Saturday, December 10, 2016

No Kevin Levin, the LGBT community absolutely doesn't need "Confederate fabulous."

This is a recent posting by Kevin Levin

The title is "Charlottesville's Lee Park Could Be 'Confederate Fabulous.'"

The LGBT community doesn't need any "Confederate Fabulous." Indeed the concept is inimical to the LGBT community. Levin writes:
Though it was not sanctioned by the organization, at one point someone attached a bright multicolored boa around Traveler’s neck. It was eventually removed after a local resident complained to city officials.

Short of removing the Lee monument, I believe these acts of appropriation offer one way forward – a way for communities and groups to take ownership of public sites dedicated to the memory of the Confederacy.
It seems that the action of putting the gay items on the statue was to subvert it and I think that is okay as an action to subvert the statue.

Levin feels that putting a boa on the Robert E. Lee can reshape the meaning of Robert E. Lee park.

However, the following is a news article on the event.

It isn't the happy appropriation that Levin represents it as being.

This is the response of one leader at the Gay pride event:
Schmidt is unlikely to be convinced. She compares groups that use the park like Cville Pride and Tom Tom to “the nice white people during segregation who continued to patronize segregated establishments and didn’t say anything publicly if they objected to it. Your private regrets, expressed sotto voce, do not make you an ally or promote change. It’s time to stand up and be counted, because silence equals consent.”
Yes, there are LGBT in leadership positions in the South who still have a plantation mentality. Indeed the major gay bar in Dallas used to be called The Old Plantation, and the mentality of the Dallas LGBT community still reflects that to a large extent.

The consequences of this is that many Southern towns have two annual gay pride events, one for white gays and one for African American gays. The LGBT communities all over the South are often quite divided and are separate worlds.

The whole point of the rainbow design of the Gay Pride flag is that the LGBT community necessarily needs to bring together diverse elements of all races, religions, nationalities, etc. Indeed the Gay Pride flag is global in its use from African to Asian from Latin American to Europe and everywhere.

The LGBT community both locally, nationally and internationally don't need to have some local individuals with a white attitude dividing the LGBT community. 

Persons in leadership positions in the LGBT community that still accommodate the Confederacy need to get kicked of the movement.

A couple of us are going to periscope the Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas, Texas on the 31st.

See this blog to learn about the racism of Robert E. Lee.

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