Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Joel B. Pollak's inane and idiotic use of the term "Neo-Confederate" in "Breitbart"

In Breitbart Joel B. Pollak has an editorial titled "We Condemn Speaker Rendon's Neo-Confederate Intolerance."

This is the link.


He is referring to California State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon call to "fight" the Trump administration. I think Rendon is speaking metaphorically. Political groups, factions, parties, etc. do struggle with each other in politics.

The editorial seems to be a hodge podge of wild assertions and inflammatory statements and just a bag of rage.

At the conclusion Pollak writes:
We will defend the interests of the political minority, the principles of liberty, and the ideal of republican self-government against Speaker Rendon and his party’s neo-Confederate, tyrannical impulses.
Exactly how Pollak sees Rendon as neo-Confederate makes no sense.

If Pollak wants to fight neo-Confederate impulses he could start with his own editorials in Breitbart.

Here are links to some of them where on one pretext or another he is against taking action against holding up the Confederacy as some heroic effort.



He isn't Breitbart's leading defender of the Confederacy which would be Awr Hawkins.

I printed out a great many Breitbart articles for study since Steve Bannon, Breitbart's former director, is now part of the Trump administration.  This is a publication which works to defend Confederate monuments and Confederate named schools and the whole idea of honoring the Confederacy.

For anyone at Breitbart to denounce someone as a  neo-Confederate is sheer hypocrisy.  If they are concerned with neo-Confederacy they can start with themselves.

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