Saturday, August 31, 2013

Virginia Columnist says the Republican Party is the party of the Confederacy

R. Matthew Poteat of the Stanton News Leader in Stanton, Virginia has a column where he argues that the Republican Party is the party of the Confederacy, the following is a link to the article.

He says:
Let’s be frank. The Republican Party is the Party of the Confederacy. It should just go ahead and change its name. At least they’d be honest with themselves and the American people.
It can no longer call itself the Party of Lincoln. It left that tradition a long time ago, a process that began with FDR’s New Deal, President Truman’s integration of the military and, finally, LBJ’s support of the Civil and Voting Rights acts.
This may be a new revelation to Poteat, however, former U.S. Senator Trent Lott said that the Republican Party was the party of Jefferson Davis in the Fall 1984 Vol. 4 No. 4 issue of Southern Partisan. That was nearly 30 years ago.

A lot of leading Republicans interviewed in the Southern Partisan.

The Southern Partisan sold this T-shirt which they thought was clever.

The front side had this logo:

The back side had this: 

The one thing though is that there isn't a Republican majority anymore. The Republicans control the House of Representatives through the drawing of congressional districts, but a majority of Americans voted for Democrats in the House. Otherwise "Lincoln's worst nightmare" may well have come to pass. 

Matt Heimbach, head of the White Student Union at Maryland gets distinguished service award from the Sons of Confederate Veterans at their national convention

Dead Confederate has this blog on the whole matter here:

Quoting from his blog.

Matt Heimbach — founder of the White Student Union at Towson University, dabbler in Nazi ideology, and current darling of white supremacy movement — even Glenn Beck thinks he’s a rancid loon — was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal (below, right) at the SCV annual meeting in Murfreesboro last year, along with “many of our own Va Flaggers.” This is according to this announcement, apparently from the Virginia Flaggers themselves, posted on several websites:

Friday, August 30, 2013

Is the League of the South ashamed of the Confederate flag? The League of the South campaign against Hispanics. UPDATE: Southern Nationalist Network responds to this blog posting UPDATE2:

The League of the South (LOS) has started a series of protests against what it calls "Demographic Displacement." What they mean is immigration which would actually be "demographic addition." However, logic isn't a strong feature of LOS thinking.

These are some LOS links about their campaign against immigration which they are doing in partnership with the Southern Nationalist News (SNN) group.

This is the link to the flyer for the upcoming protest.

The photo coverage of the Uvalda event is shown at the following link, notice you don't see any type of Confederate flag. Not the Confederate battle flag or the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd National Confederate flag.

The LOS obviously hopes to capitalize on the issue of immigration to increase their membership. It is somewhat surprising since the LOS usually doesn't protest but writes papers, holds conferences, and writes some more papers, and hold another conference.

Occasionally they have tried joining other protest events, but they would get thrown out. Conservatives in the South don't want Confederate flags associated with their movement. Now it seems the LOS also doesn't want Confederate flags associated with their movement either.

The white flag with the cross is explained here.

On the flag the color white is supposed to be for European heritage and black is for nationalism. So the SNN is an openly white nationalist group.

This new direction of the LOS has great opportunities to defeat neo-Confederacy with little effort on my part.

First it is unlikely they will get many members. At some point most interested persons will realize that the LOS has something to do with the Confederacy and then something to do with secession and neo-Confederacy and they will feel like they were lured in and leave. Though with the LOS's small membership any new members will probably be significant.

Second the issue of immigration has passed its crest. Conservative religious groups have shifted on the issue of immigration. They see immigrants as being a new group from which to recruit. Also, Christianity is becoming centered outside the West in the non-Western world. The LOS anti-immigrant campaign puts them at odds with evangelical Christianity in the South.

Finally, though these demonstrations will get little press, but they will be noted in the Hispanic community and they will be schooled in the meaning of the Confederacy and the Confederate flag. This will bring on board a whole new community against the Confederacy.  This is something that would take me years to accomplish, but it seems the LOS will do this for me with no effort on my part.


The Southern Nationalist Network (SNN) responded to this blog post.

The fact is that in all the pictures that the SNN posted I don't see the Confederate battle flag or the 1st, 2nd or 3rd National Confederate flag or a flag that most people would recognize as Confederate. Most people wouldn't recognize the 1st National Confederate flag as being Confederate.

