Thursday, November 10, 2011

The white paternalism of Kevin Levine

Kevin Levine over at had a hysterical post when he found out that I had started to published a series on the MOC at He was so upset that he said some interesting things.

One was:

"The post includes a link to a 4-part essay that was published at the Black Commentator. I am going to leave it to you to read through as I simply do not have the patience to do it. It is an incredibly incoherent rant ... "

This is typical of Levine when he is upset with things he just engages in slander of whomever he is upset with. Levine might be upset with the paper, he might disagree with it, but it isn't incoherent, it isn't a rant. I had editorial review of the paper by a well published university professor before publishing it.

What is interesting is Levine's attitude toward Does he think they would publish a rant? Does he think they would published an incoherent paper? They have an editorial board of distinguished academics, and they have editors. I didn't just upload the paper to the website. It was submitted and reviewed by an editor before being published. It is interesting how Levine was, without pause or thought or inquiry, dismissed the competency of Black Commentator. It is revealing of his attitude towards African American scholarship.

Then there is this really revealing commentary by Levine:

"What I find most disturbing about Sebesta’s rant is that it will make the MOC’s job of reaching out to the African American community that much more difficult. They have come so far in broadening their interpretation over the past few decades and getting involved in the community around Richmond."

Are African Americans children that Ed Sebesta is leading astray? Apparently Levine thinks so. I think that African Americans can critically read essays just like anyone else. Perhaps the essay will make it more difficult for the MOC to reach out to the African American community because the article will have alerted the African American community as to what the agenda of the MOC is.

The free guest links to all four installments are at this blog posting:

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