder why when other Southerners resisted the Confederacy. Confederate ancestors will be those who made the wrong choice as Southerners and they made it for slavery. It won't be identical with "Southern heritage" but will be seen as just being pro-Confederate.

There are a lot of regions of the South which didn't support slavery. Hopefully this movie revives interest everywhere in those regions and groups that resisted the Confederacy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Quoted in British Tabloid "Daily Mail" about Rick Tyler independent candidate for Congress.

I did a quick Facebook post about Rick Tyler running for Congress in Tennessee with the brief comment, "A clown running for congress in Tennessee."

I got the link from a "Gawker" article.

So this afternoon my comment was supposed to represent that Facebook was livid according to the "Daily Mail." 

I am surprised that this person isn't publicly a member of some neo-Confederate group. 

Presidential Elections and secession

Currently it looks like apparent Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump is going to lose the election. He may not even get the nomination. The Republican Party is realizing that besides losing the Presidential election Trump might bring down the Republican party and they could lose both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate and lose several governorships.

The effort to just deny Trump the nomination is in progress.

I am sure at this point all the Trump delegates are aware of these efforts and will attend the Republican National Convention in a state of anxiety that this might happen. It could be really tense. I would not be surprised if there is a riot of delegates when the attempt to deny Trump the nomination occurs.

There are two scenarios here.

1. Trump does get the nomination and he loses in the general election and takes down a lot of Republicans with him at the local, state, and federal levels. The Democratic Party is in charge at the federal level and at many more local and state places.

The Trump supporters and the cranky faction of the conservative movement realize that within the American democratic system they have no future and that the political landscape is going to evolve to be more adverse towards their goals.

2. Trump is just denied the nomination and the Republican party crashes in the general election and Trump supporters are totally alienated from the political system.

In general some will look at Trump's ouster and the Democrats superdelegate system and lose faith in the political system. Again the cranky segment of the conservative movement will realize that they have no future in the political system.

In either scenario the cranky conservative faction will be looking for success in what avenues they can find. Secession, creaking a local polity where you are in the majority will be immediately obvious though also seen as facing some challenges. However, when the crankies don't have any options in the system, they will be forced to pursue what options are available.

Texas secession movement will take off. There will be other secession movements.

The polling for secession was fairly substantial among Republicans after the 2012 elections and at that time Republicans controlled the House and Senate and had hopes. After 2016 they won't have hopes.

Secession will become more a real thing in American politics.

Also, I really think that people need to stop quoting Supreme Court decisions against secession as if they mattered. These legal rulings and laws really don't count much in the matter of secession. National identity is a matter of the heart, or as Lincoln referred to the "mystic chords of memory." In modern cultural geography we state that "nations are imagined."

Once a group of people decided to leave by a good margin at some point they have a good chance of leaving. Unless it is a really small place. In the South we have populations that would be inherently against secession so secession once it is realized to be a serious threat will receive a serious opposition from substantial portions of the public and will not be able to go anywhere. There is the prospect of conflict though.

This is the anti-Secession Facebook page for Texas.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sons of Confederate Veterans launch counter attack against the Southern Baptist Church: UPDATE, UPDATE 2

I have been writing the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention ever since I found out that the Ashley River Baptist church hosted the Sons of Confederate Veterans event at their 2014 national convention.

I wrote the leader of the Southern Baptists in Dallas.

At this page you can read the correspondence with Ronnie Floyd which I copied with the entire Executive Board of the denomination and with leaders of African American Baptist denominations.

I also wrote the leadership of the Texas SBC. I don't have that online.

The general campaign against hosting neo-Confederate groups is online at

I can't say definitely that I had an impact. I think that the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is trying to move into a future in which Christianity is global and is not centered in the Western world. The SBC can't compel member churches to not host Confederate groups, but they can send a message that will discourage it. I think with my correspondence they had to reflect that sooner or later their hosting of neo-Confederate groups would become news in the United States and then globally. Elsewhere they are competing against other Christian denominations and with other religions. Imagine what their credibility would be in Asian, Africa, Latin America, and in urban minority communities in the Western world if it got out that they were hosting neo-Confederate groups and they had been written about it and they persisted anyways.

