Friday, December 02, 2016

Prospects for right wing secessionists UPDATE:

I am noticing that the right wing secessionist movements seem to have lost their impetus. They really needed to have Hillary Clinton win the presidency to go forward. Now with Donald Trump elected president their potential base of supporters is not interested in secession and would see it as contrary to what they want and also an attack on their hero Donald Trump.

However, as time progresses I think that disillusionment with Trump will set in and the secession movement will revive and will be telling people, "I told you so!" Actually, long term, and by long term I mean 6 to 12 months, Trump's election will enable the secession movement. As Trump fails to turn the United States into whatever his supporter's right wing fantasy that they wanted was, these supporters will come to see national politics as hopeless to realize their objectives. Secession will get a hearing and have greater credibility.

Also, a lot of conservatives have climbed on board Trump's movement. When Trump fails to satisfy various right wing bases, these conservatives, including evangelicals, will be discredited. So the conservative establishment, including right wing religious, which would be an established barrier against secessionism will have less ability to be such a barrier.

Also, there will be those on the right who will see criticizing Trump as an opportunity. It has already started. with Sarah Palin's criticism of Donald Trump's favors to the Carrier Corporation which Palin has denounced as "crony capitalism" which indeed it is.

A lot of talk show radio and right wing websites depend on giving their readers a daily dose of outrage, and perhaps in the beginning they can get by for while with denouncing the critics of Trump. I don't think it will prove sustaining over the long term for their business model or their listener's wants.  I think as time goes on their listeners will realize that they are on the outside and there is a new elite in charge. Also, I think some of their listeners are just non-specific anti-authoritarians and just have a need to denounce those in charge.

So I think right wing secessionism will revive.

My agenda is against the Lost Cause, the Confederacy, as well as neo-Confederates so I will have plenty to keep me busy and this will give me time to finish the book on Texas neo-Confederacy and secessionists in time for when Texas secession begins to take off next year.

Of course it could be that Trump is really going to establish some reactionary revolution in which case secession will be at a dead end.


Just as I thought, talk radio and right wing websites are starting to go after members of Trump's administration. It is happening a lot quicker than I thought, but maybe I should have realized that these websites can't live long without their oxygen of rage and discussing the reaction of persons to Trump's election can be a topic for only so long, I should not be surprised. The Internet I think accelerates things and I am still thinking somewhat in the speed of political development in the print age.

This is the link.

Now this is a partisan website and perhaps they are exaggerating. Also, with the recent collapse of the effort to repeat the Affordable Healthcare Act ("Obama"care) the neo-liberals are somewhat gleeful realizing that the Republicans are having infighting. But I think this is a real thing.

So I think secessionists can look forward to their prospects improving more rapidly. I am going to have to get back to writing my book on Texas secessionists to be ready to publish late this year. By then I think there will be both right wing and "left" wing secessionists movement. I put "left" in quotes since I think that these so-called liberal-left secessionists are idiots and secession is in this case is fundamentally reactionary, the refusal to accept the results of an election.

I don't know if I will put more updates here in this posting even though there are developments. I would suggest word searching this blog instead.

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