Thursday, November 10, 2011

League of the South Rubbish

There are some posts of the League of the South blog which show really what a lot of rubbish they talk.

For example there is this post:

The LOS blogger is trying to say that the Texas NAACP is hypocritical because of what a former Dallas NAACP head had said. What the LOS doesn't tell you is that Lee Alcorn, the former head of the Dallas NAACP who said these things, got kicked out of the NAACP by the NAACP shortly after making these comments for making these comments.

Then there this issue of confusing an ideology with the idea of culture. Is Maoism the same as being Chinese. Is Maoism a culture or an ideology? If I decided to reject Bolshevik symbols, does that mean I am anti-Russian? Of course it doesn't. Neo-Confederacy is an ideology.

The League of the South is composed of ranters that have a weak grasp of the facts if any grasp of the facts.

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