With this resolution they have plausible deniability. If some SBC church still hosts a neo-Confederate event, they can start arguing blah blah blah about their organizational structure. I think though that with their resolution any minister would have to realize that some parishioners might raise objections and that also it could lead to real conflict in their church. Regardless of their feelings they will decide that it is a conflict they don't need.

Additionally, either the SBC is hosting neo-Confederate events or they are not, as Christians say, "By ye fruits you will know them." Something like that anyways. I will certainly  make any hosting by any church known, and each time a SBC church hosts the neo-Confederates it will be bad publicity. So I think individual SBC churches are not going to want to have any involvements with neo-Confederate groups.

The great thing about this resolution is that it puts other denominations to shame. The United Methodist Church (UMC) with all their hosting of the United Daughters of the Confederacy despite being told what the UDC was about really appear to be total fakes about the issue of  racism. I am sure liberal UMC members will come up with excuses and rationalizations but if they do, they will just discredit themselves. Members of other denominations will ask their leadership how come the SBC is ahead of them on this issue. How lame does Bishop McKee's email reply to me seem now!

I am currently writing a book on the neo-Confederate movement orientated towards a popular audience. I am planning on then starting pod castings. Since I am tied up I haven't been able to push the church issue much lately, but I do plan on including in the book the issue in the chapter on enablers.

As I blogged earlier the resolution against displaying the Confederate flag is weak, but it does have a huge symbolic importance.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Commander-in-Chief Kelly Barrow has responded.

Barrow's response doesn't include an apology for the neo-Confederate attacks on the SBC made by neo-Confederates and their books they have promoted. I made sure the SBC knew how the neo-Confederates were bashing them. I made sure the SBC knew the attack on them by Walter Kennedy in the book "Myths of American Slavery."

Barrow's response is clueless. It doesn't address the issue of the SBC reaching out to a multiracial world. Neo-Confederate have delusions about the Confederacy such that might think it would be somehow acceptable to be a Confederate identified church and still be able to reach out to a multiracial world.

I am sure the SBC is cringing that Barrow is releasing this information to the public.
Untold numbers of these SBC churches, over the years, have cultivated great relationships with SCV camps by opening their facilities for regular meetings and special occasions, not to mention the cemeteries owned by SBC churches where the remains of legions of Confederate heroes lie -- these are sites for numerous memorial services.
I don't think the SBC wants it broadcast that their member churches are in collusion with neo-Confederate groups.

Members of other denomination are going to be asking their leadership why they don't have such a resolution against the Confederate flag and they will like to think that their resolution would surely be more anti-Confederate than the SBC's.  Parishioners will ask why are they hosting a neo-Confederate group.

The SCV does have a church that is scheduled to host one of their events in Dallas during their 2016 convention. The online website for the convention doesn't mention it, but they are scheduling to have an event at a local church. Hopefully that church will re-consider. The church that is hosting the SCV event has to consider that even if they are keeping it secret it might leak out later and then they have not only hosted the event by they have conspired to hold the event.

The neo-Confederates are trying to push the Confederate battle flag as a Christian symbol.

This is the SBC resolution if you missed it:

Information on the Sons of Confederate Veterans regarding race.


Barrow is calling for the members to "stand down" because they are going to work behind the scenes with SBC members in the denomination. I think this will be hard to do for many of their members.

I am not so sure Barrow can control the SCV membership. One thing it is going to be fairly apparent soon that working behind the scenes isn't going to happen. The SBC when they voted on this resolution surely knew there would be disgruntled members.

