Saturday, June 08, 2013

"American Conservative" magazine has secession article.

American Conservative magazine has a secession article written by Kirkpatrick Sales, one of the Vermont secessionists. It is about nullification.

It is a book review of "Most Likely to Secede," about Vermont by the authors. They have a favorable opinion of their own book. It is their usual craziness.

What is interesting is that they have gotten a venue in the American Conservative. Though my standing joke about American Conservative is that it really would be more accurate to call it Confederate Conservative with all the neo-Confederates that write for it, it is another magazine with a national audience providing a venue for the discussion of secession. Though it is often the same people who write for Chronicles magazine ( it is also other reactionaries. So it is an expansion of the legitimacy of the idea of secession though perhaps not to a great extent.

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