Saturday, June 08, 2013

Weld County in Colorado illustrates the fundamental problems with the idea of secession, Update, WND has article on secession in Colorado

Weld County Commissioners' call for secession illustrates the inherent follies involved in secession. Weld County is in Colorado. The Denver Post has an editorial on it.

One thing that the editorial points out is that the call for secession is based on various political issues typical of politics and not some great fundamental question.

Also, as shown in the Weld County case, there will always be some people whose complaint is basically that they can't get their way and somehow this is a reason to breakup the polity because with a polity consisting of just themselves they can get their way.

In the voting on any issue the distribution of votes on a question or candidate is not going to be geographically homogeneous. If the expectation that any unit has to be politically homogeneous you are going to end up with something like The Republic of Chester Street Between 14 and 15th Avenue," until there is a vote and the street breaks up into the "Republic of 222 Chester Street," "Republic of 223 Chester Street," etc.

Decisions have to be made and when there isn't unanimous agreement, someone will have lost the vote and others will have won. That is democracy, there is a winning party and a losing party, candidates, legislative votes, etc. Even when there is a unanimous vote for A, there will be differences on how A should be implemented, or there will be different varieties of A, etc.

Being that we live in a Republic there are checks against majority tyranny as laid out in the Bill of Rights. Of course what these boundaries will be has and will likely always be a subject of debate. People generally are adamant about their rights when they are the minority and indifferent to these rights when they are the majority.

I think we can count on people like the Weld County commissioners to continue to make secession sound silly and the issue of complainers.


WND is reporting on Weld County secession.

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