The SBC just can't afford to be associated with the Confederacy. They are in competition with other denominations and with African American denominations and other denominations and religions globally. If they are seen to cave into the SCV they will really really lose credibility with everyone except a fading remnant of angry men.


At the Southern Baptist Convention a John Killian spoke out against the resolution against the Confederate battle flag.

Perhaps because he is involved with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


About the Southern Baptist Resolution, less than it seems

First it is just about the Confederate battle flag. You can fly any number of Confederate flags what don't have the infamous Confederate battle flag pattern.

Also, it doesn't reject the Confederacy. It also doesn't say that the Confederate Battle flag is racist, just that some consider it so.

To quote the resolution:

"WHEREAS, We recognize that the Confederate battle flag is used by some and perceived by many as a symbol of hatred, bigotry, and racism, offending millions of people; and"

Really, it "is used by some and perceived by many as a symbol of hatred, bigotry, and racism, offending millions of people"

The resolution doesn't say it is a symbol of racism, just that others perceive it as such.

Also, it is paternalism. We are concerned about the feelings of African Americans, not the that it might poison white people.

Finally, it isn't a rejection of the Confederacy itself.

It is a stuff and nonsense resolution.The Sons of Confederate Veterans will be outraged, but it is because they want everything and all things to be entirely for the Confederacy.

This is a measure so that the Southern Baptists don't have to face the issues regarding the Confederacy. I suspect that they will continue to host neo-Confederate groups.

Southern Baptist Church condemns Confederate flag, maybe United Methodist Church will get a clue

The Southern Baptist Convention has passed a resolution condemning the Confederate battle flag.

An article announcing the passage of a resolution condemning the Confederate battle flag.

A background article on the Southern Baptists considering it.

This resolution doesn't preclude them hosting neo-Confederate groups and they might use the resolution as a cover to continue hosting neo-Confederate groups.

Hopefully the United Methodist Church will get a clue and stop being clueless. The UMC likes to think they are all the lastest thing on racism and Christianity with fine sounding phrases, but they accommodate neo-Confederates and can't face the issue of the Confederacy.

I do think this is a huge blow against the neo-Confederates in terms of discrediting the Confederate battle flag. Many Southern Baptists will consider not flying it. It will make persons in the South who continue to fly the Confederate battle flag seem aberrant which will result in others not flying the Confederate flag. Now if you want to fly the Confederate flag you will be really fringe.

It will also surface the racial attitudes of some reactionaries who insist on flying the Confederates flag.

It will also challenge persons who are still into the Confederacy but think they are liberal or something or the progressive cutting edge. They will have to realize that they are just full of nonsense and rationalizations.

It will help me get churches to stop hosting.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

National Cathedral decides to get rid of Confederate flag stain glass, maybe the United Methodist Church will learn from this example and give up the Confederacy.

The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. has decided to get rid of their stain glass Confederate battle flags.

These stain glasses were donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) in the 20th century, I think in the 1940s or 50s. They considered it one of their prize accomplishments.

This follows after St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia, first dis-invited the UDC and then decided to get rid of Confederate memorialization.

This is the story about St. Paul dis-inviting the UDC.

This blog posting has a whole host of articles about St. Paul's giving up the Confederacy.

Perhaps this will get the United Methodist Church to give up enabling neo-Confederate groups.

The campaign against churches enabling the Confederacy is documented at:

The Episcopal Church was the leading enabler of neo-Confederate groups, but that seems to be coming to an end.

I am tied up with an important project, but I plan to get back on the topic of churches. The action of removing the Confederate battle flag from the National Cathedral will send a message to all the churches.

There are other churches with Confederate stain glass battle flags such as at the Old Blandford Church in Petersburg, Virginia. Now that stain glass now can be questioned. If one church has gotten rid of a Confederate battle flag, why not another.

Monday, June 06, 2016

The other trailers for the Free State of Jones movie

Please see the immediately previous posting for the other trailer and more info.

This is the first official trailer.

