Monday, March 03, 2008

Southern Avenger's serious interest in professional wrestling. Avenger's further response to my idea that he might be on the papers staff for laughs.

Southern Avenger has this item as one of his latest blog entries.

He thinks it is hilarious, but I am sure he will be outraged that I think it just reveals his neo-Confederate racism. (His blog is at

Southern Avenger did another blog continuing his theme that I am elitist. This time it was because I couldn't imagine him as merely being on the staff of the paper for his ideas.

All I can say is come off your soap box. The name of your blog and column is "Southern Avenger." It isn't Southern Conservative, Southern Heritage, Southern Viewpoint, or some other name, it is "Southern Avenger." Some people who read the Charleston City Paper are reading you for amusement.

This is a few of the articles that run in the paper:

I am sure to the readers of these articles the Southern Avenger is delightful local color. Perhaps they will talk about him at the arts and wine festival or at Starbucks after seeing an art house movie.

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