Saturday, January 11, 2020

Neo-Confederate Pat Buchanan watching the collapse of neo-Confederacy/ Suggesting Civil War in Virginia over gun control.

I have been swamped with a huge project, but now I am going to have more time to keep track of the neo-Confederates.

UPDATE: 1/15/2020. It has started.

There has been a state of emergency declared in Virginia since it has come to light that Militias have threatened to storm the Capitol.


The neo-Confederates are losing Virginia and they aren't happy about it. Pat Buchanan published this article on the Lew Rockwell site.

The article starts with a proposal by U.S. Congressional House Rep. Wexton to replace Robert E. Lee in the old capitol building with other possible civil rights heroes and also possibly Nat Turner.

Pat Buchanan spends some time denouncing Nat Turner.

Then he leads into the issue of the 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties and gun control proposals by the Democratic controlled Virginia legislature.
But the Assembly will be dealing soon with measures even more volatile.

On Jan. 20, “Lobby Day” at the Assembly, thousands of gun advocates, many openly armed, will be coming to Richmond to protest new gun laws Northam and his new Democratic majority campaigned on and are determined to deliver.

Already, 110 towns, cities and counties in Virginia have created “Second Amendment sanctuaries” where new state laws that restrict gun rights will not be enforced by local authorities.
Buchanan connects neo-Confederate Confederate nationalism with resistance to gun laws, he states, "Virginia is a former Confederate State with strong rural traditions and lax gun laws. Guns represent the strongest, reddest line against demographic changes." 

He states that the a group called the Oath Keepers is sending training teams to Virginia. Also a group called Three Percent is calling on "patriots" to go to Richmond. 

He also brings up the issue of abortion during the last tri-mester which he says is supported by the Virginia Democrats.  
He sees a new secession coming over these issues in Virginia and in the nation as a whole.

Unlike the seven states of the Deep South, Virginia did not vote to secede and leave the Union until President Lincoln issued his call to arms to put down the rebellion after the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter. ... 
Today, it appears a new secession is underway. Virginians are separating from each other over issues as deep and divisive — such as who can take innocent life and when — as those that divided us in 1861. 
As are the rest of their countrymen in this time of Trump.
I think that the potential for violence with the passage of gun control laws by the Virginia legislature as being very real. If violence breaks out what Trump might do will be another factor. He might intervene to overthrow the authority of the state of Virginia.

I have discussed in an earlier posting that the sanctuary movement was a form of secession or nullification and I think the neo-Confederates and other right wing groups are seeing it the same way.

This was my earlier assessment. I think events in Virginia could be explosive. I also think it is a preview of what might happen if Trump loses in 2020 and the Democrats are in control.

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