No doubt when people walked up to the protesters they realized that the SNN and LOS were neo-Confederate groups. They might have said nice things, and then thought to themselves, "smile then walk casually back to the car and leave!" The fact remains, based on viewing the photos, until people got closer they wouldn't realize that the SNN and LOS were at all connected to the Confederacy.

The SNN said they got a lot of coverage, but it seems that they just got local coverage in small town newspapers. I do hope that CNN or some other major media outlet with a significant audience does give them coverage. Unfortunately I think that given the significance of the LOS and the SNN they are not likely to get significant news coverage excepting if the media thinks it would have freak show novelty interest.

The SNN and LOS should try wearing Confederate uniforms and fly Confederate flags that are recognizable as being such by the general public. The "Bonnie" Blue flag doesn't count, the general public won't have a clue what it is. If you have any women at the event make sure they wear hoop skirts. If you are lucky enough to get a TV camera to show up, give a Rebel Yell.

Also, why can't the SNN and the LOS protest gay parades and events? There are a lot of stupid gay people in the South that swoon over "Gone With The Wind," and dote on Confederate ancestors and at social events blather defending the Confederacy. A SNN & LOS protest would help shut them up.

I think the reason the neo-Confederates haven't done any public protest of the gay movement or press releases attacking the gay movement is that they are afraid of antagonizing the gay and Lesbian movement. They might get squashed like bugs. Actually they would get squashed like bugs and the anti-gay movement in America would cringe seeing the SNN and LOS publicly attacking the gay movement.

SNN has committed to continue protesting immigration. Keep at it guys! I am sure the anti-immigration movement is cringing at the thought of you being the face of anti-immigration.

I suppose this blog posting isn't good strategy. I should have done a posting in which I was outraged, just outraged, outraged, outraged, outraged at the enormity of it. It would encourage them to do more protests. But I am laughing too hard.  Excuse me while I get some duct tape to keep my posterior from falling off.


A more recent blog posting on this topic.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

What are the Democrats up to with this "neo-Confederate" talk.

Recently I am starting to hear more references to factions of the Republican Party by Democrats as "neo-Confederate."

For example there is this article by Brent Budowsky in the publication, The Hill, Washington D.C. publication, referring to a civil war in the Republican Party between nationalists and neo-Confederates.

He says:
The neo-confederates are spearheaded by GOP firebrands such as Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), former Wasilla Mayor and part-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the ubiquitous birther Donald Trump and a lengthy cast of smaller characters who increasingly resemble a political freak show more than a political party (what do you say about statewide candidates who cannot take a clear position against rape?).
Sarah Palin did speak to the Alaska Independence Party, and Rand Paul is the son of neo-Confederate Ron Paul of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, ( However, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump I haven't picked up any neo-Confederate connections. Perhaps Cruz has said something about nullification or interposition, and I missed it. 

Jesse Jackson recently referred to the Tea Party Republicans the resurrection of the Confederacy. 
The Rev. Jesse Jackson said in a Tuesday interview with a national news outlet that there’s no question about it — Republicans are constantly pushing the race button on all matters of policy and politics, and tea party activists are akin to redneck racist throwbacks from the Civil War era.
“The tea party is the resurrection of the Confederacy,” he said, in an interview with Politico. “It’s the Fort Sumter tea party.”

This is another item on Jesse Jackson's comments. 

Earlier a commentator used neo-Confederate in reference to the anti-gun control movement. 

What does all this mean. I am not sure. Perhaps neo-Confederate has just entered the political lexicon and it is bound to be used as a derogatory comment about a political opponent. 

However, it wasn't that long ago that the Democratic Party and liberals didn't want to say anything much about neo-Confederacy or Confederate anything. There were some electoral votes and congressional districts they hoped to shake loose out of the South for upcoming elections. 

Instead, I think the Democrats are hoping that if they use the term neo-Confederate or Confederacy enough they can get the Tea Party to embrace the Confederacy, perhaps fly some Confederate flags, in reaction. 

It isn't just the last couple weeks either, this campaign attempting to identify the Republicans with the Confederacy has been going on all year. 

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)

The SCV has been getting involved with the JROTC by handing out their Hunley Award. They award it irrespective of race. The SCV is not stupid. They realize giving the award to minority students gives them a public image contrary to their real selves which you can read about here at Black Commentator.

