Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Leonard Pitts, columnist explains, "Nazis have a heritage too." Students harass anti-Confederate student editor

The article is at this link: or this link

Leonard Pitts in his column introduces the story as follows:

"Last week, a fellow journalist wrote to ask me for help. His name is David Tintner, and he's a senior at Cooper City (Fla.) High South, where he's the editor of the school paper. Recently, he wrote a column criticizing those who wear what he regards as "an extremely offensive symbol": the Confederate battle flag. David says a group of students known on campus as "the Redneck Nation" took exception. A gang of them cornered him at lunch to yell at him. They've made threats and tried to stare him down."

Leonard Pitts explains in his column:

"They will tell you the flag just celebrates heritage. Remind them that "heritage" is not a synonym for "good." After all, Nazis have a heritage, too."

My sense is that a group that harasses people and calls themselves "the redneck nation" are truly representative of "Confederate heritage."

I doubt the Southern Avenger will comment on this story since it does reveal what the issue of Confederate heritage is all about.

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