Saturday, August 08, 2020

Bringing down the Confederate monuments across Texas and elsewhere. Using Weatherford, Texas as example and to supply resources

 There are efforts across Texas to bring down Confederate monuments. There are so many efforts happening at the same time I have adopted strategies to help all of them at once. 

I am taking Weatherford, Texas, which is west of Fort Worth, Texas as my test case.

I wrote this essay for them and given it to them.

It is about the Weatherford UDC praising the Reconstruction KKK and I place it in context of the national neo-Confederate groups praising the KKK. 

The importance of this to the rest of Texas and even beyond Texas is that I supply the broader context in such a manner that you can just remove the Weatherford component and put in your local UDC pro-KKK information.

Almost any UDC chapter in the 1910s was likely promoting pro-Reconstruction KKK material. By doing some simple online research you can get that information and put it in my Weatherford essay and have an essay for your town. So iother counties where there are efforts underway to remove the Confederate monuments can take this essay and swap out the Weatherford component and swamp in their local UDC pro-KKK component. 

This essay allows me to show people where to do research to find stuff like this, but more importantly that there is stuff to dig up.

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