This is the "Freedom" TV Commercial

This is the "Courage" TV Commercial.

"Free State of Jones" movie. Opening soon.

As you might imagine, the person who writes the blog is planning to see this movie.

This is the website for the movie.  Link to the movie trailer.

Click on the video to make it full screen so you can see it entirely.

Lawyers drop Confederate statue case and client in Kentucky, news reports that client had a racist post

Turns out that the heritage is somewhat hateful. Supporters of the Confederate statue said it was "about history and not race." Seems that is flushed down the drain now.

The lawyers cited a post on his social media account after the May 25 hearing.
In a Facebook post, Corley called African-American University of Louisville professor Ricky Jones “a damn dirty black bastard,” according to a May 27 article in Insider Louisville. The post has since been deleted, but was widely viewed.
Jones, chair of the department of Pan-African Studies, has been a key advocate forremoving the 121-year-old monument, located in a median on Third Street amid the University of Louisville campus.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Burning six different Confederate flags tomorrow at 2:30 EST

The above will be the live channel. 

I am going to burn. 

11. Confederate Battle flag.

22. 2nd National Confederate flag, “Stainless” designed around the idea of white supremacy. The white is stainless.

33.   United Daughters of the Confederacy North Carolina Division Ku Klux Klan flag.

44. Bonnie Blue flag and some other lesser known flags that Fraternities fly so they can fly a Confederate flag and people don’t know about it.

55. LSU Confederate flag and how they blocked an African American student’s campaign against it.

66.  The Citadel flag which is an exact copy of the Citadel’s Confederate flag of 1861. This university has dealings with the United Daughters of the Confederacy. 

"Think Progress" reports on John Sims "Burn and Bury" plan. UPDATE: I am going to burn 12 or more Confederate flags tomorrow.

John Sims hopes to make this an annual event.

Click on the video below to see the whole view.


I will be burning 12 plus Confederate flags tomorrow as part of the Burn and Bury project

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A resolution for your county or city to vote against Texas secession UPDATE:

Forever American Declaration


This is a declaration for your city or county to make in response to proposals of Texas secession.  It serves multiple purposes. One it establishes that your city or county will remain a part of the United States of America in the unlikely event that Texas secedes.

One of the assumptions of Texas secessionists is that if they get Texas to secede because they are unhappy with the politics of other Americans we all necessarily have to go along with it. We can secede too, if necessary, right back to the United States of America.  Texas secessionists should be confronted with the possible breakup of Texas driven by their folly.

Hopefully it never comes to that. More importantly the Forever American Declaration is a means by which Texans, who want to stay in the United States of America, can publicly declare so. The fact that a large number of Texans don’t want to secede and are committed to not to secede thus will be known. 

Perhaps more importantly we need to get elected officials to take a stand on this and identify which elected officials are either sympathetic to Texas secession or not willing to take a stand against it. Some people view the 16 nay to 14 yea, with one abstention, vote against Texas secession by the platform committee at the Texas State Republican Party convention in May 2016 as something positive. It is appalling. It should have been 31 to 0 against. Those voting for it should not be considered patriotic at all, instead enemies of our nation.


We, (legislative body) of (city or state), declare that (city or state) is forever a part of the United States of America and will remain so under all circumstances by what means are necessary to do so. No claim of sovereignty by any group seceding from the United States of America will be recognized nor any authority claimed by secessionists nor any laws passed by secessionists.

UPDATE: This could apply to any place in the United States of America where there is a secession movement. It would work the same way and have the same impact. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Huffington Post publishes John Sim's article about starting an annual ritual to burn the Confederate flag on memorial day.

Burn it again! Huffington Post article on John Sims starting an annual observance of burning the Confederate flag.  Link to the video.

Click on video to see it entirely. 

Vintage Jim Schutze, "Dallas Observer" republished article from 1999 about getting rid of Confederate names for schools. Was extensively interviewed for this article.