The purpose of this program was explained by the SCV as follows:

The SCV seeks to be involved in the Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (JROTC). In the Nov./Dec. 2009 issue ofConfederate Veterans the SCV announces in an article that it is going to expand the awarding of the South Carolina Division SCV’s H.L. Hunley JROTC award nation wide so as to reach, as Program Chairman Trip Wilson explains, “…500,000 cadets serving in 3,500 JROTC units…” The purpose of this award is to advance the goals of the SCV as Chairman Wilson explains:
"If each year we are able to recognize 500 to 1,000 cadets nationwide and get Sons of Confederate Veterans’ compatriots into high schools presenting the awards, then there is unlimited potential the good it can do in educating our young people and changing the perception of them and their parents have of our organization." [No author, “Junior ROTC H.L. Hunley Awards Program,Confederate Veteran, Vol. 67 No. 6, Nov./Dec. 2009, pp. 52-53.]
I am not sure what my strategy will be. I can't write all the school boards, but I might write state school boards instead. I might get some civil rights groups involved. I certainly will write the military. I am may write some African American veterans organizations. I think I will just start writing and just working with events as they develop.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Slavery apologist in the Oregon Republican Party.

I came across an interesting article about Arthur G. Robinson, now Chairman of the Oregon State Republican Party selling racist books which include defenses of slavery.

The link is:

Opposition to Gun Control is called "Neo-Confederate"

On NBC opposition to gun control is called "neo-Confederate."

Here is a link to a YouTube video of the commentary.

I am not sure why the commentator refers to a "neo-Confederate thread." There is a brief reference to the Tenth Amendment movement and gun control.

It is interesting in that the terminology is being used in regular political discourse. When I started this research over 20 years old the term was known to just a few people.  I did not invent the term, it was first used by an editor of Southern Partisan magazine.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cato Institute warns libertarians against neo-Confederacy in really interesting video.

Kevin Levin mentioned this video on his blog. His blog does have some interesting items and I do visit it. Though I find his "Road to Reunion" attitude a negative thing as well as his ad hominem attacks on myself when he has no real argument for his position, it doesn't mean that you can't learn some really interesting items at his blog.

This blog posting of his is about a video by the Cato Institute warning Libertarians that the Confederacy isn't a model for Libertarians or represent Libertarian values. It is fairly good going over historical information that hasn't generally reached the public. The link is:

It is worth watching for the how libertarians interpret the Civil War.

However, it seems that the video also incorporates some neo-Confederate views of the Civil War and is to some extent self-defeating. He even quotes Murray Rothbard which is truly self-defeating. If this is the anti-Neo-Confederacy of the libertarian movement their cause is already lost.

Let me suggest a shorter message to conservatives and Libertarians. If your movement embraces white supremacy in our multipolar and multiracial world you are truly lost.

As everyone should know, my effort is non-partisan and I don't do this research for the advance of any partisan cause. My website is named after a 19th century metaphor for the American republic and my goal is to defend that republic against its neo-Confederate enemies.

Yes, I am able to figure out that sometimes others use my research for partisan goals. I suggest that those who have embraced an element of neo-Confederacy give up neo-Confederacy and thus not be susceptible to partisan attacks over it.

As Kevin Levin points out and I pointed out in an earlier blog posting it is interesting that conservative leaders are having to start warning their followers and readers against neo-Confederacy. I think that though these warnings are good and necessary and a good start against neo-Confederacy entering the conservative mainstream, they are not enough to prevent neo-Confederacy entering the mainstream of conservatism. I think the conservative movement needs to have a good look at itself and how it processes the issues of race. In particular its practice of exploiting race resentments. I don't say all conservatives do this, but I do think many do and the conservatives that don't remain silent.

A conservative movement that to some extent at some level is a white racial movement will embrace the rationalizations of neo-Confederacy despite all the historical facts, despite reason, despite logic, despite common sense.

This rejection of the Confederacy is a good first step, but it isn't adequate.

As for Kevin Levin I think that his opposition to neo-Confederacy, a word which he has gone on record as not liking, is based on the fact that neo-Confederates are upsetting a historical discussion of the Civil War which regarded it as a sort of a toy soldiers game. He is largely if not entirely uninformed by critical theory in his thinking.

Again, that doesn't mean you can't learn something from his site.

Walgreens rejects the Sons of Confederate Veterans

I got an email Friday, 8/16/2013, from Walgreens telling me that they didn't knowingly have any association with the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and they sent me a screen capture showing that there was no SCV page anymore at the We Care website.

Specifically Walgreens informed me that they were going to talk to We Care because this affiliation with the SCV  didn't reflect Walgreens' values.

Mainstream America rejects neo-Confederacy.

