Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Speaking at Barnes and Noble Bookstore Dec. 7th and signing books.

I will be speaking at Barnes and Noble Bookstore Dec. 7th and signing books.

I will be presenting a Power Point presentation on the neo-Confederate movement.

The details are at this link.


I have been working on a presentation since June 2014. I did a draft presentation and then presented it to people and got feed back. One of my good friends is an adjunct professor at John Hopkins University who gives Powerpoint presentations and was able to give me a lot of feed back on the structure and style of a Powerpoint presentation.

The other person was a good friend of mind who is very interested in current affairs and reviewed it towards the goal of does my presentation connect with the general public.

So there have been multiple revisions.

Besides informing some people about the neo-Confederate movement and selling some books which will help educate the public, I am hoping to connect with people and have this lead to other speaking events.

I have done a lot of research, and I have worked with reporters and scholars, and I have done letter writing campaigns, but I realize that I need to meet with the public and more directly connect. My goal is to get more people actively involved with fighting neo-Confederacy.

I do give a brief general survey of the neo-Confederates various extreme beliefs, but the presentation is focused on how neo-Confederates support a hierarchical and anti-democratic society.

From hating Lincoln to condemning the Statue of Liberty it is all about being against American democratic life.

If I get just a couple new speaking engagements I am on my way.

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