Sunday, May 29, 2016

Burning six different Confederate flags tomorrow at 2:30 EST

The above will be the live channel. 

I am going to burn. 

11. Confederate Battle flag.

22. 2nd National Confederate flag, “Stainless” designed around the idea of white supremacy. The white is stainless.

33.   United Daughters of the Confederacy North Carolina Division Ku Klux Klan flag.

44. Bonnie Blue flag and some other lesser known flags that Fraternities fly so they can fly a Confederate flag and people don’t know about it.

55. LSU Confederate flag and how they blocked an African American student’s campaign against it.

66.  The Citadel flag which is an exact copy of the Citadel’s Confederate flag of 1861. This university has dealings with the United Daughters of the Confederacy. 

"Think Progress" reports on John Sims "Burn and Bury" plan. UPDATE: I am going to burn 12 or more Confederate flags tomorrow.

John Sims hopes to make this an annual event.

Click on the video below to see the whole view.


I will be burning 12 plus Confederate flags tomorrow as part of the Burn and Bury project

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A resolution for your county or city to vote against Texas secession UPDATE:

Forever American Declaration


This is a declaration for your city or county to make in response to proposals of Texas secession.  It serves multiple purposes. One it establishes that your city or county will remain a part of the United States of America in the unlikely event that Texas secedes.

One of the assumptions of Texas secessionists is that if they get Texas to secede because they are unhappy with the politics of other Americans we all necessarily have to go along with it. We can secede too, if necessary, right back to the United States of America.  Texas secessionists should be confronted with the possible breakup of Texas driven by their folly.

Hopefully it never comes to that. More importantly the Forever American Declaration is a means by which Texans, who want to stay in the United States of America, can publicly declare so. The fact that a large number of Texans don’t want to secede and are committed to not to secede thus will be known. 

Perhaps more importantly we need to get elected officials to take a stand on this and identify which elected officials are either sympathetic to Texas secession or not willing to take a stand against it. Some people view the 16 nay to 14 yea, with one abstention, vote against Texas secession by the platform committee at the Texas State Republican Party convention in May 2016 as something positive. It is appalling. It should have been 31 to 0 against. Those voting for it should not be considered patriotic at all, instead enemies of our nation.


We, (legislative body) of (city or state), declare that (city or state) is forever a part of the United States of America and will remain so under all circumstances by what means are necessary to do so. No claim of sovereignty by any group seceding from the United States of America will be recognized nor any authority claimed by secessionists nor any laws passed by secessionists.

UPDATE: This could apply to any place in the United States of America where there is a secession movement. It would work the same way and have the same impact. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Huffington Post publishes John Sim's article about starting an annual ritual to burn the Confederate flag on memorial day.

Burn it again! Huffington Post article on John Sims starting an annual observance of burning the Confederate flag.  Link to the video.

Click on video to see it entirely. 

Vintage Jim Schutze, "Dallas Observer" republished article from 1999 about getting rid of Confederate names for schools. Was extensively interviewed for this article.

"Dallas Observer" republished article on getting rid of Confederate names for Dallas schools. Yours truly in article.

This school was 90+% African American and was named Jefferson Davis.

More things to do to oppose Texas secession

This list and the prior list are just a start. By making a list of things to do we start to get people to start thinking about ways to oppose Texas secession and realize that they can actively oppose secession right now.

The last item is let me know what you think would be a good way to oppose Texas secession.

Hopefully Texas secession doesn't go further and this year was the high tide of craziness for Texas secession. However, if it does become more real, we will want to have done some thinking about what we might do, and have some preliminary organization against Texas secession.

So share this list and the previous list. Join the Texans True to the Union Facebook page and invite your friends.

More Things to Do To Oppose Texas Secession

1.               Oppose celebration of the Confederacy: Celebrating those who were violent secessionists tends to give people the idea that secession is a great thing.  When counties and cities pass resolutions declaring a Confederate history month it shouldn’t be surprising that secession is seen as a legitimate option. Confederate monuments, place names need to go.

2.             Ask others to imagine being boxed in by boundaries: It is more than just having to go through customs to get to Chicago or New Orleans or someplace else. It is about being separated from others in our nation.  People will realize this if they give it some thought.

3.             Ask others to imagined being governed by these people: Listen or read their raging anger and realize what living in a Texas governed by them would be like.

4.             Write an essay against Texas secession: Even if you don’t get it published you can put it on your blog or Facebook page and share it with people you know. It is a good exercise to clarify your thoughts why you are against secession.  