"Dallas Observer" republished article on getting rid of Confederate names for Dallas schools. Yours truly in article.

This school was 90+% African American and was named Jefferson Davis.

More things to do to oppose Texas secession

This list and the prior list are just a start. By making a list of things to do we start to get people to start thinking about ways to oppose Texas secession and realize that they can actively oppose secession right now.

The last item is let me know what you think would be a good way to oppose Texas secession.

Hopefully Texas secession doesn't go further and this year was the high tide of craziness for Texas secession. However, if it does become more real, we will want to have done some thinking about what we might do, and have some preliminary organization against Texas secession.

So share this list and the previous list. Join the Texans True to the Union Facebook page and invite your friends.

More Things to Do To Oppose Texas Secession

1.               Oppose celebration of the Confederacy: Celebrating those who were violent secessionists tends to give people the idea that secession is a great thing.  When counties and cities pass resolutions declaring a Confederate history month it shouldn’t be surprising that secession is seen as a legitimate option. Confederate monuments, place names need to go.

2.             Ask others to imagine being boxed in by boundaries: It is more than just having to go through customs to get to Chicago or New Orleans or someplace else. It is about being separated from others in our nation.  People will realize this if they give it some thought.

3.             Ask others to imagined being governed by these people: Listen or read their raging anger and realize what living in a Texas governed by them would be like.

4.             Write an essay against Texas secession: Even if you don’t get it published you can put it on your blog or Facebook page and share it with people you know. It is a good exercise to clarify your thoughts why you are against secession.  

5.              Think of something you can do to oppose Texas secession and let us know about it: Think of an idea and let us know about it so we can add it to the list.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Six things you can do to oppose Texas secession

This is just an initial list of ideas. I suppose some are fairly obvious. It is my first list. I thought it would be good to start opposing Texas secession now and get an initial list out there.

I plan to do more things to oppose secession such as a reading list on Texas history. I do urge people to joint the Texans True to the Union Facebook page. You can keep informed at that page.

Six Things to Do To Oppose Texas Secession

1.               Celebrate being American: This could be a national holiday, like Martin Luther King’s birthday, but it could be other things. Read something by your favorite author with whom you share being American. Listen to a musician who with whom you share being American. Realize that by being American you get to share in a great national life.

2.             Don’t vote for anyone who supports secession: This means that you will need to ask candidates their position. Candidates need to learn that there is a public against this. Candidates that support secession need to be defeated at the polls. Elected officials that support secession need to lose re-election.

3.                Join anti-Texas secession groups: At this time this one Facebook page is the only group, but there might be others. You might form one.

4.             Share anti-Texas secession articles: When there is a good article why Texas secession is a bad idea, make sure you share it.

5.              Know why Texas secession is a bad idea: Be informed about what the consequences of secession would be. Think through why you are against secession. It isn’t enough to say that the Supreme Court has ruled against it though it is good that it has. Your argument should be more than economic. Money isn’t everything.

6.             Share this list.

Texas Nationalist Movement welcomes Neo-Confederate Abbeville Institute support.

This is the web page of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) referring their readership  to the Abbeville Institute article on Texas secession.

This is the Abbeville Institute article.

I think this welcoming of support by the neo-Confederate movement tells a lot about the Texas Nationalist Movement and their attitudes on race.

I am going to start making up a list of things, large and small, that people can do to oppose the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Confederate heritage as it actually is

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity, founded in the antebellum South hazing and racist behavior at the Univ. of Wisconsin.

In this song the SAE members are singing about when African Americans can join. It seems that it is never according to the song.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Podcast of the Texas Republican Party secession debates.

Sound track of Texas Republican's arguing for secession at the Texas State Convention

What is interesting is how loud the cheering is for the secessionists. The anger against the United States.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

CRAZINESS TAKES OVER TEXAS REPUBLICAN PARTY UPDATE: By small margin late night vote secession removed from platform.