One of the positive benefits of this project is that managers of affinity groups are going to be more careful who they sign up with.


Article on whole campaign is online at:

In the "Fort Worth Star-Telegram" column by Bud Kennedy, "Founding Faith Didn't Include a Secession Movement." Maybe Grassroots American needs to change their name to Grassroots Confederacy, Maybe Tea party 911 should change their name to Secession 911.

In the Fort Worth Star-Telegram there is a column by Bud Kennedy titled, "Founding Faith Didn't Include a Secession Movement." It is about a conference at an Arlington church in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area of which Arlington is a part.

The link is:

What is interesting is that Lt. General Boykin, President of the Family Research Council has pulled out because he doesn't want to be associated with the League of the South and neo-Confederacy, but two black conservative groups still wish to attend, one which calls itself the Frederick Douglass Foundation and the other which calls itself the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee.

Two Tea Party groups are involved with this.  One is and the other is .

This is their link to the conference. Perhaps Grassroots America needs to change their name to Grassroots Confederacy.

This is the Tea Party 911 link to promote the Conference

However which is the website for the conference just has a password entry box.

The controversy is about Pastor David Whitney who is billed on the flyer as being with the Institute on the Constitution but the web page doesn't mention that the head of the Institute on the Constitution is Michael Peroutka, a board member of the League of the South and that Whitney is a pastor of the League of the South.

The High Point Church in Arlington has cancelled the event.

Up till now the Tea Party movement made sure it wasn't associated with neo-Confederacy. However with these comments by a Texas Tea Party leader you can see that secession has made inroads. Note the comment, "I don't think [secession] would be necessary at this time," by Sharon Kay Russell in the following interview by Kennedy with Russell.
The institute is co-sponsoring the faith conference with the local Tea Parties of Texas PAC.

The PAC was formed by leaders of 10 Tea Party groups including Bob and Donna Smith of the Grapevine-based NE Tarrant Tea Party and Barry Schlech of the Burleson-based Texas Patriots Tea Party.

PAC board chairwoman Sharon Kay Russell of Rowlett said the cancellations by Boykin and other speakers are “alarming.”

“I wonder if they were pressured,” she said.

Asked about the PAC co-sponsoring an event with pro-secession leaders, she called that a rumor.

“I don’t think that [secession] would be necessary at this time,” she said.

She said secessionists “have a right to speak out.”
Of course secessionists have a right to speak out. Russell is resorting to misrepresenting the issue. The question is whether your group wants to aid this position by enabling the organization. Since she doesn't reject secession she isn't concerned with enabling secessionists.

With this event we see the Tea Party is beginning to publicly include neo-Confederates. I have always suspect that the Tea Party groups in the former Confederate states must include many who have a Lost Cause mentality towards the Confederacy.

Also, Bud Kennedy raises the issue of the patriotism of the Tea Party groups when they enable neo-Confederates.  Kennedy closes his column stating:
They all say they want to restore the nation.
They just don’t say which one.
There is political competition across the political spectrum. Groups do compete for members, funding, influence. In this competition among Tea Party groups is support of secession and the Confederacy going to be a litmus test for being truly conservative? Interposition and nullification has already been take up by conservatives, is secession far behind? Counter to this trend is that Evangelical Christianity is currently concerned to be part of the world wide Christian movement which is multiracial with whites in a minority. The High Point Church has cancelled the event.

Notice: Warren Throckmorton is also covering events and reports at
 that the event has been cancelled.

Mr. Throckmorton has been tracking fairly ably the Institute on the Constitution and its mainstreaming neo-Confederacy into the conservative religious world.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) broadcasting neo-Confederate Constitution course. Which nation is the National in NRB for, American or Confederate?

As you can see at this link: the National Religious Broadcasters are having a Prime Time Program on the American constitution by the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) which has an "American View" website, though really the IOTC doesn't have an American view at all, but a Confederate one.

The IOTC is run by Michael Anthony Peroutka who is a board member of the League of the South.

The IOTC website is at:

Knowingly promoting racism negates any moral standing the members of the NRB might have.

The details of this whole matter are ably reported on by Warren Throckmorton at:

It is not too surprising that the NRB isn't too concerned about advancing neo-Confederacy. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell both interviewed in the Southern Partisan as well as Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association.  I once bought a book, "More Than Conquerors, Believes From All Walks of Life," by the Moody Press and in it Robert E. Lee was praised as a Christian hero even though he was a white supremacist fighting for slavery.