5.              Think of something you can do to oppose Texas secession and let us know about it: Think of an idea and let us know about it so we can add it to the list.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Six things you can do to oppose Texas secession

This is just an initial list of ideas. I suppose some are fairly obvious. It is my first list. I thought it would be good to start opposing Texas secession now and get an initial list out there.

I plan to do more things to oppose secession such as a reading list on Texas history. I do urge people to joint the Texans True to the Union Facebook page. You can keep informed at that page.

Six Things to Do To Oppose Texas Secession

1.               Celebrate being American: This could be a national holiday, like Martin Luther King’s birthday, but it could be other things. Read something by your favorite author with whom you share being American. Listen to a musician who with whom you share being American. Realize that by being American you get to share in a great national life.

2.             Don’t vote for anyone who supports secession: This means that you will need to ask candidates their position. Candidates need to learn that there is a public against this. Candidates that support secession need to be defeated at the polls. Elected officials that support secession need to lose re-election.

3.                Join anti-Texas secession groups: At this time this one Facebook page is the only group, but there might be others. You might form one.

4.             Share anti-Texas secession articles: When there is a good article why Texas secession is a bad idea, make sure you share it.

5.              Know why Texas secession is a bad idea: Be informed about what the consequences of secession would be. Think through why you are against secession. It isn’t enough to say that the Supreme Court has ruled against it though it is good that it has. Your argument should be more than economic. Money isn’t everything.

6.             Share this list.

Texas Nationalist Movement welcomes Neo-Confederate Abbeville Institute support.

This is the web page of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) referring their readership  to the Abbeville Institute article on Texas secession.

This is the Abbeville Institute article.

I think this welcoming of support by the neo-Confederate movement tells a lot about the Texas Nationalist Movement and their attitudes on race.

I am going to start making up a list of things, large and small, that people can do to oppose the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Confederate heritage as it actually is

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity, founded in the antebellum South hazing and racist behavior at the Univ. of Wisconsin.

In this song the SAE members are singing about when African Americans can join. It seems that it is never according to the song.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Podcast of the Texas Republican Party secession debates.

Sound track of Texas Republican's arguing for secession at the Texas State Convention

What is interesting is how loud the cheering is for the secessionists. The anger against the United States.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

CRAZINESS TAKES OVER TEXAS REPUBLICAN PARTY UPDATE: By small margin late night vote secession removed from platform.

I have been following the Texas Nationalist movement. It has continued to surprise me.

First they get a resolution for a secession voted on by the Texas State Republican Executive Committee, and though defeated they get one-third of the committee to vote for it and discover that those voting against are scared to go on record as being against it.

Then later, they they get the resolution passed in somewhere between 10 to 22 county GOP conventions.

Now it is reported that a platform plank on secession will be both debated and voted on at the Texas State Republican Party convention in Dallas, TX.  This is getting real.

My previous blog postings give background information on how this Texas secessionist movement has progressed developed.

The very fact that it will be debated and voted on at the Texas Republican Party state convention is a tremendous advance for the cause. They will get volunteers and next time they do a signature drive to get the secession resolution on the Texas Republican Primary ballot (You can do this in Texas.) they will get the signatures. It doesn't matter if the vote is 3 to 1 or 4 to 4. If the measure loses 2 to 1, it will be a tremendous victory for a new secessionist movement.

Don't think that they can't get one-third of the delegates voting for them. They got one-third of the State Republican Executive Committee to vote for the measure. Delegates will worry also how it will impact their careers if they vote against it. Everyone thinks they can vote for it and avoid the Texas nationalists targeting them because someone else will vote against it, or that in the end it is a joke.

Also, this secessionist sentiment has roots in the Republican Party. I have the run of the Texas Republic magazine and it includes many prominent Republican officials and the magazine is sympathetic to the Confederacy and secession. It had neo-Confederates involved.


What is notable that the platform committee waited until late at night to reverse their vote and pull the measure. Even then it was 16 to pull, 14 for the secession item, and 1 abstaining for the 31 member platform committee.

The fact that the vote wasn't 31 to 0 should be cause for concern.

The Texas Nationalist Movement hasn't had at the time of this update a comment on losing. It seems they tend to report victory quickly, and defeat late, if at all.

Going as far as they did with this effort, they have achieved a victory in terms of making the possibility of secession more plausible, getting more people aware of their movement. It would be reasonable for them to expect that with the next state convention they might pick up a couple votes and it would be out for a vote by the convention.

I think that if Donald Trump is elected, they will face a difficult time getting support. If Hillary Clinton is elected, I think the Texas Nationalists will get  a lot of support and will win the vote at the next Republican Party state convention. At some point the Republican Party base will realize that their agenda has no future in the nation. At that time there will likely be secession movements all over the place.
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