Saturday, September 07, 2013

Lazy League of the South gets coverage in "La Voz Latina"

I have done some commentary on the anti-immigration campaign of the League of the South (LOS) and the Southern Nationalist Network (SNN) in an earlier blog.

The blog posting provides background on this topic. They are very pleased with their anti-Hispanic immigration campaign and their media coverage which so far has been some minor rural newspapers. I would hope that CNN would cover them or even the Atlanta TV channels. However, it is just two small papers. The link on the coverage is in the following link:

They think they are activists, but an activist is someone who is active. Here they are proud that American Renaissance is covering them because of what the LOS calls its "activism."

This campaign so far has had one protest in August and then they will have a protest in October which is a fairly lethargic campaign for a group to call itself activist. At this rate they won't have one protest per former Confederate state until sometime in 2015.

However, "La Voz Latina" has covered the protest in an article here:

y en Espanol aqui:

So the protest got some attention. The SNN is very happy that La Voz Latina covered their protest which they report on at this link:

The primary result of the LOS and SNN protests is to bring to the attention of the Hispanic community the anti-Hispanic bias of the neo-Confederate movement.

So this is a great campaign against neo-Confederacy. The only problem is that it isn't very active. I think it shows how little strength the LOS has. A regional group with some membership in each state should be able to hold multiple protests across the region each month. Even if it is just a small group as it seems to be, Michael Hill should be able to do at least one protest per month. Lazy.

At this rate it will take years, decades maybe, before there is even a slight regional awareness of the SNN and the LOS and their anti-Hispanic campaign.

It does show also what the real strategy for the LOS is. They know they are not able to do much of anything and they really aren't going to do the work a real activist group would do. They are hoping some catastrophic and revolutionary series of events will occur in America and during the chaos people will swarm to their banner because they have published the right ideological ideas. That is why they are constantly focused on what they see are signs of the impending collapse of the American government which they like to refer to as the "empire."

However, should there be some sort of revolutionary chaos, I don't they the people active in the turmoil are going to be looking to be led by the sofa sitting brigade or even know they exist.

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