I have been following the Texas Nationalist movement. It has continued to surprise me.

First they get a resolution for a secession voted on by the Texas State Republican Executive Committee, and though defeated they get one-third of the committee to vote for it and discover that those voting against are scared to go on record as being against it.

Then later, they they get the resolution passed in somewhere between 10 to 22 county GOP conventions.

Now it is reported that a platform plank on secession will be both debated and voted on at the Texas State Republican Party convention in Dallas, TX.  This is getting real.

My previous blog postings give background information on how this Texas secessionist movement has progressed developed.

The very fact that it will be debated and voted on at the Texas Republican Party state convention is a tremendous advance for the cause. They will get volunteers and next time they do a signature drive to get the secession resolution on the Texas Republican Primary ballot (You can do this in Texas.) they will get the signatures. It doesn't matter if the vote is 3 to 1 or 4 to 4. If the measure loses 2 to 1, it will be a tremendous victory for a new secessionist movement.

Don't think that they can't get one-third of the delegates voting for them. They got one-third of the State Republican Executive Committee to vote for the measure. Delegates will worry also how it will impact their careers if they vote against it. Everyone thinks they can vote for it and avoid the Texas nationalists targeting them because someone else will vote against it, or that in the end it is a joke.

Also, this secessionist sentiment has roots in the Republican Party. I have the run of the Texas Republic magazine and it includes many prominent Republican officials and the magazine is sympathetic to the Confederacy and secession. It had neo-Confederates involved.


What is notable that the platform committee waited until late at night to reverse their vote and pull the measure. Even then it was 16 to pull, 14 for the secession item, and 1 abstaining for the 31 member platform committee.

The fact that the vote wasn't 31 to 0 should be cause for concern.

The Texas Nationalist Movement hasn't had at the time of this update a comment on losing. It seems they tend to report victory quickly, and defeat late, if at all.

Going as far as they did with this effort, they have achieved a victory in terms of making the possibility of secession more plausible, getting more people aware of their movement. It would be reasonable for them to expect that with the next state convention they might pick up a couple votes and it would be out for a vote by the convention.

I think that if Donald Trump is elected, they will face a difficult time getting support. If Hillary Clinton is elected, I think the Texas Nationalists will get  a lot of support and will win the vote at the next Republican Party state convention. At some point the Republican Party base will realize that their agenda has no future in the nation. At that time there will likely be secession movements all over the place.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The U.S. Treasury Department has decided to keep Hamilton on the $10 bill, probably due to the success of the recent Broadway play "Hamilton."

Instead Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

Ben Carson, continuing to make sure people know that he is a fool, has suggested that Harriet Tubman go on the $2 bill because not many people use that denomination.

1. Neo-Confederates hate Hamilton and removing him from U.S. currency would have been a victory for them.

2. Neo-Confederates love Andrew Jackson who fought the Seminoles to preserve slavery.

3. Neo-Confederates will loath having an abolitionist, an African American and a woman on any U.S. currency. They will really hate Harriet Tubman being placed on the $20 bill and bumping Andrew Jackson off U.S. currency.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Religious Scholar gives his assessment of the meaning of Confederate iconography at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond

The above is the link. The reassessment of church's connections to the Confederacy is happening.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church is the church I wrote back in 2014. They first decided to disinvite the United Daughters of the Confederacy, then they decided to assess their Confederate imagery in the Church.

The correspondence and news articles can be read at this link.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Scholar's Project on the story of integration in Little Rock, Arkansas.


I have a website supplying the pages of the White Citizens' Council newspaper for scholars of the Civil Rights movement.

I got an email and this website was put up using the materials.

It is about the story of the integration of Little Rock.

If you haven't checked out you should. You will realize that many discusses of civil rights and race today are echoes of the past discussions.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Aunjanue Ellis calls for Obama to ban Confederate flags from Federal property.

