Thursday, February 14, 2019

About the "Disturbing Graves" pre-text. UPDATE: Texas Sons of Confederate Veterans upset with this post.

Seems I upset some neo-Confederates. I posted a link to a posting by the Texas SCV in DeConfederate Dallas.

They are deleting and reposting this item to break my links, so you might want to just go to their facebook page to see the post.

What you can see in this posting is that for neo-Confederates facts don't seem to matter.


One of the issues that the Texas Sons of Confederate Veterans is trying to push that moving the Confederate War Memorial from Pioneer Park is somehow sacriligious because it will disturb graves.

This issue is worth examining to show how much the neo-Confederates like to just make stuff up and get sanctimonious about it.

The fact is when it was moved to Pioneer Park from its old location to make way for a highway there were no complaints about possibly disturbing graves.

The monument is actually made of individual units which can be detached and moved. The only thing that will endup being disturbed is the members of the SCV and they seem to have been already disturbed.

Further a Dallas Morning News article from 1966 shows how hypocritical the Sons of Confederate Veterans are being. It is titled, "Park Board Considers Relocation of Graves," July 6, 1966, page 12.

From the article:
"The board discussed two requests at the meeting.

One was for reloca[t]ing remains of more than 100 Confederate war veterans. ..."
Who was making this request? From the article.
"John B. Hood Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, requested that the city relocate the remains of Confederate soldiers now buried in the Confederate Cemetery on Electra Street, just off Pine Street in South Dallas. 
The organization wants them placed in an area adjacent to the Confederate monument in Pioneer Park, next to Dallas Memorial  Auditorium. .... The group also has asked the city to change the name of  Pioneer Park to Confederate and Pioneer Park or  Confederate-Pioneer Park." 
The reason the Hood Camp gave for why they wanted these 100 plus Confederate soldiers to be dug up was that the new location would be more central in Dallas and seen by more people.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans seemed not to worry then about disturbing a grave even to the point of digging up and reburying the Confederate Veterans.

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