Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Getting press attention concerning streets, schools, and other things on the landscape.

Though my writing on Landscape Repartions doesn't confine itself to streets and schools named after Confederates, it obviously applies to Confederate named schools and streets. 


I have started to share these news articles with academic groups. I think others will have insights that I have overlooked. 

People have found this paper on the struggle over street renaming in Dallas very informative. 

The page also has a review of Dallas street renaming code and a paper showing how the ideas behind the street renaming procedure are nonsensical. I think these papers will serve as an example for others in other cities to critically examine the municipal code about renaming streets. 

When most of the Confederate monuments are gone this will be the next stage, though when most of the Confederate monuments are gone it is likely that a lot of school names will have been changes as well as street names. The process doesn't need to be sequential, though given that taking down Confederate monuments will take up some time, likely there will be a delay as to when schools and streets will receive attention. Though mobilizing to take down Confederae statues might build groups that will then pursue changing the names of schools and streets. We will have to see. 

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