Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What happened to the 2020 Sons of Confederate Veterans National Reunion website? UPDATE:

UPDATE: It is back up. 

By the way, the slogan "We Don't Reconstruct ... We Reload," sort of makes me think of Dylann Roof.


The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) were gearing up for a national reunion in 2020 in St. Augustine, Florida. I let the activists there know about it. They started asking a lot of questions of city government about it.

Suddenly the website for the SCV National Reunion disappears.

Click on this link and you get a sort of empty BlueHost page.   

But it did exist.

However, it is interesting that this website had instructions so didn't archive it. SCV is running scared.

And the cache is archived.

There are two major development here and a minor development here.

1. The major development is that it seems the SVC fled. They were looking at activists making their reunion in St. Augustine an issue for over a year. Of course it could be that it is some secret website.

2. The archiving was blocked. That means that the efforts of the SCV are being self-erased from the historical record. They are diminishing themselves. When you go secret, you lose visibility. Preventing archiving and going with a secret website all means that you are diminishing your public presence and you are limiting your effectiveness.

As you make your activities more and more secret it makes what you are doing seem like a dirty secret.

Of course it could be that a website pops up later.

3. Another major development could be that the SCV for future reunions will have to avoid major urban centers and progressive regions and seek out places that are rural and in sympathy with their beliefs. It will be an ever shrinking geography.

At some point having an SCV reunion in your town will be a sign of backwardness and bring ridicule on the city and even in the most rural location some local resentment of the SCV's presence will exist.

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