Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is Southern Avenger calling me politically incorrect?

That is essentially what Southern Avenger is doing. I am pointing out the possibility that Southern Avenger is a new Joe Bog Briggs for the Charleston City Paper, and in response, besides some gratuitous name calling, he is calling me elitist.

There is yet another blog by the Southern Avenger on my assertion that he is possibly hired as a colorful character for the amusement of the Charleston City Paper.


Southern Avenger writes:

Regardless, Sebesta’s latest blog suggests that the Charleston City Paper only publishes my stuff (and CP readers only read it) for pure amusement. His proof is that the CP also features articles on the arts and wine tasting - cosmopolitan tastes, worlds apart apparently, from the redneck diatribes of “da Suthern Avingerr.” Woodoggies!

However, in my blog I made no such claim that these interests are worlds apart.

What I do claim is that people who are engaged in these things often, though not always, think that these things are worlds apart. In regards to art galleries, expensive resturants, the people interested are often, though not always, are young professionals with various roles relating to class status which can be enacted through various activities. They may not be at all conscious of it, but it is true. Modern consumerism is about purchasing identities through the purchase of a style of clothes, cars, wine, art, etc. It may be politically incorrect to point this out, but the readers of The Charleston City Paper can be understood to some extent from the advertising and articles directed towards them.

In the 19th century, one Southern magazine, either the "Southern Review" or "Southern Magazine," I think it was the later, had a serial with a fictional speaker with heavily dialectical language, colorful and comical speaking, speak on the Civil War and other things. I think Moses Adams was the characters name, but when he spoke it it was spelled Mozas Adums or some such thing. Southern publications have been doing this for some time. It is nothing new. Maybe Southern Avenger is continuing a southern tradition.

Publications do parade around some fictional characters or real people in their publications thinking it will amuse their readers.

Evidently, it is politically incorrect for me to bring up that publications do this. That the alternative weeklies have a readership that would like to think they are avant guard, chic, cool, hip or whatever and these readerships might find Southern Avenger amusing.

Finally, I never said Southern Avenger was a redneck. My paper on banal white nationalism specifically points out the problems with such stereotypes. http://www.templeofdemocracy.com/breaking.htm

Let me see, Southern Avenger episode No. 101, in the last episode, Pauline Pureheart was being cornered by Bart Blackheart, when the Southern Avenger spoke out, "Never fear, Miss Pureheart, I am here to save you." "My hero, replies Pauline Pureheart."

Like I said, who is kidding who?

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