Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Who supports Robert E. Lee Park

It seems that the condominium associations of the buildings around Robert E. Lee Park are the donors to light up Arlington. The governing boards of these condominium decide to donate money and so the residents have culpability in supporting the normalization of Robert E. Lee.

On the sign you see The Claridge, 21 Turtle Creek, 3525 Turtle Creek, The Mayfair, The Vendome'. There is a caterer, Food Glorious Food. Also it seems the movie La La Land is a sponsor, on the basis that the font matches the ads for the movie.

Note the names James Berry, Janet and Erich Brehm, Ty Burks, Tammy Jo Covert, Kelly and Ryan Kirkham, Barbara Lake, Sonia Maeda, Barb and Bert Maguire.

Elites of Dallas support glorification and normalization of the Confederacy.

My essay on banal white nationalism.

Facebook event for Reject Racist Robert E. Lee

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