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South Carolina Rep. Chris Corley, Confederate Flag defender, arrested for domestic violence including hand gun. UPDATES: News has gone global MORE UPDATES. Indicted and suspended from office

South Carolina Rep. Chris Corley, who was a vehement defender of the Confederate flag flying on the South Carolina capitol grounds, was arrested on charges of domestic violence and pointing a hand gun at his wife. NOTE: I am updating this blog posting as more information becomes available.

According to the article:
Corley was arrested by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office early Tuesday morning on felony charges of first-degree domestic violence and pointing and presenting firearms at a person.
According to the Sheriff's report, as reported in the Aiken Standard, a women identified as his wife claimed that Corley was "caught cheating." The news article is not more specific on what she claimed Corley was cheating at, perhaps it was poker or golf rather then sex with other individuals.

Chris Corley has been an advocate of far right efforts. This is an article about him in the Charleston City Paper. It has background information as well as news of his arrest.

Corley was one of the more outspoken defender of the Confederate flag on the capitol grounds. According to the Charleston City Paper article.
Ahead of the holidays last year, Corley made waves for a Christmas card he reportedly sent to GOP colleagues that showed the Confederate flag in front of the Statehouse and read: "May your Christmas be filled with memories of a happier time when South Carolina’s leaders possessed morals, convictions and the principles to stand for what is right."
Sounds like a bad stereotype. Confederate flag flying, wife beating, gun waving, and "cheating" though the articles are not specific about exactly what Corley's wife was talking about in regards to "cheating." Maybe it was gin rummy or something.

These are other articles about Chris Corley and the charges against him.

This article at this link below has a lot of information about Corley.

It seems that the major papers for South Carolina have covered the story.

The story has even gone international.

I will keep this blog posting updated as news come out.

As I have stated before, more and more those left to be advocates for the Confederacy are likely to be persons who are not quite all there.

Ron Wilson, former Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, was convicted for defrauding investors.


As there are more stories about this I will put links below and perhaps some commentary.

Seems that there is a problem in getting the dash cam footage released.

The 911 tape has been released. From the tape as reported in the Aiken Standard.

"Please stop it. Just stop. Just stop. ... Dad, please stop" can be heard on the 911 audio recording released Friday by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office. "Please stop. Stop. Please stop, Chris. Just stop daddy, just stop. Chris, please stop. Daddy. Please help. Please Chris. Chris."
This below is the link to the article.

The news of Chris Corley's arrest and 911 call has gone global and it includes the fact that he is a supporter of the Confederate flag. Some of these stories aren't in English.

The above overseas link is just what my English Language Google News picks up.

And it includes major U.S. Media.

These articles all make the point of Corley's aggressive defense of the Confederate flag. Though all supporters can't be judged by the actions of one person, it will certainly not help the public's perception of the Confederate flag.

The dash cam video hasn't been released and I will up date this posting when it is.


Suspended from office by the South Carolina House. Link below.

Turns out that the Majority Leader of the South Carolina has asked Corley to resign and if he doesn't he wants the South Carolina House to expel him. Link below.

Upgraded charges

Chris Corley resigns.

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