Wednesday, December 28, 2016

He who must not be named.

In the 2014 "Sons of Confederate Veterans 2014 Annual Book of Reports" is the following on page 16 in the "Chief of Heritage Operations Eugene G. Hogan II, page 14 - 17.

"School's are one of the institutions of the community with which we must cultivate a positive relationship ... another are our churches. An infamous cyberbully, whose name would be familiar if I would honor him by putting it in print, was contacting churches which host SCV meetings and attempting to break that bond by his usual fare of toxic speech about this organization."

Unless there was someone else writing churches on this topic, I suspect the person they are referring to is me. Having a different opinion and sharing it is evidently "cyberbullying" according to this speaker. The factual documentation of what the SCV says in the SCV's own words is "toxic speech."

Evidently, I am Voldemort to the neo-Confederates. Indeed I am honored to be so. Years ago I send Columbia University Professor a photo copy of his denunciation in the Southern Partisan by Murray Rothbard. He said he was honored.

There is no real rebuttal of what what I sent to churches. Instead, it appears that the SCV has only name calling in their arsenal.

The Internet Archive has a copy also.

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