Sunday, October 13, 2013

League of the South gets major press coverage for demonstration, helps let general public know that neo-Confederates are bigots. UPDATE: More news coverage

The League of the South (LOS) protest in Murfreesboro, Tennessee got coverage in The Tennessean, the major daily for Nashville, TN. There was even a counter protest.  The article is online at:

In the article the LOS shamelessly claims that  they aren't racist, but I don't think they are fooling anyone.

This is the Southern Nationalist blog on the event.

Evidently there has been some other coverage in other significant media.

Middle Tennessee Public Radio

The student paper at Middle State Tennessee University covered the protest.

The only unfortunate thing is that The Tennessean article didn't mention the anti-Jihad signs like the other articles, but they all mentioned the anti-Somalia sentiments. I think Muslims will realize it is an anti-Muslim event. Perhaps it will get coverage nationally in the Muslim media. I can only hope so. After reading The Tennessean article any immigrant from any country will realize that neo-Confederates are against them personally.

What is great about this type of media coverage is that members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) will be having to say to people, "Oh we are not like them," in reference to the LOS and realize that the people they are talking to aren't entirely convinced.

It also educates a lot of people that neo-Confederates may have a fairly obvious racial agenda but they will deny it regardless of the evidence. This will undermine the UDC and SCV when they are busy denying being racist.

I can only hope that the LOS and SNN continue these protests. In a year they will accomplish more to change public opinion against the Confederacy than the NAACP has done in ten years.

After the Uvalde, GA protest, I thought that though these protests were doing something to alert the public against neo-Confederacy, it was going to be rather minor in impact. The coverage was in local papers with small circulations. The Tennessee protest got major media coverage which alerted a lot of people about the neo-Confederates.

Hopefully the future protests of the LOS will get major coverage. However, this so far has represented a lot of activism for the LOS and it might be that they will tire out and go back to conferences and papers and essays. Michael Hill is probably thinking of an essay or lecture about the Southern Agrarians, "The Empire," and what Allen Tate and Richard Weaver thought about Muslims or Africa or Somalis or something and it is time for another conference and they will do a protest again some indefinite time in the future. I really fear that they are tired out and they won't have another protest.

I probably should have had all my blogging on these protests with the theme that I was really, really, outraged, yes outraged, angrily outraged by these protests, and that would encourage them to continue protesting, but it is hard to do when you are laughing.

The most amusing thing is that the LOS and the SNN haven't realized that they are being used. Pro-immigration forces would love to have the LOS and the SNN be the face of the anti-immigrant movement in the United States. Why do they think The Tennessean is covering the protest?

Already some anti-immigration groups are probably working to disassociate themselves from the image of the LOS and SNN and complaining that the LOS and SNN protests are being give undue coverage in The Tennessean.

UPDATE: There continues to be more news coverage. It might get regional coverage in the South. I can only hope.

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