I think there are a lot of Christian organizations that need to realize that the Civil Rights Era has occurred, it isn't 1910 anymore.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Churches which host services by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy UPDATED

I am currently working on compiling a list of the churches that host services and events by the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC.) The purpose will be to ask them not to support neo-Confederates.

I don't think the Roman Catholic Church or the Episcopal Church can claim any legitimate moral position when they aid neo-Confederates. (Note, I wanted to confirm that the Roman Catholic churches have been involved.) They don't need to be posing as moral guides when they aid neo-Confederacy.

I am not sure how this campaign will unfold. First I need to compile the list. Then there needs to be a cover article. Finally an online publisher. I think I can find an online publisher.

I might have to write up something on the United Daughters of the Confederacy also. I have an online article on the SCV already.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and the Southern Legal Resource Center (SLRC) no longer at We Care. UPDATE: drops link to We Care has decided after all to dump the SCV and when they found out that Kirk Lyons' organization, SLRC was associated with them they dumped them also.

The SCV website still has this link on their web page.

But it goes to a "Sorry Page Not Found" web page.

So it seems that the whole thing is over, though we will be watching. The SCV page was up, then down, then up, then down.

One interesting thing was the when the SCV We Care page was back up and companies were choosing to opt in, the kids sneaker company Keds opted in. The other companies appeared to be no name companies which existed on the web.

So it looks like it is over. On to the next project.

UPDATE: has dropped the link to We Care.


Article about the whole campaign is online here:

"Daily Beast" article: A Democrat discovers those who support the Confederacy are hostile to Obama.

There is this article in the Daily Beast today:

One of the comments in the article is:
In a region where some whites continue to celebrate the Confederacy, it’s reasonable to link high opposition to the black president and racial prejudice.
The article's author Jamelle Bouie doesn't mention the fact that Obama has sent a wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 despite annual letters sent to him asking him not to. Additionally, federal government practices of supporting neo-Confederacy under the Obama administration have continued despite letters asking him not to.

Jamelle Bouie is with American Prospect, a magazine of the Democratic Party establishment, and a fellow at Nation magazine. This article wouldn't be written unless the Democratic Party has come to some conclusion about those sympathetic to the Confederacy. Short of having Obama fly a Confederate battle flag over the White House pandering to those sympathetic to the Confederacy isn't going to get Obama support in the South. I think even flying the Confederate battle flag over the White House wouldn't help Obama in the South.

So there is a lot of national antipathy to the Confederacy and the Democrats are probably going to utilize that.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Curtis Flowers, the Council of Conservative Citizens and questions about justice in the "Rolling Stones." I supplied some information to the writer.

I supplied the information about Doug Evans' attendance at the Council of Conservative Citizens,, for this article
Then why Flowers? Dianna Freelon-Foster, former mayor of Grenada, a town in Evans' judicial district, pins the blame squarely on the district attorney: "I think he's a racist white supremacist," she says. Strong words, but Evans does have a history on race. In 1991, he delivered the keynote address at a Webster County meeting of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a neo-segregationist organization that opposes, according to its current mission statement, "all efforts to mix the races of mankind [and] to promote non-white races over the European-American people through so-called 'affirmative action.'" In 1992, Evans attended a CCC address delivered by Robert "Tut" Patterson, the notorious segregationist who founded the White Citizens Council to fight school desegregation. The CCC's newsletter reported Evans' attendance at both events. (Evans did not respond to Rolling Stone's request for comment for this story.)
Link to story

Print Version

Having collected the Citizen Informer back issues and having carefully indexed them, I am able to look through issues and find information when I get inquiries. It makes it all worthwhile.

"Slates'" Vault has item on Lincoln's Order No. 252 on the treatment of African American POWs by the Confederates

The link to the article with pictures of the documents is here:

This will of course lead to delusional ravings by neo-Confederates about supposed Afro-Confederate soldiers. (I really can't call them African AMERICAN Confederate soldiers. That would be self-contradictory.)

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Notorious Kirk Lyons' organization Southern Legal Research Center supported by We-Care UPDATE, Update 2

You can see which merchants at We Care support Kirk Lyon's organization the Southern Legal Research Center at this link.

You won't see ESPN or Oscar de la Renta there since they have dropped We-Care.

You can read about Kirk Lyons at this link:


I did search for groups with the search terms "klan," "nazi," and some other terms and nothing so far has turned up. Of course I don't know if there is some type of back door entrance for other groups. They maybe they can log in at a different web portal.