Aunjanue Ellis, an actress known for her role in The Help, is the star of ABC’s Quantico and co-stars in The Birth of a Nation, out on Oct. 7, calls for Obama to ban Confederate flags from Federal buildings.

"... it is time now that Obama sends a bill to Congress outlawing the flag of the KKK and the Confederacy from being flown on all federal property."

Essay about the myth of Southern solidarity for secession

Frank Cocozzelli  had this published.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This is the draft press release which goes out this coming weekend to media, social justice groups, etc. I will be printing it out in the morning and editing

Which Church is Hosting the
Sons of Confederate Veterans in 2016?

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) is having their 2016 national convention in Richardson, TX on July 13-17, 2016 Unlike past practice, but as in 2014 the SCV is going into stealth mode and is not announcing at which church their memorial service will be.

A campaign is underway to convince churches in the Dallas, Texas area not to host or lend their facilities to the SCV. A reasonable person would see that it is a racist and extremist organization by any reasonable standard which is documented at The campaign to get churches not to host neo-Confederate groups is documented at and the Facebook page

However certain denominations have past records of hosting neo-Confederate groups.

SOUTHERN BAPTISTS: They hosted the 2014 SCV national convention. It is documented online here. A letter was written to the president of the Southern Baptists and copied to all 60 plus board members. There was no reply.  A letter was recently sent to the head of the Southern Baptists in Texas and all the board members and hopefully there will some response. Correspondence online at

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH: Historically they have frequently hosted SCV events.  (See enclosed Bar Graph.) In 2014 the former Bishop of Dallas was written but there was no reply. A letter was recently sent to Bishop Ferrell and hopefully there will be a reply. Correspondence online at

EPISCOPAL CHURCH: Historically they have frequently hosted SCV events (See enclosed Bar Graph). In 2014 the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas was written and the reply was that he didn’t know of any church hosting the SCV, but he didn’t say that a church wouldn’t. Bill Murchison, contributor to Southern Partisan and former board member of the Texas League of the South is influential in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. A follow up letter has been sent to Bishop Summer and hopefully there will be a more definitive reply. Correspondence online at

UNITED METHODIST CHURCH: They haven’t hosted too many SCV events, but many of their churches host SCV monthly meetings (See enclosed Excel sheet). The UMC has hosted national events for the United Daughters of the Confederacy repeatedly despite correspondence asking them not to.
The North Texas Conference Bishop McKee was written to in 2014, recently a follow up letter has been sent and hopefully there will be a reply.  Correspondence online at

PRESBYTERIAN USA:  They are in the top four of hosting national neo-Confederate convention events. (See enclosed Bar Graph.) The 1st Presbyterian Church in Texarkana, AR, lent their facilities to the Children of the Confederacy national convention in 2015. Presbyterian Voices for Justice has raise the issue (See but it remains to be seen if the Presbyterian USA church will give up the Confederacy. Correspondence in 2014 went unanswered. Hopefully they will respond to a recent letter sent in 2016.   Correspondence online at

OTHER DENOMINATIONS: From the Bar Graphs you can see that other denominations have also hosted neo-Confederate events. Additionally certain Christian Reconstructionist groups and reactionary Presbyterian denominations have had an affinity for the Confederacy.

The article, "The US Civil War as A Theological War: Confederate Christian Nationalism and the League of the South," in the Canadian Review of American Studies, Vol. 32 No. 3, pp. 253-284, describes these conservative denominations. (Available online at:

As some denominations stop hosting neo-Confederate groups others may step in to take their place. Remember it might be your church, ask and find out.


As other religious leaders, denominations, churches and anti-racist groups are written to the correspondence will be online at: Additionally documentation can be sent via Cloud Services to those interested.


Ed Sebesta can be contacted by email at His curriculum vitae is enclosed. He was recently awarded the Spirit of Freedom medal by the African American Civil War Museum and is published by university presses, peer-reviewed academic journals, and Black Commentator.
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