Monday, March 03, 2008

John McCain's South Carolina Presidential campaign head Richard M. Quinn, another Hagee.

As people may remember, John McCain got a lot of political heat over the employee of Richard Quinn, editor of the Southern Partisan, as the director of his South Carolina campaign in 2000.

Later Quinn left the editorship and some erroneous information is circulating out there that the Southern Partisan doesn't exist anymore. It does exist and seems to be doing as well as ever. Another piece of misinformation that seems to be out there, is that Richard Quinn is no longer associated with the Southern Partisan.

Quinn is still involved with the Southern Partisan, he is one of two owners of Southern Partisan.

In the Vol. 24 No. 5, Sept./Oct. 2004, published date Oct. 2005, on page 34, has a statement of circulation. In the statement of circulation the owners are given as Charles Hamel, and Richard M. Quinn. The Southern Partisan now has a dual dating system, one date given is an "official" date and the other is a published date.

John McCain never has rejected Richard M. Quinn despite the expose' of the Southern Partisan. It seems odd that Obama is questioned about Farrakhan, but McCain is not questioned about Quinn.

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