There other companies appear to have dropped We Care, Barney's of New York, Converse (a subsidiary of Nike), and Godiva Chocolatiers.


We Care dropped the SCV and the Southern Legal Research Center. 

Monday, August 05, 2013 appears to have dropped the Sons of Confederate Veterans UPDATE1 UPDATE 2


It appears that has dropped the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) entirely.

If you go to you will find the SCV page but no merchants.

I had mailed a letter which included a link to the Black Commentator article about SCV along with a hard copy of the article. The following is the link to the article:

I was preparing for a struggle. I was lining up protesters, media contacts, etc. However, it is over. Corporate America is no longer supporting the SCV.

It appears that the SCV is unaware of what has happened or don't want to acknowledge it or just not sure how to respond yet.

Now that corporate America is not longer supporting neo-Confederacy maybe President Obama will have the Federal government stop supporting neo-Confederacy.

Then there are the churches that support neo-Confederacy.

For those of you who want to know who supported the SCV through there is this earlier posting.


It seems that ESPN and Oscar de la Renta have dropped We Care, but We Care hasn't dropped the SCV. There are now two merchants which are back on their website.


We care has dropped the SCV and the SCV no longer has a link to We Care.


Entire campaign reported at

Sunday, August 04, 2013

President General explains purpose of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to preserve the privileges of the "pure Anglo-Saxon race."

The bibliographic note for this is, Mrs. Roy W. McKinney, President General of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), "From the President General," Confederate Veteran, Vol. 28 No. 1, Jan. 1920, page 32. UDC members did not generally until late in the 20th century use their own names, but instead used their husband's names.

The UDC has the slogan, "Live, Love, Think, Pray, Dare." This is the Live section of her message.
Live to brighten the declining years of the men who wore the gray; live to educate their posterity and thereby fasten more securely the rights and privileges of citizenship upon a pure Anglo-Saxon race; live to to hand down to generations to come a truthful history of these men and of the times in which they live.
Confederate heritage as defined by the UDC.

To read about UDC opposition to civil right in the 1950s go to

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Hysterically homophobic Police Chief wears a shirt with the Confederate flag UPDATE:

This is from Warren Throckmorton's blog.

There is a link to this video. Notice the hysterically homophobic police chief's Confederate flag on his shirt.

I don't know how he thinks he is patriotic having a Confederate battle flag on his t-shirt. It is the flag of those who shot at American soldiers to destroy the American Republic in an attempt to create a white supremacist slave Republic.  It seems he is just a fountain of profanity and has little cerebral capacity. He also seems to have sexual preoccupations.

Here is another of his videos.

It is however gratifying to have him associated with the Confederate flag. He is hysterical and raging, but I don't think neo-Confederates will reject him or criticize him. I think Mark Kessler represents the meaning of the Confederate flag and his raging videos will educate people as to what it means.


Seems that Mark Kessler is getting fired. The mayor of Gilberton it is reported still supports him.


This posting is to have the all the free guest links to my essays published on Black Commentator.

The order is from the newest to the oldest.

The following is an article giving the history of using the Black Commentator article on the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) to get the We Care corporate donation program shutdown.

The following is a dossier on the racism and extremism of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV).

The following is a proposal to screen out those who are neo-Confederates, who identify with the Confederacy, who are sympathetic to the Confederacy from being jurors especially when the defendant is a minority member.

The following is a lengthy expose of the Museum of the Confederacy and it demonstrates that it really is a Museum for the Confederacy and not a Museum about the Confederacy.

1st installment:

2nd installment:

3rd installment:

4th installment:

"The American View" or "The Confederate View," Institute on the Constitution participates in rally held by the Maryland League of the Souht

"The American View" is the web page of the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC). One of the events that the IOTC had was a rally with the Maryland League of the South.

The announcement is here:

What is interesting is that Maryland State Senator Richard Colburn was announced as participating.

It seems to be have been an anti-gay marriage rally.

Most interesting was that it was held at a VFW post 4256. I thought that the Veterans of Foreign Wars was a patriotic organization and wouldn't host an organization dedicated to breaking up the United States and which honors those who historically attempted to do so.

The head of the IOTC, Michael Anthony Peroutka spoke at the 2012 League of the South conference.

What is concerning about this organization is that it seems to be connecting into the conservative movement.

William Throckmorton has been doing a good job on tracking the IOTC and its neo-Confederate agenda and its activities.
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