Friday, October 11, 2013

Pat Buchanan speaks about secession at "Town Hall." We learn something about the patriotism of some conservatives, are they American patriots or all along they were only white nationalists?

Pat Buchanan has this article at Town Hall about secession being the coming wave in national politics.

What the article doesn't mention is that Pat Buchanan was an editor of the neo-Confederate magazine Southern Partisan for many years.

The article asserts that the Vermont secessionist movement is somehow left. It isn't. I tracked a lot of its board members back to Southern Partisan magazine and reactionaries appearing in Chronicles magazine.

The article is a summary of the arguments for secession that appear in the neo-Confederate movement updated to the latest geopolitical developments.

What is most interesting is it reveals how contingent the American patriotism of some conservatives. They were true to the red, white and blue as long as they felt that it was reasonably certain that American patriotism was for a white nation. Now that it is becoming more certain that America is becoming a multiracial democracy they are talking break up of the nation. Buchanan may be true to the red, white and blue, but now it is the red, white, and blue of the Confederate flag.

It is one thing when this type of stuff turns in up in World Net Daily,, another thing when it shows up in Town Hall.

I see it as another example of how secession is creeping into the conservative mainstream.

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