Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Neo-Confederates play with the facts on secession

The League of the South is reporting on a recent Catalan vote on secession.


The headline proclaims "81% of Catalans Vote for Secession." Is that true? No.

The facts are in this article:


Turn out was very low as reported in "Newsweek."
"Turnout was also relatively low, at around 2.23 million out of 5.4 million potential voters."
The reason the turn out was low was because it wasn't a real ballot. It was at places run at by pro-independence groups and not official polling places. As reported.
The "consultation of citizens" plebiscite in the wealthy northeastern region followed a legal block by the central government against a more formal, albeit still non-binding ballot which regional leaders had originally pushed for.
Because of the legal restrictions set on it, the ballot was set up and manned by grassroots pro-independence organizations, and Spanish unionist parties argue that, even for that reason alone, it could not legitimately reflect the wishes of anyone.
So there isn't the overwhelming support for independence as represented by the League of the South. There is a lot of support for independence in Catalonia, but it very well might be less than a majority.

This is another League of the South headline:

"Venice votes to cut ties with Italy"


It was an online poll.

League of the South was hyping Scottish secession for some time. If you read their articles you would have thought that there was overwhelming support for it in Scotland.

Actually, though, when the vote came in the results showed a clear majority supported staying with the United Kingdom.

All these secession movements in Western Europe plan on having their new nation join the European Union which has greatly diminished the impact of national borders so functionally they will exist as a local unit n a very large state. Their capitol will be in Brussels.

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